The benefits of handyman services while moving

The move is a complicated process. There are a lot of things to pack. Some are easily accessible, others not so much. With the latter, we can clearly see the benefits of handyman services during the move. Simply put, having such professional help will save you a lot of time. It will also ensure certain parts of your move are done right. So without further ado, let talk about the benefits of handyman services while moving.

What handyman services are there during the move

We all know what handymen are. These housework professionals come in handy (no pun intended) in many situations in our daily lives. However, when it comes to moving there are certain jobs that make the benefits of handyman services more apparent. These include:

  • Wall mounting/dismounting TV’s
  • Artwork hanging
  • Disassembling or assembling furniture
  • Washing machine connecting and disconnecting
  • Connecting and disconnecting dishwashers
  • Removing built-in appliances
  • Assembling and disassembling kitchen elements
  • Removing and putting up light fixtures and chandeliers
  • Carpet fixing and removal
  • Simpler plumbing work
  • Carpentry
  • Mounting curtains and rails

Apart from these, handymen can provide other work that you might need before or after your move. These can range from touch up work in your old or new home, putting up nameplates, hanging shelves etc. All this seems like light work, but it will only make your moving schedule tighter. And a tighter moving schedule brings with it stress. Seeing how you’ll have to cope with stress in your move anyway, it is always a smart idea to try and minimize it.

What are the benefits of handyman services in a move

When it comes to a move, the benefits of handyman services can be plenty. Some are apparent before the move, while others come into play right after the move, so let’s talk about these for a bit

The benefits of handyman services before the move

The benefits of handyman services before the move boil down to moving preparations. If not planned well ahead, moving can be quite stressful. That’s why professional moving and storage companies usually recommend setting aside 6 to 8 weeks to prepare for a move. During that time period, you have ample time to take things slow and pack and prepare at your own pace. However, there are occasions where you simply don’t have the time to take it easy. Maybe your move has come up suddenly, or you procrastinated for a bit too much. We won’t judge you for the latter. After all, we’ve been there ourselves. Whatever the reason for your tight schedule might be, if you’ve found yourself in a tight spot time-wise, you might use some help from a handyman service. They can help you dismount and pack your belongings while you focus on other move-related tasks.

A clock
Saving you time is one of the main benefits of handyman services.

Additionally, even if you’re not running on a tight schedule, the benefits of handyman services are obvious when it comes to more complicated work. We’re talking about handling your plumbing-connected appliances like washing machines and dishwashers. Sure, you could disconnect these yourself, however, unless you are used to doing similar work, you might make more trouble for yourself than its worth. Another thing handyman services might help you with is dismounting your wall-mounted TV and mountings. Additionally, some landlords might not give you back the deposit if your old home had some light damage to it. Here, handyman services can do the touch-up work for the fraction of the deposit price, saving you time and money.

The benefits of handyman services after the move

Immediately after the move, you will want to have your new home set up as quickly as possible. Again, you could do all the housework yourself. Plugging in the plumbing and mounting the TV on a wall yourself might save you a buck. However, just like before the move, you might end up making more damage than you saved. Additionally, the benefits of handyman services after the move are that they allow you to customize your new home. While you’re doing other post-move things like unpacking, the handyman services can set up shelves or carpets in your new home.

A person drilling a board
Handymen can help you customize your new home after the move

Either way, the main benefit here is the time saved. That’s why most easy military move guides will include recommendations for using handyman services. The last thing you’d want in such a scenario is to waste any more of your time on the move-related chores. Apart from all this, they could help put up chandeliers or light fixtures. These include messing with wires which presents a real danger. Instead, it’s advisable to just leave it to a professional service.

Where to get the best handyman services

Reading about the benefits of handyman services in a moving process, you might wonder where to find such services for hire. Most professional moving companies will offer handyman services as special moving services. Hiring these is preferable as there will be no need for you to coordinate your moving crew and your handyman service. However, do your research. Look into user experiences when deciding who to hire to conduct handyman services during your move. Sure, coordinating the movers and handymen can be a bit of a hassle. However, it will be much easier than having to arrange for someone to come fix the handymen’s mistakes after the move is done.

A person fixing a tap.
It’s best to find a handyman service that will do the job right straight away.

Ideally, you want your move to be one compact process. If it drags on for too long it will fatigue you more. Additionally, every handyman visit will mean that you’ll have to set the time aside for it. However, if it’s all done in one go, during your move, it will be much easier for you. Also, having the move done in one go will mean that you’ll be able to start relaxing in your new home sooner rather than later. And trust us, you will need relaxing after the move.

Consider the benefits of handyman services

Now that we’ve gone over all the benefits of handyman services you can take a step back and consider will you need to hire them? This all depends on the conditions of your move. Additionally, it depends on what items you will be bringing with you. Finally, the state of your new home can have an impact on this. All that considered its quite clear that the decision to hire handyman services is all on a case to case basis. Therefore we can only wish you luck in your move and a lot of enjoyment when its done.

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