The most affordable and safe states in America

Living in a certain state can give you all sorts of benefits. Whether you are searching for the safest one or the one that is the most affordable state to live in America, you will have to do some research. If you can take enough time for this project, we are sure that you will find the state and the city that is the best for you and your family. And if you have a problem with finding the right help for the move, you can always contact and search for the after Master Moving Guide and look for some pieces of advice that you are in need of. And when we speak of the most affordable and safe states in America, you can start by checking out this list of the states you should consider.

How to find the most affordable and safe states in America?

You can start by deciding what affordable and safe mean to you. Are you about to start a family and you are looking for the safest surroundings for you and your kids? Or you are just in the middle of two great job opportunities and you are looking for a state that will provide you save more money? Whichever the reason for choosing the affordable and safe places in America, you should start by talking to your family and see what a certain place can offer more than being the safest and the most affordable. To help you find the state and the cities for your new home, we have created a list of states that you might be interested in.

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Find the most affordable and safe states in America by narrowing down the chosen ones.

The first one on the list is Minnesota

Living in Minnesota means that you will be living in the safest place in America. The total score of safety in Minnesota is 32. You will be living in a place that is voted to be the first for workplace safety. So if you are looking for a better-paid job and opportunities where you will be certain that you will have the best work condition. If this is something you have been searching for to be more sure in your decision, reach no more. Look for the tips for hiring movers and packers and get ready for the relocation. The average living costs in Minnesota are $55,061.78 per year. This is way below the average.


Maine is a state that has the lowest number of crimes in the whole of the US. Not only that you and your kids will be safe here, but it also has some of the best US cities to retire to. So, with a score of 66.02, you will be living in the state with the best personal and residential safety. It was also voted, several times, and ranked first for Road Safety. moving here will give you the peace and quiet you have been looking for. When it comes to looking at whether this place is affordable, you should know that the living costs are a little lower than the average, about 96.5 on a living cost index.

One of the most affordable and safe states in America is Vermont

Millennials tend to move to Vermont not just because t is one of the safest and most affordable states in America. But because the unemployment rate is very low. There are maybe less than 2 percent, unemployed residents, here. When it comes to the safety of the state, the statistics say that the violent crime rate is 1.7 incidents per one thousand people. Which is maybe 2 points below the rate of the whole of America. Not just that here you can find some of the best cities for millennials in the USA, but you can also search for numerous job opportunities. With average living costs, the living cost index says that it is 95.2 and it is a little below the average of 100.

view of the nature in one of the most affordable and safe states in America
You might find what you need in Vermont.


Speaking of safety, Utah is ranked fourth on the list of the safest states in America. It is near North Dakota, Hawaii, and Iowa. Here you can find some of the best rates when it comes to unemployment and affordability. Utah s known as a place that has the lowest percentage of drunk driving facilities, which might be the perfect place for you to move with a teenager. Learning them to drive in the safest area is a blessing.

And even if you have not got time for more preparation for the move, you can always count on last minute movers and get relocated with them. You will not have to worry bout the price you will pay these movers. Because Utah is a place that is very affordable. You will be able to have the best services when it comes to moving. And you will still have enough money to go and shop immediately after the relocation. The savings will not be lost and you will get there with no worries.


Being the best place for singles, Connecticut is a place that is not only safe but quite affordable. The living costs are average. There are several top US cities for singles here. So if you are looking for a way to get a fresh start or to find a place where you will finally be yourself, Connecticut might be the state for you. It is a very safe place, one of the top five when we look at the statistics.

And if you are looking for that fresh start somewhere affordable, you will be happy to hear this. Connecticut has an average living cost of 95. This means that it is a little below the average. Of core, there are some cities here that are just made for people richer than usually. The average living costs are different in some parts o this state. So, if moving here is something you are thinking of, make sure you have done your research right.

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Get your fresh start in Connecticut


Alabama has finally gotten its way to the list of the 10 most affordable states in America. When you hear it like this, it makes nothing special. But add on this information that it has become quite safe too. During the last few years, the crime rate has become below the average. Moving here with the family will not only make you live an above-average life with affordable living costs. You will be also safe when it comes to leaving your kids to play outside. Especially when the sun has gone down already.

