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How to avoid extra charges when moving

Money, a planner and a model house.

Moving is a complicated process. After all, it involves packing one’s whole life and relocation it to a new place. With all that comes a myriad of little things, you may not think about. Things like how certain items are handled or packed, that can really add to moving costs. However, apart from being complicated,

How to keep your pets safe when moving

EditorMoving tips
tips on how to keep your pets safe when moving

When you are moving there are some risks and some things that can take the wrong turn. Not only that you can get injured while carrying some huge box, or movers can be late, there are more things to think about. One of those things is moving with pets. This is relevant on so many

How to prepare for moving out of your parents’ home

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It has been said over and over that leaving your home is not an easy thing to do. And in most cases, that is a sad fact. This is even more so the case if it is your first time and you are leaving your childhood home. The shock caused by this is potentially terrifying.

Tips for handling disputes with movers

Two persons discussing over handling disputes with movers

In life generally, it is not unusual that things don’t happen as we have planned. Unfortunately, it happens all the time. Furthermore, it can happen while moving as well. You hire a moving company for which you believe that is reliable, you agree on some terms, but service or price do not match your agreement.

What are the risks of non-binding estimates?

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One of the first steps you make while picking a moving company is getting the moving estimate. Most of the people use movers website in order to get an online quote, which is fast and easy, but not so accurate. There is nothing wrong with making that rough estimate, but when it comes to scheduling movers,

How to be a relocation minimalist

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Moving is a very peculiar time in anyone’s life. There are a lot of potential problems that it brings along. You have to think about a lot of things and that may sometimes feel overwhelming. From hiring a responsible moving company to organizing a packing process, things can really be complicated. And that is without

How to prepare your boat for transport

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Rear side of a docked boat

Preparing a boat for moving is a daunting task. There are many things to consider, and many variables in play.  However, it isn’t some insurmountable task. Sure, it takes a lot of planning and taking a lot of considerations in mind. However, if you take it easy, and follow the steps we outlined here, you

Self-moving vs hiring movers – which works better and why

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Choosing whether you should hire a moving company or plan a DIY relocation is a dilemma almost anyone that has ever moved was faced with. The very first thought that probably came to your mind is that by moving on your own you will be able to save money and cut costs on your packing expenses. However,

The advantages and downsides of air freight shipping

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The advantages and downsides of air freight shipping with a red-yellow plane in the sky.

What other modes of transportation could be more impressive than an airplane. Just imagine the hulks that carry huge loads of cargo across the sky! Surely it could be said they beat trucks and ships by a mile. They are also much quicker and have other advantages that make air freight shipping an interesting choice.

Moving coast-to-coast with pets – the perfect guide

A dog running in front of people on the path

When moving across the country, you will certainly meet a lot of challenges on your way. One of the biggest ones will be how to prepare and safely move your little friends. Beside the very complex regulations you will need to handle on this matter, you also need to make sure your pet feels through the