Tag: climate controlled storage

Dec 15.

Moving in a single day – is it possible?

Unpleasant situations such as last-minute moving, are those when we have no choice but to face and overcome them. Instead ...

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Dec 11.

Should you insure items in storage?

Even if you rent a climate-controlled storage unit,  there are reasons why you should always have insurance coverage for items in ...

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Nov 27.

Creative uses for storage space

People mostly think that storage units are only for storing things and piles of stuff they don’t use often. But ...

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Nov 11.

Offering storage rental insurance – yes or no?

If you’re offering storage rental, then you may also be wondering if you should be offering storage rental insurance. The ...

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Oct 28.

How to protect stored property against cold

Storing some of your property in a storage unit is great, but only if you choose the right storage unit. ...

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Sep 30.

When is the best time to rent storage

Sometimes, you need to store your items for a certain period of time. The reasons can be numerous. The best ...

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Sep 17.

Storing vintage games – how to preserve them?

Video games have evolved in extraordinary ways since the Atari, Sega Genesis, and Super Nintendo came out. The video game ...

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Aug 15.

Tips for increasing storage rental value

Storage units have been more in demand now than they have ever been. They might be one of the most ...

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Jul 16.

Tips for storing family heirlooms

We learn about our family from the things that are passed down to us. These could be anything from photographs, ...

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Jul 3.

How to find storage units near you?

Do you have too many belongings and not enough space? Then, you should rent a storage unit, if you are ...

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