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Myths about storage units – busted or true

Having and using storage as an option in our everyday life is still something new. Many people that have never rented a self-storage unit may have some wrong preconceived ideas about storage facilities. Also, some people that had a bad experience with some storage facility may believe all storage is the same. This way, people

Guide to packing power tools and garage equipment

Nora G.Packing tips
Packing power tools and garage equipment

Packing a garage is usually something that people leave for last when moving house. That is because it is probably the most difficult room to pack. There are plenty of odd-shaped things in everyone’s garage. And it can be quite the problem trying to pack and move everything. However, that does not mean that you

How to pack your gardening tools

Nora G.Packing tips
How to pack your gardening tools

In general, moving is quite challenging and stressful. There are many nuances to moving that can simply make your life difficult. However, when you add packing your gardening tools to the mix, then a whole different set of problems emerge. And, truly, this is one of the most challenging parts of moving. If you want