The importance of proper insurance coverage for an interstate move

The number of people moving to America was always huge. But due to Covid 19, the number has skyrocketed and reached new heights. Influenced by that there have been many new companies appearing on all sides. And not all of them offer or explain the importance of proper insurance coverage for an interstate move to their clients. And those companies probably shouldn’t be trusted. One of the best ways to hire interstate movers without getting scammed is to look for people with insurance policies and years of experience. And in the following article, Master Moving Guide is going to teach you all about it.

Why is insurance important?

All good moving companies will offer some type of insurance to their clients. But why? Insurance covers losses or damages to your belongings that occur during the move. Although no company will take your items lightly, at the end of the day we are only human. Mistakes and accidents can always happen. As we can’t control the things happening around us, having some form of insurance, will provide us with some peace of mind. One important thing you should know is that not all companies have the same type of insurance. So when looking for interstate movers, always ask what type of insurance they offer. And among the different insurance options pick the one that fits your needs, as well as your budget.

A man showing insurance documents
Carefully read out your insurance documents! Be sure to remember if there are any exceptions and important information.

What insurance types can you pick from?

When looking for a good company, while you wait for their moving quotes, ask about the insurance that they offer. As we already mentioned there are different types of insurance. And different companies don’t always have the same offers. So it’s best to ask about your options before signing any type of contract. This way you will be able to change the insurance option into something that fits both your needs and budget. What type of proper insurance coverage for an interstate move can you pick?

Full value protection

With this type of insurance, your mover is responsible for all of the items that went missing or were destroyed during the move. The company will need to pay you the full price of those items. Or to explain it in more detail it means that if one of your items is damaged, ruined, or misplaced during the relocation, the moving company has the choice to either repair the damaged items, substitute it or submit a cash compensation. The cash compensation must cover the worth of repairing or replacing the object in question. Typically, this kind of insurance is the most sought-after, but it is also the most expensive one.

Released value protection

Usually, this insurance type is free of charge. But it is not surprising as it offers minimal protection. And after you learn what is a binding estimate, and if you also look into released value protection you will notice that it does not really bring you any big benefits. Although it is offered at no charge, sometimes investing more money in other types of insurance is not a bad idea. In some cases, even this little protection is welcomed. But keep in mind that if for example an item worth $600 is damaged. The only payout you would get with the released value protection is around $3.

Woman explaining proper insurance coverage for an interstate move
The proper insurance coverage for an interstate move is easy to understand, so always ask if you don’t understand.

Separate liability coverage

Proper insurance coverage for an interstate relocation is important. And that’s why some companies also suggest separate liability coverage via a third-party insurance business for an extra cost. While the company you employed is still accountable for the emitted value protection, which protects just up to 60 cents per pound, this extra insurance approach will cover the remaining loss up to the policy limitations. If you choose to buy the additional moving insurance via the movers or from a third party, be certain to get the coverage points on paper and look carefully at what’s covered or excluded.

Do you need proper insurance coverage for a cross country move when moving alone?

If you choose to relocate by yourself, then the renters or homeowners insurance approach may protect your items if you’re moving them in your car or a rental van or truck. Here are some options you can take into consideration if you’re relocating and are in need of a good insurance option.

  • Relocation and transit insurance
  • Rental truck moving coverage

Relocation and transit insurance

If you decide to use your car for the relocation, you will be accountable for all injuries and losses that go over your guideline limits or policies. But there are also cases where the moving insurance guideline can provide your items with full protection. Some of the things that third-party moving insurance policies protect you from are:

  • Natural disasters
  • Mechanical and electric accidents
  • Mildew and mold
  • High-value objects
  • Damages made to pairs or sets

Moving insurance coverage and exceptions change depending on the insurance company. It’s significant to mention, some of these guidelines may not cover objects in storage during a relocation or high-valued objects like collectibles or jewelry. In these circumstances, storage insurance or additional coverage for valuable objects can be bought.

Signing the contract
If everything is up to your liking sign the documents.

Rental truck moving coverage

If you lease a truck, the rental business may supply coverage for you, your helpers(friends), the truck, as well as cargo. But do keep in mind that although the insurance covers a lot of things it still exudes:

  • Damage induced by inappropriate packaging
  • Regular movement of cargo
  • Stealing the cargo

Everyone needs proper insurance coverage for an interstate move

If you are interested in proper insurance coverage for an interstate move, then you also need to know how much it costs. The costs can change depending on the number of items you are moving, their values, as well as the type of coverage you want. Some minor insurances are free. As the coverage becomes larger it becomes more expensive. So choose wisely what you will want to move, make sure that you hire interstate movers without getting scammed, as well as to choose the type of insurance you will need. Insurance plays a big role as it protects your items as well as you for the whole duration of the move.

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