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May 22.

Guide for moving with minimal physical effort

Moving is considered one of the most complicated processes for an average man to face. One of the things that ...

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Apr 8.

How to prepare for movers’ arrival

If you’re planning on moving house, you are probably aware of the fact that it will require a lot of ...

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Mar 16.

Tips for storing winter clothes

The winter is almost over which means you need to free some space in your closet for your spring/summer clothes. ...

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Mar 8.

Guide to storing antiques long-term

Storing antiques is a complicated objective, because your items may be fragile and valuable at the same time. Ouch, this ...

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Mar 4.

Common issues when relocating robust items

Moving requires a lot of organization and careful planning. However, even with all the planning in the world, you may ...

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Mar 3.

Shipping car parts – how to prepare?

Are you a car lover? Then, you probably want the best parts for your car. Sometimes, it is difficult to ...

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Feb 26.

How to pack your shoes when moving

If packing is a nightmare, not knowing how to pack your shoes is a recurring one – who knew you ...

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Feb 24.

What you need to look for in new housing

Looking for a new home is no easy task since there are a huge amount of options. This task is ...

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Feb 23.

How to prepare for heavy lifting

Moving day isn’t only hard on your nerves, it is also literary a hard physical activity, taking a toll on ...

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Feb 21.

Tips for moving in with your best friend

There are many people who think that moving in with your best friend is a great idea. Well, it is ...

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