Storing vintage games – how to preserve them?

Video games have evolved in extraordinary ways since the Atari, Sega Genesis, and Super Nintendo came out. The video game industry grows exponentially each day, so if you’re a proud collector of consoles and games, your collection has probably grown with it. But if you have purchased too many consoles to count, you can use climate-controlled storage to keep and preserve them. Even though you still bring out your old consoles now and then, they’re usually better protected in a storage facility when you’re not using them. So here are a few tips on storing vintage games in hope of perfectly preserving them for many, many years to come. We’ll help you ensure that they last a lifetime.

Hands playing on a console
Label all your boxes, whether they contain cables or the console itself.

Cherishing your old school games

Whether you’ve recently invested in a cool retro gaming console or if you’re just trying to find a beloved remnant of your childhood, we have a few very simple tips for storing vintage games in premium condition. First of all, you should keep your console at room temperature. If the room temperature is comfortable for you, the same goes for your game. So hire our storage service and worry no more! You should never expose any kind of memorabilia to extremes. That means you should even avoid putting it under direct sunlight. Or any other source of heat for that matter, which also includes a radiator. Just as well, don’t place it anywhere near a place that gets very cold, like an attic that hasn’t been properly insulated. Vintage game consoles have components that could damage and warp. The same rules apply for any electronics, just like your PC.

Storing vintage games like a pro

Storing vintage games from the PlayStation 2 era and older is not difficult at all. For many reasons that include sturdiness of older consoles which make them strong enough to handle variations in temperatures and changing conditions. Newer consoles are prone to producing a significant amount of heat. Here are a few precautions you should take when storing vintage games:

  • Store consoles in a well-ventilated area. There are air-conditioned storage units on the market which would be great for storing vintage games.
  • Separate your console and heat-generating electronics as far away as possible.
  • Keep all your packed electronics several inches away from air vents to prevent something from blocking them.
  • Try your best to keep your storage unit dust-free because dust can creep in your console and damage it inside and out.
  • Don’t opt for storing vintage games in a basement or an attic because those spaces often suffer from extreme humidity and heat which can cause serious deterioration to your consoles.
  • If you follow these steps from reliable movers, you’ll be able to keep playing your old consoles for years to come.
  • Use isopropyl to clean them. It’s a colorless alcohol-based cleaner that, we believe, won’t harm your precious collector’s items. It easily removes most marks, bacteria, and even ink.
X box Console in pink and blue
Most vintage consoles can withstand severe temperatures for a little while, but eventually, they’ll affect your console. If they were exposed to extreme temperatures for a while, first leave them to acclimatize to room temperature before plugging them in.

Video game Storage

Digital downloads are becoming a trend in recent years, but a lot of people say they still prefer the feeling of holding a disc in their hands. If you have a beautiful collection of older games, then try to find their game manuals, cartridges, and cases. To categorize and organize the clutter to get rid of it, try a few of these tips:

  • You can buy a disc shelf because they are great for storing discs safely.
  • Go for cabinets and any space with shelves that you can close off. Unlike consoles, cartridges and discs don’t need room to breathe.
  • Organize your collection – Try organizing your games in some way. You can choose to store vintage games alphabetically or by console type.
  • In addition to these guidelines, try not to toss your controllers on a pile or the floor. If you fail to properly maintain your controllers, your vintage games will deteriorate over time. Then you will only be able to use them as decorations. And we don’t want that!

Pay attention to your wires

If you’re storing vintage games, you’ll likely have wires all over the place. You’ll get a messy tangle of black and gray cables. And remember that, if you lose them, your console becomes just a useless piece of plastic. It should go without saying that keeping track of which cables go where is crucial when storing vintage games for a while. Organize them and you won’t risk them becoming a huge knot.

Sadly, the old way of folding up wires has been proven to be the cause of them deteriorating more quickly over time. The inner workings get frayed and lose function. If you’re storing your wires with your retro games, just lay them out slowly in a cardboard box. They’ll naturally curl and lay around to fit in.  Alternatively, if you want to store them in their original box, put them in a loose figure-8 which is still condensed but shouldn’t cause any real damage.

Storing vintage games’ wires and cables

When it comes to storing a gaming console, then put it in the original packaging for premium fit and protection. It should be fairly easy to find a suitable box if you haven’t saved the original. Cardboard is perfectly fine, but you should still add some bubble wrapping around the corners and edges of the items. That way you’ll have an added layer of protection in case of accidents.

Storing vintage games just like this old console
Be careful when cleaning your console. Never use water to clean it. Also, be aware of sensitive parts like the lens that reads your games.


Gaming is something that people of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy. Families love playing together on game nights and you can invite your long-distance friends to play. Contact us to find the most suitable storage solution for you and start storing today! Oh and always label your boxes, no matter what’s in them!

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