Storage containers vs. storage units

In this day and age, you will often find that your desires and possessions far outstrip the space you are occupying. Your house is simply not large enough for all the things you would like to put in it. This is made abundantly clear by the time you need to move. Once you have to pack and relocate it dawns on you just how much stuff you have! However, there is a clever, convenient solution to this. You can always simply rent some space to place your things for short or long periods of time. This is storing, and for the most part, people only consider storage units when it comes to it. However, there is also an alternative – storage containers! So when it comes to storage containers vs. storage units, which one will win? Which one is the most convenient, practical, and efficient?

What are storage containers?

Storage containers are far from innovation or an invention. However, they are a clever use of an old thing! Storage containers are just regular metal boxes of various colors and rectangular shapes that you see in ports. They are designed to be stacked and therefore are great for preserving space in hangars. The art is used for shipping (and you probably know them as shipping containers). However, there is obviously a new usage for them. Now they can be used for personal use, rentable, for anything from seasonal fitness equipment movers will deliver for you to clothes that you will not need in a long time.

Storage containers
What are storage containers?

So how does it work? Well, storage containers are delivered to your home. Yup, on the lawn there will be a container of the size you need. You can then relocate anything you want to put in there by yourself or with help of professionals. It is done, the container is then delivered to the storage room where it is being kept.

There are some downsides, however. While it does seem like a perfect idea, and in many ways it is convenient, it is not always actually possible to have a storage container delivered. Furthermore, once it is stored in a hangar, getting to it on short notice or a regular basis is not easy. Therefore, if you are to store something there, it will be stored for quite some time. If you are a student and looking for dorm room movers to store the things you will need in 3 months, this is not an option for you.

What are storage units and what are their types?

What does storage service entail and what are storage units in the first place? Well, it is probably more likely you actually already know about them, as they are far more frequent than storage containers, however, we will cover them nonetheless. Therefore, let us explain. Storage units are rentable spaces within any type of storage facility. These are accessible almost anytime and very versatile in what they can have stored in them. Storage containers vs. storage units is a debate that can only be solved after you know the best uses for both types of rentable spaces.

Storage units
What kinds of storage units can you find?

We will now cover all the categories of storage units you should know in order to make your mind.

  • Indoor – These are good if you want to access your stuff literary any time (like, for example, during a storm) and is more likely to be safer and for storage units to have access to climate control. However, there are some downsizes we should note. For example, accessing storage units with something too heavy is pretty hard when you cant take your car to the entry of your storage unit.
  • Outdoor – However, you can also have storage units that are on the outside, arranged in rows like garages. Easily accessible by vehicles
  • Climate Controlled – Furthermore, many storage units have climate control. That is a pretty good argument for storage units in the storage containers vs. storage units clash. You can think about it as the best way to protect against moisture, mold, and many other types of dangers for your stored items.
  • Special types – Finally, if you require special types of storage for things like wines, cars, etc, there is definitely that kind of storage units out there as well.

Storage containers vs. storage units – which is better?

So, when it comes head to head, which is better? Well, as with all things in life and certainly in moving guides, the best answer is “it depends.”

storage containers vs. storage units - two questions mark
So, which is better?

If you aim to have a storage that you can access regularly, that has climate control and that is more of an intermediate solution, then you should definitely go for a storage unit. However, if you are looking for something long term, consider storage containers, as they are cheaper in the long term…

How to pack for storage

Whatever is that you pick, you should know, in the most basic of terms, how you should be packing for storage. First and foremost, make it waterproof, protecting it from any possible moisture. Secondly, leave enough space for the things to “breathe” and not get damaged if they fall down (cushioning material). Finally, have them stacked from the heaviest at the bottom to the lightest on top. Any other would be rather problematic.

Who are your foes?

Just remember that in both storage units and storage containers you must be aware of insidious enemies of your possessions and their wellbeing. That would be moisture, mold and pest. Pest is the clearest here. Should they be found, a manual on the extermination of ants, killing of termites, and other actions that need to be taken would be useful. However, if you encounter mold, you should call a professional.

In summary, rather anticlimactically, a conflict of storage containers vs. storage units comes down to simple preference. But, then again, now you know exacly what the pros and cons for both are and can use this to your advantage in your decision-making process.

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