The most important questions to answer customers

Moving is a complex process and shouldn’t be taken for granted. It’s not just simply transferring items from one address to another. It’s a serious job that involves time, money, and commitment. Because of its importance, it’s normal and understandable that customers have a list of questions for the movers. It’s always better to ask than to sign a job contract blindly. This way, every party involved will know their rights and obligations. It’s in both movers and customers’ interest to finish the job properly. Here are the most important questions to answer customers that Master Moving Guide has compiled to prepare you. 

Licensing information is one of the most important questions to answer to customers 

Today, you can find the best moving and storage companies everywhere. But, that doesn’t mean they all are properly licensed. The first answer to a customer’s question should be about the license. Every interstate moving company should have a license issued by the United States Department of Transportation. The situation is a bit different if customers are looking for local moving services. Local movers should have a state license. 

The next question that follows is about moving services. Some customers might look for a specific type of move, like senior customers. They will need senior movers with a lot of experience in this field. Also, nowadays people don’t just move their home, but offices, garage, storage units, and etc. 

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Show your customers all the important licenses

What is the difference between non-binding estimates and binding estimate? 

In every moving guide used by the customers, there is a clause about the moving estimate. Most moving companies offer a non-binding estimate. Since it can be difficult to understand the difference, you need to explain that the estimated price of a move can be changed in the end. This doesn’t automatically mean that the price will be bigger. It could also be less than the estimated price if the move wasn’t the big one. But, tell your customers to not be surprised if the bill, in the end, is bigger than the estimated one with a non-binding estimate. 

Another and better option for customers is a binding estimate. Again, explain that a binding estimate is written insurance that the cost of the move won’t be bigger than the estimated price. It should also include potential charges and adds. Have patience when customers are asking these questions as it is their money. Don’t forget to provide an answer in a polite way and even repeat it if needed. 

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Patiently answer all the questions

References, insurance, a form of payment and other questions that need to be answered 

It’s not easy to list all the most important questions to answer customers in one place. However, these are the most asked ones. 

  • Reviews – you should be able to provide a list of positive reviews 
  • Insurance – if your moving company offer moving insurance, or suggest a third-party insurance company 
  • Form of payment– what kind of payment you accept
  • Other questions – how long will the move take, a cancellation policy, any restrictions and etc. 

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