The pros and cons of renting a moving van

When you are moving, you have to make many decisions. The first one would be if you should organize relocation on your own or hire movers. The second one would be about packing your items, gathering all the necessary documents, and so on. However, hiring movers can be quite tricky and expensive. It might seem easier just to organize everything on your own. This also means getting all the packing supplies, moving trucks, relying only on your skills and experience. Out of all of these things, renting a moving truck or van might be quite challenging since people do not really pay attention to this until the last day. For this reason, Master Moving Guide presents you with all the pros and cons of renting a moving van. 

The pros of renting a moving van 

The first advantage would be to control everything. When you hire movers, they are usually the ones doing everything, not you. So, this means standing aside and letting movers do the job. Of course, this will depend on your moving contract. If you hire them to pack and move your household, then, you do not have to do anything, except prepare yourself. However, if you do not like to have people touching your items, you can get a moving van, and do it alone. It can be quite difficult to hire movers without getting scammed. If you want to avoid spending time looking for reliable movers, just do it by yourself. Having a van or a moving truck will give you a sense of control. You can decide when, how, and where you want to drive and park the van. 

pink van
When you rent a moving van, you can control more aspects of your move

You can move on your own schedule

Another thing you can control would be time. Some people do not have enough time to even find movers. Hiring last-minute movers might be very risky and it is better to avoid it if possible. For this reason, you can control your time if you rent a moving truck or a van for your relocation. You can pick up the van at your designated time and have it parked in front of your hours for as long as your contract allows. In addition to this, when you are using a moving van, you can slowly load the van without the need to hurry. This is even a better option if you do not have a strict moving deadline. If you can choose your moving day without pressure, you can slowly pack your items and load the truck or the van. 

Renting a moving van to save money 

As you might know, moving can be quite expensive. Usually, this is because you need to hire reliable movers. If you want professionals to move your items, you will need to pay more for their services. However, if you want to save money and you have enough confidence in your moving skills, then opt for a DIY relocation. You can control your expenses. In addition to this, if you do not trust movers with your valuable possessions, then you should be the one packing and moving them. When you have movers taking care of your valuable items, you need to get good moving insurance. The basic one will not cover the expenses of buying or repairing your expensive items if they get damaged. on the other hand, if you damage your items, you will be responsible for replacing or repairing them. 

coins in the jar
You can save more money

It can be dangerous  

Now, it is time to talk about all the disadvantages of using a moving van. The first one would be about the dangers of driving and using a moving van or a moving truck. First of all, if you drive an unfamiliar vehicle, you have more chances to cause an accident. In addition to this, due to their size, it might not be as easy as driving the car. You also have to think about the road and the weather conditions. This means planning ahead of your travel route in order to avoid any bad road or weather conditions. If you need to travel more than a couple of hours to reach your new house, then you have to bring another person with you or take frequent breaks. Apart from this, you also need to search for hotels or motels so you can rest for a while. 

Cons of renting a moving van – doing everything alone 

As you could have seen earlier, having control can be a good thing if you know have to properly relocate your items. However, if you do not have the necessary skills or enough moving experience, you might find yourself in a problem. Since you will be the one responsible for loading and unloading your items, you will also be responsible for their safety. If you do not know what to do, you can cause serious damage to your items. Then, it would be cheaper to hire professional movers rather than replacing all the expensive items you might damage. In addition to this, it is quite physically demanding to load and unload your items from the moving van. You have to think about all the large and heavy items that you want to move. This means asking friends to help you with this demanding task. 

man covering his face
It can be stressful to organize everything alone

Other disadvantages 

Other cons of renting a moving van would include the following. 

  • Costs of renting a moving van – renting a moving van can be also expensive. You will need to look for a good deal. 
  • Gas – you will be responsible to pay for the gas that you spend when using a moving van. 
  • Liability – you will also have to get insurance to cover your travel in a moving van. 
  • Additional charges – there can be some additional charges that include per mile charge, less fuel when returned, returning the van late, and so on. 
  • Lack of help – you will not have professional movers helping you relocating your items. 

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