Strategies for saving money on storage costs

The need for additional storage space is more evident today than ever. It is a direct outcome of the consumer society in which we live. Some studies stated that the average American home today consists of about 300,000 items. We buy things, then we lack space, and then we spend more money to rent a storage unit. Still, there are ways for saving money on storage costs and Master Moving Guide will walk you through those. We will explain to you how to choose an adequate storage unit for the invested money.

Invest time and effort in exchange for lower storage costs

Saving money on storage space is actually easier than you think. Still, in order to do it, you need to invest some time and physical effort. Here are the most efficient ways to lower your storage costs:

  • Declutter
  • Pick the right size storage unit
  • Share storage
  • Pack efficiently
  • Choose the most affordable offer
cluttered storage space
Clutter takes up a lot more space, so sort and organize your storage space.

Organize and downsize before renting a storage unit

The biggest mistake when renting storage is just throwing in items without any order. Irrational use of space will quickly lead to overcrowding. So you will very soon find yourself in a situation where you’re running out of space once more. And not to mention you won’t be able to find something in that pile when you need it again. To make the most of the space available to you, try to organize your content better. If you take time to sort your items in separate boxes and label them, you’ll find them easily when you need them. In addition, the boxes stack better on top of each other, which is crucial for better use of space.

Perhaps the best of all storage tips that will save you some money is downsizing. As trivial as it sounds, this works, and we strongly advise you to downsize when organizing. Skipping this step leads to keeping even surplus you’ll never use again. And you’ll end up paying for storage space for unnecessary and unwanted stuff. That’s why is essential to downsize and keep only items that still have some value to you. You can get rid of excess in several ways: donating, selling or simply throwing away. By doing this, you will save on space, so you won’t even need a bigger unit. And you might even need a smaller storage space, which will cost you less.

Choose the right-sized storage unit

When choosing storage, always consider the number of things you will store in it. Always remember that you are paying for space, so rent exactly as much space as you need. Before you rent a unit, measure the items you plan to keep in storage. Determine the volume of larger pieces of furniture, or at least measure the dimensions. In the case of boxes, it will be easy for you to estimate how much storage you need. And if you can’t calculate it yourself, experienced storage staff will certainly help you with that. However, don’t pack things tightly together, leave some space in between for ventilation. If you need additional storage services, like a climate-controlled unit, make sure to demand it before renting it.

Sharing storage units is a good way for saving money on storage costs

Although at first glance it seems more affordable to rent the smallest storage unit, there is an even cheaper option. Sharing units with friends or family members can even cut your monthly rent in half. You can even afford to rent a larger unit, as generally, the best deals per square meter are for larger units. The average price per square meter of a standard storage unit is about $1.16. Also, don’t forget that additional storage services like surveillance and climate-controlled units cost more.

Two smiling young women talking about saving money on storage costs
Sharing a storage unit with a trustworthy friend is the best way of saving money on storage costs.

Storage sharing is a particularly good option for students or anyone in between apartments. If we consider that the average rent for a storage unit in 2022 was $108.18 per month, you would only pay $54.09 if you were sharing a storage unit with a friend. However, the prices went up in 2023, so now the average price hovers around $180. The average price of storage units depending on size:

  • small storage units 5×5 – 5×10 ft cost $60 per month
  • medium storage units 5×15 – 10-15 ft cost $140 per month
  • large storage units 10×20 – 10×30 ft cost $260 per month

Pay attention to efficient packing

After sorting your storage inventory, pack in adequate boxes or bins. Try to fill each box to the maximum, and arrange the items inside as well as possible. Of course, you will pack fragile items properly, without pressing and tightening. The others can be folded, flattened, or packed in vacuum storage bags. How you pack the boxes in the storage unit is equally important. Start from the bottom, and then stack boxes up, making sure to leave room for passage in the middle of the unit. By doing so, you will be able to access the boxes at the back of the storage.

Another thing to think about is the order in which the boxes are packed. Always place heavier boxes on the bottom, and stack lighter ones on top of them. In this way, you’ll avoid possible collapse under the weight. And at the same time, you’ll be saving space and saving money on storage costs.

a bunch of cardboard boxes in storage packed and typed with packing tape
Pack as efficiently as possible to save up some storage space.

Collect at least 3 different offers

The price of rent for storage space is also affected by the location. Storages that are slightly further and outside of the city are usually cheaper. If you don’t mind a few extra miles, you can find yourself pretty cheap storage. However, don’t rush before you browse several storage facilities in your area. Take time to gather at least 3 quotes from different storage companies and check their discounts and special deals. Some companies offer the first month for free, while others offer discounts for certain groups such as discounts for seniors or veterans, etc. Also, facilities with a lot of empty units are usually cheaper, so browse and compare prices in your area.

Pay attention to hidden costs

Except for these several ways of saving money on storage costs, pay attention to additional fees, taxes, and insurance charges. All things considered, you can save quite a bit of money so it’s definitively worth it.

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