The 10 largest cities in the US and why people are moving there

Have you decided yet where is your new destination? In case you still have doubts we are here to offer help. Whatever city you opt for, the best solution is to rely on this moving guide. As for the city of your choice, there are a number of things to consider. Rent, average home value, average income, employment opportunities, etc. are the things that can influence your final decision. Therefore, we will present some of the largest cities in the US and why people are moving there. Who knows? This may help you make a final decision. After all, all these cities are worthy of your attention. However, it all depends on your personal desires and needs.

What are the largest cities in the US and why people are moving there?

According to the population number, we have chosen the largest cities that may be great destinations for new beginnings. You just need to determine what city suits you best and contact your residential movers as soon as possible. Of course, observing the main features of the city, the decision will be easier to bring. Therefore, we advise you to pay attention to the following cities we have chosen.

  1. New York City (New York)
  2. Los Angeles (California)
  3. Chicago (Illinois)
  4. Houston (Texas)
  5. Phoenix (Arizona)
  6. Philadelphia (Pennsylvania)
  7. San Antonio (Texas)
  8. San Diego (California)
  9. Dallas (Texas)
  10. San Jose (California)

New York City

In case you’re a fan of a fast pace of living, you shouldn’t miss one of the greatest and most populous cities in the world and discover why people are moving there. Though it is a fact that living costs are extremely high, people still love moving to New York City due to an abundance of opportunities. Believe it or not, New York is not just traffic and noise. As a matter of fact, there are some quiet neighborhoods where you can find your new home. Queens and Little Neck are proof of this.

the morning in New York explains why is New York one of the largest cities in the US and why people are moving there
Move to New York and make your dreams come true.

Moreover, there are numerous career opportunities. Thus, you can search for a job in finance, advertising, marketing, modeling, fashion, and PR, among many other things. As for transport within the city, save money since there is no great need in owning a car. Public transport is absolutely marvelous and quite cost-efficient. Hence, use the subway systems, buses, Uber, or taxis.

Finally, what is certain is New York is that you’ll enjoy every day spent in this metropolis. Nightlife, theatres, museums, restaurants, and many other events to attend offer pleasurable experiences. Moreover, there’s an opportunity to attend many free events. Also, you can enjoy the beaches in places such as Coney Island and Rockaway beach.

Los Angeles

Maybe we can’t say it is one of the top US cities for singles, but it definitely is a city that welcomes everyone with its amazing climate, rich history, and culture. If searching for a job in the tech industry this is the place for you. Also, movie and tv jobs are something which is especially attractive for those who yearn to establish certain connections in Hollywood. As for the weather, expect a temperate climate all year round. Thus, you can find homes near the beach and enjoy the sun. On the other hand, hillside compounds in Santa Monica mountains are perfect in case you prefer less sun and mountain air breeze. Furthermore, the great outdoors of Los Angeles is one of the reasons why people like moving to one of the biggest cities in the US.


Located in the middle of the USA, Chicago waits for you with its incredible business opportunities and diversity. Being one of the best cities for millennials in the USA it offers excellent opportunities for everyone searching for a new home. Compared to other cities such as New York, you can find lovely homes in Chicago at a decent price. Thus, you’ll surely find yourself a home in one of the 77 neighborhoods.

skyscrapers in Chicago and numerous buildings.
Chicago is one of the largest cities in the US and why people are moving there is not a surprise. After all, Chicago is a city of opportunities.

By all means, your employment opportunities are vast since Chicago is known to be the third-largest market in the USA. As a matter of fact, it is below New York when observing the highest median salary. Numerous economic sectors provide a variety of jobs, especially the finance sector. As for your children, have no worries related to their education. One of the highest-ranked colleges and schools is located right here in Chicago.


No matter the age or marital status, Houston is an excellent choice for everyone. Moreover, it is one of the best US cities to retire from. Its booming economy, affordable living costs, and sunny weather are one of the reasons people are interested in moving to Houston.

Multiple economies are developing rapidly. Hence, scientists, medical professionals, and engineers can easily find a job here. Not just a job, but home too. And an affordable one. In other words, the costs of living in Houston are much lower compared to other metropolises. Also, we must mention that the fact that there’s no state income tax and salaries are quite high. All this combined with the costs will have a positive impact on its residents.

What you should know is that since commuting time is quite long, Make sure to own a car. As a result, you’ll be able to visit a lot of extraordinary places in Houston.


A city with 300 sunny days is luring you to come and become a resident of this amazing city. Therefore, hurry up, book your movers on time and make sure you get the best moving insurance in order to avoid any potential problems. What you will surely enjoy is the great outdoors. A variety of things is at your disposal, from biking, hiking, and river rafting, to hot air balloon riding. As for other aspects of entertainment, you can always choose to visit the festivals all year round. Cinco de Mayo is definitely one of the most famous ones where you can revel in concerts, art shows, and food fairs.

