Tag: storing valuables in winter

Apr 5.

Myths about storage units – busted or true

Having and using storage as an option in our everyday life is still something new. Many people that have never ...

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Mar 16.

Guide for storing musical instruments

Whether you are a professional musician or you playing music is your hobby, your instrument is one of your most ...

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Mar 9.

Guide for storing fine art safely

Being a proud owner of artwork brings some responsibilities as well. Especially if you cannot display all of it at ...

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Jan 30.

How to prepare your vehicle for storage

Storage is a very useful tool you should definitely have on your side during a relocation. It has various uses ...

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Jan 7.

Tips for storing wooden furniture

Storing wooden furniture can be tricky business. Due to the nature of wood and how it reacts to different climate ...

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Dec 24.

Best places to store Christmas decorations

The Christmas holidays are always something special for every household. It’s one time of the year that is all about ...

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Dec 21.

How to store valuables in winter

With the arrival of winter, many people wonder what to do with excess things for which there is no room. Some ...

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