To give you an example of how much will it cost you to live here, the average milk price is $2 and the meat you can buy for $4.30. This is a very reasonable price sou are about to raise ids here. You might not spend so much on food if it is just yourself. But raising kids will require more money. If you are not sure that you will have enough savings to relocate here, you can always search for a free moving estimate and get the information you need.

The next one on the list of affordable and safe states in America is a state of Oklahoma

According to statistics, the state of Oklahoma has an average cost of living index of 88.09. This means that it is below the average level. consider buying a home here, because the average home price is $258.000. This is also below the average. So, if you are dreaming of having your home in one of the safest states in the US, you should think of buying a property here. When it comes to the level of crimes, the state is ranked below the average, which will give you a scent of peace.

Place in Oklahome
Oklahoma is also an affordable state


If you want to live in a state where each and every corner is filled with polite people, this state is for you. Not only that you can live affordable here, but you can also live in some of the nicest neighborhoods you can find. Residents of the state of Mississippi are known to be the most polite, nice, and friendly oriented. You will see how many families live here in the suburbs of big cities. The average living costs are 85.4 which sounds great when it comes to finding the most affordable state in America.


There are numerous interesting facts about this state. For example, it is named after the Kansa Native Americans who have been the first ones to live here. It has so many tornadoes and some of the best nature sightseeing that you will love. With outstanding outdoor activities, this place is perfect for people who like to have an adventure and have fun in nature. It is also suitable for people who do have not so many savings.

Going on a tour like you can find in Kansas can be really expensive. But when you live in an affordable place like this, with a living cost index of 95, you will find enough time and money to enjoy your hobbies. The crime rate is average, but you will have no problems ling here, the burglary and theft are on a low bat when it comes to the crimes that are committed here.

Hawaii is the state you should definitely consider when looking for the most affordable and safe states in America

Most people dream of moving to Hawaii. It is a dream of so many people. Being usually one of the safest places in the states of America, Hawaii is full of sun, beaches, and exquisite nature. One of the most interesting facts about this state, having an average living costs index of 96, is that it is the widest state in America. People are looking for interstate moving tips to relocate here the moment they get a chance. Furthermore, there are no racial or ethnic majorities of any kind.

There are 2 incidents per 1000 people. This is below the national rate, which is 4. But the more important information is that the crime rate has decreased over the years. So it made Hawaii one of the few states where this happened during the pandemic.

sea and nature
Hawaii has some of the best beach activities

New Hampshire

The score of this state when it comes to the crime rate is 58. This makes it the eighth safest place in the US. It has some of the best personal and residential safety. But the best thing about this place is that here you can find every single person well prepared for emergencies. people are learning in schools and at home how to get safe during natural disasters. Or when the actual crime happens. Maybe being safe here does not mean that there are no crimes. It means that all people are aware of the fact that they need to know how to defend themselves and they are prepared for every situation. When it comes to the affordability and livability, you will find that NH is very affordable in certain parts of the country,

The last one on the list of affordable and safe states in America is the state of Iowa

Iowa has the same rank as Wyoming when it comes to crime. The score is 59.21 and it is one of the most financial safety places in the states of America. If you are looking for the best job opportunities and the best places to expand your business, this is the state for you. You can pick a city in Iowa and you will not make a mistake. The living cost are on an average level, so you will have no trouble moving here ad living the way you want. Starting your business here will give you so many chances and opportunities, not just in the state. People who have companies in Iowa are known to be great professionals and are one of the most picked people to move or expand business somewhere else.

building and clear sky
Check if Iowa is the state for you,

Choosing among the most affordable and safe states in America, you will come across so many different places that might suit you. But if you want to move to the most affordable and safe state in America, you will find it easy to determine the one you are looking for. Keep in your mind that some states can be affordable but not so safe. This might be an issue. So, set your priorities and get ready for the new part of your life.

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