The importance of proper labeling and organization during a move

Whatever task we have nowadays, with the availability of information on the Internet, it is useful to find useful tricks and tips before we start working. You will often be surprised how simple tricks can make serious and demanding tasks like moving easier. For example, the importance of proper labeling and organization during a move is huge and it can completely change the outcome of your relocation. So Master Moving Guide decided to explain this part of the moving process and help you understand its significance.

You need to know the importance of proper labeling and organization

Apart from finding another home or job, packing your belongings is the most important part of the move. It’s a big job that needs to be done right and the following labeling and packing hacks for moving can be out of great help. Packaging can be divided into several stages, and one of the most important is proper labeling and organization. This is important for several reasons, namely, easier and safer loading, the safety of your belongings, simple unloading, and faster access to your belongings when you need to unpack the stuff in the new location. To make it easier for yourself try to :

  • Make special labels for fragile items containers
  • Use different colors for different rooms
  • Create an inventory list and make a copy of it
  • Use permanent markers or label the machine

When moving, even in this stage of preparation, you can always use professional help. Especially when you have to pack sensitive items and bulky furniture, call them. It can be hard to pack, protect, label, and load those items alone. If you are wondering whether there are any furniture movers near me and how to find them, the answer is just a few clicks away from you.

woman teaching kinds about the importance of proper labeling
Have fun while labeling all your belongings

Highlight and label fragile items

It is of great importance to properly label, organize, and visibly mark boxes that are containing breakable items. They usually contain extremely valuable items, sensitive electronics or expensive furniture pieces, art pieces, or valuable ceramics for example. In most cases, cheap moving boxes will do the thing, but with this, you should buy special moving boxes from a firmer material. Your stuff will also be more recognizable in those. It is important to mark them well and visibly so that the people who load and unload your items know that they are handling boxes with fragile contents. This way they will handle them much more carefully.  So make sure that you mark these boxes with bright colors since they are more noticeable.  Nevertheless, tell your movers what moving boxes they need to pay attention to.

Color coding is a fun and practical thing to do

You do not need to invest a lot of money in packing materials to move easily. Cheap moving supplies, used wisely, can be worth so much and you will save money. When we pack things in transport boxes, it is preferable to sort the items according to the following criteria. One room in one box is the trick. When you label the boxes, you can use a specific color or symbol for that room. Once you do it, you will see the importance of proper labeling and organization during the move. Doing this will make it easier to unload the items as well. It will be much easier to quickly find an adequate box and take it to a certain room.

Notify your movers about this in order to help them find the right way to assist you. Additionally, if they are familiar with this way of marking, it will be easier for them to systematically load and unload the truck.

labels and stickers
Unpacking is much easier if you know how to do proper labeling when you start to pack

You should know the importance of proper labeling and making an inventory list

When labeling the boxes, it is advisable to make an inventory list. At first, this will be a great tool when packing because this can be the way to check if everything is packed. There is no way to forget something if you write everything down. Once you finish the list, stick it on the box, or write it on the front of the box with a permanent marker. This way you’ll know exactly what’s packed inside. You will know the content without having to open boxes and dig through them.

This is why an inventory list is important, especially during the first days of your life in a new apartment. You will probably not be able to unpack everything in a day and you will live with boxes around you at least for a week. The inventory list will help you to find important and much-needed items without having to unpack everything.

A person is writing
The list will help you to stay organized

Make permanent marks

If you want to mark everything properly, it is necessary to use a permanent thicker marker. This way everything will be more noticeable and that can save you some time. When moving, every moment you can save counts, as moving companies usually charge by the hour. It is very practical if you can immediately see where everything is. A regular pencil can certainly do this job, but with a marker, this will be much more noticeable and you don’t risk the text erasing or fading if it accidentally gets a little wet.

These hacks will greatly simplify your move and increase the safety of your items

Once you implement all of this you will realize the importance of proper labeling and organization during a move. It will simplify your move and ensure the safety of your items. More importantly, this is not something that demands spending much. Most of the things you need for proper labeling, you already have in the house.

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