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A lot of people do not seem to realize that moving a piano is quite a precarious job. Some will think that it only takes a few of their buddies, and the job is done. And while help is appreciated (and, also, necessary), it is not the only important thing. In fact, pianos are notoriously difficult for moving. If you want to avoid injuries and damage to the piano or your home, you need to do it right. That is why we have a few tips to help you with moving your stand-up piano. This stand-up piano moving guide will certainly help you with your task!

For successful stand-up piano moving endeavor, gather a group of friends first

A stand-up piano can actually weigh quite a lot. That means that you cannot do it on your own. Even if there are two people, it is rather difficult. It is best to assemble a group of about four friends or family members. Remember, you want to avoid not just possible damage, but also any injuries. Be mindful not to ask people who have a history of injuries. Ask your friends whether they are able to spend two-three hours on the task. If you decide to hire professionals, try to avoid any cheap movers. Cheap means that they will try to cut costs at various corners. This includes both the staff and the equipment. If you want your stand-up piano arriving unharmed, you will avoid such moving companies.

Ask friends to help you move your piano

Measure doorways, hallways and clear the path

You will need to make sure that the piano can fit wherever you need to take it. That basically means – measure the doorways and the hallways. Also, if you will need to move it up/down a staircase, measure it, as well. You will need to also make sure that it can be maneuvered on possible landings. Remove any furniture on the path to the door and, also, remove the carpets.

Get the necessary equipment

If you want to move your stand-up piano on your own, there are certain things you will need. Before even trying to move it, acquire the following things:

  • Moving blankets.
  • Several rolls of tape and masking tape.
  • Furniture dolly.
  • Piano board/metal stair ramp.
  • Furniture straps.

Get a moving vehicle

If you want to do this the best way possible, you should contact a moving company. They can provide you with the best vehicle for your stand-up piano moving job. However, if you are looking to cut costs, you may borrow a van/truck from a friend. Be mindful that the vehicle should have a ramp for easy loading/unloading.

A red van at night
You can borrow a van/truck from your friends

However, take note that with the necessary equipment and renting the vehicle, stand-up piano moving can take a lot of your time and money. That is why it is sometimes best to hire professional piano movers. In fact, this is highly recommended if you are trying to move your piano for the first time. Stand-up piano moving is no joke and it may require the help of professionals. They will know how to do it in the easiest and most efficient way. And, they will save you the hassle of organizing everything yourself.

Wrap the piano in blankets

Unlike grand pianos, stand-up pianos have a clear shape and they are a bit easier to protect. However, that does not mean that this step should be done poorly. First, make sure that the keyboard cover is down. If there is a key, lock it. If not, use masking tape to secure it, as masking tape will prevent damage or stain on the wood. Don’t forget about the piano pedals, as they can also be damaged during relocation. Wrap them firmly in a piece of cardboard or a towel and secure with tape. Cover the entire piano with moving blankets. For additional security, you can use pads to protect its corners. Remember, you want to avoid any damage while you carry out your stand-up piano moving work. Use tape to secure the blankets around the piano.

Place the piano on the dolly and strap it

This is best done if there are several people helping. The easiest way of doing this is to have two/three people lift the piano, while another places the dolly underneath it. That way, there will be less chance of injuries and damage. Remember, you want to lift from your knees to prevent back injuries. Make sure that the piano is placed on the center. Then, strap it to the dolly as best as possible. This will help you later when you are moving it, as it will be much sturdier.

Roll it to the van/truck and load it

There should be at least two people slowly pushing the piano to get it to the moving vehicle. Another person should slowly pull the piano, while another should guide them. Stand-up piano moving cannot be done without this. That is why we have recommended that about four persons be involved. If you need to take it down stairways, use the metal stair ramp. When you get it to the van or the truck, make sure that two people are pushing it up the ramp. One person should be at the front, to guide, and also pull the piano. Don’t forget, pianos are quite heavy and will require all the strength you can offer.

You may need a stairway ramp

Secure it to the wall of the van/truck

You should place the piano against the back wall of the moving truck. It will most likely be one of the first things you will load. Also, it will be one of the last that you will unload at your new place. Another tip is to place it on the plank since many trucks/vans have uneven floors. Secure the piano with moving straps to the wall. Make sure that there is no more than an inch of moving space. Remember, there may be many bumps along the road.

Now, reverse the process

Unloading the piano and moving it to a new location is also a job that requires the help of several people. However, if you have done the loading process right, chances are, your stand-up piano moving will go great all in all.

Additional tip: Whenever you move your piano, you will have to get it tuned. Even though you have perhaps moved it perfectly, pianos are quite sensitive. But that is nothing that cannot be fixed. Of course, you can try to do it yourself, but it is best to leave it to the professionals.

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