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Tax-deductible moving expenses to research

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Calculator - tax-deductible moving expenses

It’s never too early to prepare for submitting your tax report! And if you’ve moved or you’re planning one before the year is over, you might be able to file a tax return on your move! Learn what are tax-deductible moving expenses and how to apply for them.

A guide to in-house storage solutions

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A toy chest as one of the best in-house storage solutions.

Our home is our favorite place. A place where we retire after a long, hard day, and seek some refuge. However, those same homes sometimes make it hard to enjoy ourselves due to all the mess and clutter that is surrounding us. Since no one expects that you will stop shopping any time soon, it

Should you reward your movers?

reward your movers for their work.

Moving is a difficult and time-consuming process. So, it’s only natural not to risk damaging your belongings and to let professionals move your home. But, should you reward your movers for the help they’ll provide during your relocation? And, if so, how should you do it? Are there acceptable and unacceptable ways you can do this? Read

Reasons why people rent storage

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A warehouse.

Having a storage unit can be very useful not just during your relocation, but in general. Apart from providing you with some extra room, there are a lot more reasons why people rent storage. These vary from trivial to crucial ones, but all in all, you’ll rarely regret renting a storage unit.

Items you should never store away

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Whether you are moving or just need some extra space to store your belongings you need to be cautious when searching for the best storage solution. Also, when planning a packing list for your storage you need to be aware of which of your possessions can go to the unit and which items you should

How to Deduct Moving Expenses

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deduct moving expenses when moving a home

Everyone is looking for a cheaper way to relocate. You can save money on transport, packing and many other relocation items. However, if you learn how to deduct moving expenses from your move, you’ll actually get money back after your relocation. Deducting some expenses fro your relocation will definitely help your relocation budget! So, before you

How to Prevent Moisture in Your Storage Unit

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prevent moisture in your storage unit

If you are moving to another home or you want to save some space in the current one, finding a good storage solution can help. However, long-term storage units are prone to moisture and high-humidity which can both damage the stuff you store in them. In order to prevent moisture in your storage unit, finding

Best US cities to retire

A picture of two grandparents, living in some of the best US cities to retire. holding their grandchildren.

Let us start by saying – congratulations! Going into retirement is not a small achievement! Retirement means that decades of hard work and toil are now behind you. And, anyone who has worked as hard as you have, deserves to live life to the fullest when in retirement. On that note, we would like to

How to choose climate controlled storage facilities

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When you are moving, you may need a storage unit. If you do, many questions will present themselves. One of them is do you need a climate controlled storage facilities? Is it worth the extra costs? Depending on the things that you are storing, the answer may be yes. There are many benefits to renting

What can you expect from your storage service?

Nora G.Storage tips
What can you expect from your storage service?

Moving is exciting, but at the same time, it is a stressful, difficult and time-consuming process. The best way to make your relocation easier is to hire a professional moving service that will do most of the job. Still, there is another way to make this process easier – by using the storage service. Most