The importance of labeling moving boxes

When you decide to move and inform your friends about it, know that you will receive a lot of advice. Starting with the recommendations of the moving company, the way of packing, all the way to the fact that you mustn’t forget to label your moving boxes. You will certainly hear this advice many times, but we are sure that you will ask yourself at least once the importance of labeling moving boxes. But Master Moving Guide has an answer to every question you have! During your move, many tasks await you, and we are sure that you will forget at least one thing in the crowd. For example, where you packed your favorite book, t-shirt, etc. We think it’s now easier for you to understand the importance of this advice. But, when we speak of labeling the boxes, keep reading and you’ll find a lot more useful information.

What do you need to pack your items?

If you have moved at least once, you know how much is hard this job. Also, you know how tiring and demanding the packing process can be. And among other things, if you haven’t labeled your boxes until now, then you have understood the importance of this advice. But let’s get back to the packing process. Our advice will be useful for all those who haven’t yet encountered this process, but also for those who have had an experience so far. Maybe it will help you correct all the mistakes you made the first time. We are sure of one thing, and it applies to those who moved and those who didn’t. Everyone would certainly like to find cheap moving supplies. It’s easy, believe us. So, before you start packing, make sure you have everything you need and read some moving tips that will help you pack your stuff properly.

online shopping
Online shopping is one of the safest ways to buy but in this case the fastest and easiest.

So, now mini shopping awaits you. But not the kind you’re used to, but this time is a shopping of all the necessary packing supplies. Of course, there are always ways to find free packing supplies, but that may take a little more time. The best way to buy boxes, foil, and other supplies is online shopping. It’s the fastest and easiest way for you. But, what are you need to buy? And that’s what we thought, and we have prepared a shopping list for you!

A list of everything you need for packing

In order to save you time, and to make sure that you have everything you need for the packing process, we have put together a shopping list of all the necessary packing items that you need to purchase.

  • Boxes of different sizes and types (small, medium, large, extra large, and wardrobe boxes)
  • Wide and thin adhesive tape
  • Wrapping paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Plastic thin film
  • Plastic bags and sacks for packing
  • Vacuum bag for clothes
  • Tool set (screwdriver, scalper, etc.)
  • Markers
  • Stickers for labeling boxes

The amount of necessary packing and moving supplies will depend solely on the number of things you need to pack. Our advice is to take at least ten boxes of each size. Also, before you confirm your online order, try to find cheap moving boxes. Search the internet or ask friends who have given you advice. Also, when ordering stickers, try to find “Fragile” stickers. You will need them for the proper labeling of moving boxes.

Labeling moving boxes – Why do you need to do it?

Labeling a moving box is one of the packing hacks for moving. Believe it or not, labeling the boxes during the packing process will be of great help to you after your move. But not only that. This useful advice will also help you when it comes to the moving process itself. For example, “Fragile” stickers will warn your movers to carefully handle those boxes because there are fragile items inside them. Also, during the storage of your items, marked boxes will help you find the items/boxes you need more easily.

labeled moving boxes
Properly labeling moving boxes will guarantee the safety of your belongings and prevent damage during loading, unloading, moving, or storage.

Labeling boxes will be of the greatest importance to you after the move. Because you can often hear that “unlabeled boxes are like a road without signs”. When your items arrive at your new home, and the unloading of your luggage begins, unmarked boxes will create chaos around you. Sorting unmarked boxes is impossible without first opening them, and considering that the moving of one household has on average about 50 packed boxes, then it will waste a lot of time. If you label your moving boxes, immediately after unloading you will be able to sort them, you will know which room they belong to and the unpacking process itself will be easy and fast.

How to properly label moving boxes?

So, if you’ve gotten a lot of box labeling tips, you might find them boring. But don’t ignore them! Because in fact, if you don’t do it, it may happen that something gets lost, damaged, or found on the wrong road. Those unlabeled boxes can also confuse you.

Mover packing items in labeled moving box
Packing services and professional help will be of the greatest use to you, but always at the end of packing, check whether the boxes are marked.

Professional movers can mostly take care of this small job. But it won’t hurt if you check this out by yourself. While the movers are packing your belongings, take control. Check that all things are packed and that all boxes are labeled especially fragile and expensive things. Packing porcelain or crystal dishes requires a special way of packing. Also, when labeling the boxes, you need to use a black or red marker, label several sides of the box, write what is inside on one side, stick stickers with your address and phone number, as well as “fragile stickers”.

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