The benefits of introducing an employee reward system

Your employees are the face of your company. If they are not presentable workers your business is unlikely to thrive. However, it’s important to note that your employees are people just like you. They have feelings and ambitions. For that reason, how your workers perform is partially determined by how you treat them. There probably isn’t a single person on this planet that doesn’t like to receive recognition for hard work. That being the case, introducing an employee reward system might be a good idea as a way to motivate and reward hard-working employees. That said, there are many more tips on Master Moving Guide‘s blog. These tips are a sure way to make your employees feel appreciated. If you’re still unsure whether the employee reward system is the right way to go, read on to find out how both you and your employees could benefit from it.

A proud boss standing in an office while happy employees are having a coffee break in the background,
Introducing an employee reward system is a great way to make your employees happier and your business more successful!

How will introducing an employee reward system benefit your employees?

There’s so much that determines the levels of satisfaction with the workplace. However, there are three basic components that stand out as seemingly most important:

  • Environment
  • Appreciation
  • Rewards

When all these components are present and well balanced, you’re bound to have satisfied employees. However, if your business is currently lacking in any of these, you can easily fix it! Introducing an employee reward system is a great way to solve many issues. This is possible because employee reward systems operate on a deeper level. However much they might seem as straightforward rewards, they are much more than that! But how exactly can a system like that help?

By showing your employees you value them

Let’s say your employee stayed two hours longer to finish off some extra work. That employee is giving up their free time for the benefit of the company. That said, if you as a boss don’t acknowledge that effort, your employee will be less likely to put in that same effort next time. However, if you acknowledge the hard work and reward it, your employee will be more likely to repeat that behavior again in the future. But why is that? Well, because the said employee will feel like their time and effort have value in your eyes.

It’s also important to note that these rewards can be anything that employees deem important. It doesn’t even have to be a material reward, however, it can be. For example, a reward can be something as big as a salary bonus, extra free days, or coming in to work late. And on the other side, these rewards can be just a small incentive like an extra donut at lunchtime, depending on the type of company you run. That said, a reward can also be a public acknowledgment. People being social beings respond well to public commendations. Basically, it’s all about being creative when it comes to making your employees feel valued.

You can also implement this tactic on a larger scale. That’s where it becomes an employee reward system. The sheer idea of being acknowledged or receiving a reward will make your employees feel more motivated to work hard. A great example of this would be offering bonuses and recognition for employees on the call when customers request last minute movers. That way employees will see value in putting in the extra effort.

A boss congratulating his employee.
Showing you appreciate hard work can also be a reward!

By creating an environment that stimulates productivity

Productivity is what keeps the business going. If no one is motivated to work, it’s unlikely that the service will be good. What more, creativity is also likely to take a hit when motivation is low. All that can be detrimental to a business. However, as mentioned before introducing an employee reward system can help employees feel more motivated. That motivation will further seep into the atmosphere, and the atmosphere in return will make employees more motivated and productive. Basically, giving employees an incentive and making them feel valued will make the work environment more positive across the board.

By strengthening your employees’ bond with the company

When an employee feels he or she belongs, they are less likely to leave the company. That said, to make your employees feel like they belong, you have to create an accepting climate, and fair rewards that don’t discriminate and offer equal opportunities for all. When that’s the case it’s more likely that your employees will operate as a team, but at the same time try their best to prove themselves. It’s important to note though, that the best way to approach a reward system is to offer rewards to all employees that put in the effort and not just one person. That way you’ll avoid competition among employees and encourage competition with themselves. There are also many more employee retention practices you can implement to make sure your employees don’t leave your company. However, reward systems are a great start!

How will you benefit from introducing an employee reward system?

If your employees are happy you will be happy too! Not only because doing good makes people feel happier, or happiness by proxy, but because your business will flourish too! No matter if your employees are interstate movers, realtors, or advocates, your business can profit from introducing an employee reward system. Not only will your workers be more content, but your customers too. And when your customers are satisfied that means more business for you. At this point, it almost seems obvious that one of the bases of a successful business is the proper treatment of employees.

A happy business owner counting his profit fter indroducing an employee reward system.
Your business can benefit in many ways from employee reward systems!

An employee rewards system for a happy business

If an employee helps a customer hire movers without getting scammed, or stays overnight to sort through files for an upcoming job, make sure to show the employee that you noticed. Introducing an employee reward system isn’t only about material rewards, it can be as little as thanking your employee and telling them how much the effort is appreciated. However, make sure it’s not empty words. Try to truly understand what putting in extra effort means for that person. Also, let those efforts play a significant role when creating a picture of an employee. Similarly, don’t let it all fade away if an employee makes a mistake here and there. One negative shouldn’t erase all positives! After all, we are all just people.

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