The documents you should prepare when moving long distance

Moving is not a small task especially if you are moving long distances,  you will need to keep a lot of things in mind. Next to all of your furniture that you have to take care of. There are certain important documents that you will need on your person at all times. From legal binding documents to receipts all of those documents are important to keep everything legit. In this guide, we will be going through some of those important documents you should prepare when moving long distance. Here we will be giving you a Master Moving Guide on how to keep everything organized.

The most important documents you should prepare when moving long distance

There are stacks and stacks of non-important documents that you won’t need,  you need to organize a stack of the important ones. And here we will show you some of the ones that are essential for every move. No matter if you hire some of the long distance movers or you attempt the move yourself. You need to know an average estimate of how much it is going to cost. Once the moving company of your choice has surveyed your place they will send you a written estimate on how much will the move cost. A moving estimate includes all the work that is going into the move such as transportation charges, labor, packing services, storage charges, and more. These documents usually come in three variations do your research on which one you need :

  • None-Binding estimate
  • Binding estimate
  • Binding not to exceed the estimate
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An estimate is one of the basic Documents you should prepare when moving a long distance. Because this will give you an overall idea of how much funds you will need for the move.

Ask for a list of items the moving company won’t move

Before going any further on the decision of hiring any moving and storage companies. Ask them for a copy of prohibited items that the specific moving company does not move. There is not much use for a mover if the stuff you have they won’t or can’t move. This includes but is not limited to: Foods and perishable items, Paints, Fuel, corrosive substances, Oxigen tanks, and other substances.

Bill of Landing

If you decide on hiring a moving company the next question you need to ask yourself is. How many movers do I need? After you get that sorted and you are ok with the estimate you received and are going to hire a moving company. The document you will receive then is the Bill of Landing. This document is effectively a binding contract between you and the moving company you have chosen. It is more or less a bill that contains all the information from the previous step, all the billing information. This is one of the most important documents you will receive since it is a legally binding document you can use it as evidence of what you agreed on in case something goes wrong.

The next document you should prepare when moving long distance is the Order of Service

When hiring a mover, and receiving the Bill of Landing attached to it you should receive the Order of Service. This is also an important document. This is effectively the deal maker that both you and your moving company of choice will sign. This document contains moving details like pick up and delivery dates and any special services you might be needing.

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Before signing the Order of Service document make sure you have done your research on the moving company because after you sign it you have agreed on all terms and conditions and you have made a legally binding job contract.

Liability options

No matter how good or experienced a moving company is mistakes and accidents can always happen. This is why especially for interstate movers it is required by law that your movers provide you with two liability options. One is Release value protection and the other is Full value protection. Ask your movers to explain both of them to you and help you decide which one is better suited for you. This document will protect your goods in case of any accidents happen or in case they get damaged.

Statement of Service

These are the last documents you should prepare when moving long distances the paper you receive when everything is delivered to your new location. Your mover should provide you with a copy of this document after delivering your belonging. This document includes the final price of your shipment. Once this is done you have officially sucesfly moved and from this point on it is all in your hands.

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Inspect all the good that has arrived. Once you signed the Statement of Service there is no going back. You have agreed and verified that all delivered goods are in acceptable condition.

Additional situational documents you should prepare when moving long distance

As we already mentioned moving is never an easy undertaking, especial during a long-distance move. This is why doing the required amount of research on things you need to know is crucial. Before a long-distance move, there is no such thing as being over-prepared. Some additional documentation situational documentation that is good to have is :

  • School records. If you have children that go to school this is necessary to have them continue school in the new place you and your family will be living in. Make sure to request a copy of their school records when they are transferring school.
  • Change of address. Once you have moved it is mesentery to have your address changed with the United States Postal Service. Head down to a local postal office and ask for this document.
  • Work tax deduction forms. If you are moving for work this is a good one to have since with these documents you can cut down on the cost of moving. If the workplace you are at requires you to move to another location.

As already mentioned these are situational documents you should prepare when moving long distances just in case. But no matter what happens having all of this paperwork at hand can potentially reduce a lot of moving stress. We hope this guide will prove helpful in showing what is the necessary paperwork you will need before, during, and after a move. God’s Speed and have an amazing new start.

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