The pros and cons of using a van to relocate

When you’re moving to a new place it’s very difficult to choose the perfect mode of transportation. You always try to find the perfect mix between the price and the quality you can have when relocating. That’s why we at Master Moving Guide want to talk to you about the pros and cons of using a van to relocate. It is small and can be a good choice for certain types of moves, however, can it really be a good substitute for a moving truck? Here are our opinions on how good and bad it can be when deciding to move with a van.

Pros of using a van to relocate

As anything even using a van for moving can have its pros. Even if they are mostly used for smaller moves, vans can be very useful. Above all, the most important thing you can do with them is transporting everything in a short period of time. They are not so big and robust as moving trucks and vans are faster on the road. It’s no wonder some last-minute movers use it as their vehicle of choice. Here are some reasons why a van is actually a good choice for your relocation.

A van
There are examples where using a van to relocate can be a very good choice


Especially if you hire a van for some period of time you’ll have a lot of flexibility when it comes to moving. You can create your own schedule and start slow. There’s no pressure as you can pick up your items from not just one trip back and forth. We already talked about the pros and cons of renting a moving van and one of them is exactly getting that freedom when it comes to time. And taking into consideration a van is easier to navigate in traffic than a truck, as you can get from point A to point B much faster. 

Using a van to relocate is definitely cheaper

Using a van to move might not be an optimal choice for every type of move, but it is cheaper. You will have that option even if it is a risky option. However, you won’t be paying for all the additional moving charges and much more than a moving company can bill you for. You can also skip our piece on how to hire movers without getting scammed as you’ll be moving everything alone. We’re not sure how much you’re willing to sacrifice when it comes to the quality of the move, but a van is definitely one of the cheapest methods for you to relocate.

Cons of using a van to relocate

We’ve talked about the pros of using a van to relocate and now it’s time to see the cons. Unfortunately, there’s not really too much reason to use a moving van except for a local move across the town. There are many negatives especially if you do everything by yourself. Even on third-party websites like Better Business Bureau, you can see the list of movers, however, there’s only a small number of them that use a van when moving. So why would you?

An old van parked
Moving with a van can only be good for local moves

Driving the van

Driving a van is not really like driving your ordinary car. It’s a large vehicle and you need to be always concentrated with your eyes on the road and with one eye making sure everything around you is going well. Especially when it’s rush hour it can be tricky to drive a van. Things can also be difficult as you always need to take care of the items that are inside your van. There are really a lot of things that you need to take care of so it’s very difficult why someone would voluntarily use a van for a move and drive it on top of all.


Sometimes moving with a van can be very difficult and outright inconvenient. That sounds true especially when it comes to long-distance moves. Even if they are faster it’s very frustrating to have them back and forth several times knowing that a van will need even five times more going from point A to point B in order to move the same amount of belongings as a moving truck. That’s why using a van is an absolute no when it comes to long-distance moves or even worse interstate and state-to-state moves.

A mover driving a van
Even if it’s rare sometimes moving companies use vans for relocation


Even most moving companies don’t use vans to relocate so why would you? Not only is it difficult to organize but also difficult to accomplish. Unfortunately, it means there are possible problems. You don’t have all the equipment and expertise to keep your belongings safe in the van. Are you ready to pay for damages out of your own pocket? Even worse there are potential injuries that can happen to you. Be it while packing belongings or driving the van. Is it really with it using a van to relocate when you can make more problems than you can solve?

After all, it’s important to know what you need for your relocation. There’s no right answer and you can’t always lean to one side and not to the other. Using a van to relocate can be a good choice for some and a bad one for others. However, we can surely say that hiring movers is always the best choice even when it costs some money. And the professionals don’t really use vans that often to transport your stuff so it’s very easy to get how a van can be a problem at certain relocations. We hope you’ll make the decision that is according to your moving needs and we hope you’ll have a safe move!

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