What matters most is that Phoenix is quite affordable. Its average costs of rent are almost the same as the US national average. Even the housing costs haven’t increased significantly. Thus, living here can be quite positive concerning your budget.


In case you need a city where you can enjoy all the benefits of a metropolis while feeling the charms of a small town, Philadephia is the right place for you. Hence, hiring movers is your next step. Home buyers and renters will be extremely satisfied knowing that they can find an affordable home here. Compared to other huge cities in the US, we know the reasons people have to move here. The overall costs of living are practically the same as the national average. Still, not everything is related to money. Philadelphia has much more to offer. As a matter of fact, everyone will find something to enjoy here. Over 300 neighborhood parks, trails, historic sites, community gardens, and playgrounds are ready to host you every single day.

When it comes to education, your peace of mind is guaranteed since Philadelphia offers one of the highest-ranked institutions for education. Last but not least, its location is absolutely outstanding. The options to visit other major cities such as New York, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Richmond, Boston, and Pittsburgh, are really great. All these places are quite near Philadelphia. With all this in mind, start packing your belongings and come to your favorite city of all.

San Antonio

Why are people moving to the second-largest city in Texas? Well, we are sure the city’s personality, beautiful scenery, and job growth have influenced the rise in population numbers. One of the first things to mention is its affordability which surely attracts people from all over the country. The overall costs of living are almost 14% lower that the national average. Also, renting and buying a home can be quite reasonable so that your budget won’t suffer.

Riverwalk in San Antonio
We are sure you’ll have a lovely time in San Antonio, a city with natural beauty, opportunities, and friendly people.

Be prepared for mild winters and hot summers when relocating to this lovely city. Thus, perfect weather for those who prefer leaving their jackets aside. Furthermore, for those who seek jobs, be certain you’ll easily find one here. Not only does San Antonio have a prosperous tourism industry bit also is known for the big tech and financial industry.

Finally, physical activities combined with pleasure are what you will most certainly get since there are plenty of parks and trails for jogging and walking. Thus, enjoy so many places, relax, organize a picnic, and embrace the challenges if you are more willing to do sport in your free time.

San Diego

Are you in need of a fresh new start in a city of opportunities? If so, we suggest you start thinking of San Diego. Have no second thoughts since the possibilities for your professional growth are enormous. Moreover, relaxation is what everyone needs after a hard day at work. San Diego’s lovely beaches can offer peace after listening to the sound of waves and enjoying multiple amazing beaches.

What will astonish you completely is the existence of Balboa Park. One of the best zoos in the country is located in Balboa Park. And many more things to experience here. If in doubt about the expenses, we must say that though overall costs are higher than the average, it’s still more affordable to live here than in San Francisco or Los Angeles, for instance.


So many people are moving to Dallas? What could be the reason? Does Dallas really deserve the title of being one of the best places to raise a family? Well, we must tell you that this is absolutely true. With this in mind, there is no place for a surprise when talking about Dallas. Maybe one of the main reasons people opt for this large city in the US is definitely the temperate weather throughout the year. Most importantly, higher average sales and lower average costs of living contribute to people raising interest in Dallas.

Dallas panorama
In case you plan to bring your children to Dallas, rest assured you won’t make a mistake. Dallas has so much to offer.

The strong economy in Dallas is your solution to finding a new job or continuing to run your business. With an excellent public school system and exceptional public transport, Dallas is a favorite destination for everyone.

San Jose

Have no doubts that San Jose, the largest city in Silicon Valley, will welcome you open-handed. That is why it is one of the largest cities in the US and why people are moving there. By coming here you are destined to enjoy temperate weather, beautiful outdoors, and perfect opportunities for outdoor activities that involve the whole family. Moreover, in case you’re a dog lover, this is the right place for you. There are numerous places for spending time with your pets.

If searching for a new job, the most popular ones involve science, tech, and manufacturing. As a matter of fact, this is one of the best cities in the US for job seekers. Employment opportunities are constantly rising. Furthermore, imagine how delightful it is to live in this city when people move to San Jose without observing extremely high costs of living and median house values.

Choose well and start enjoying your new destination

All in all, we have presented some of the largest cities in the US and why people are moving there. Each of these cities has its positive sides and negative ones as well. Eventually, it all depends on your desires, needs, and possibilities. Therefore, we can’t say which city is the best. We can only say which is the largest one after observing their population. Everything else is up to you. We suggest you pay attention to our short descriptions of each of the 10 cities. If you plan to be more thorough, feel free to discover more information. Moreover, your professional movers may be of great help. Ask them to provide advice about which city will fulfill your expectations. Nevertheless, we must say that all ten cities are worthy of your attention.

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