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Tips for storing wooden furniture

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Storing wooden furniture can be tricky business. Due to the nature of wood and how it reacts to different climate conditions, there are some precautions you must take in order for your furniture to not get damaged. The same basic rules apply both to all kinds of wooden furniture, from the most modern minimalist designs

Best places to store Christmas decorations

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Pink Christmas ornaments.

The Christmas holidays are always something special for every household. It’s one time of the year that is all about giving and receiving presents and adorning your house with different ornaments. From the Christmas trees to all those LED hanging lights we put all over the house, the entire world transforms into something magical as

How to store valuables in winter

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Storage facility

With the arrival of winter, many people wonder what to do with excess things for which there is no room. Some people choose to turn one room in their home into an impromptu storage facility. Others choose the much more convenient option – they rent a storage facility. If you belong to the latter group, you