Special moving services that cost extra

Getting the right services for your relocation can be tougher than you’d think. Some companies provide assistance which might the best for you. Others, on the other hand, give too many services you don’t want or need. Thus, the best way to go when hiring movers is to find a company which can customize their services to your special needs. They’ll usually offer estimates of just transporting your items and offer you a choice of special moving services that cost extra. You can choose which ones you want for your move and which ones you don’t.

Relocation can be a tough process and there are definitely some tasks on your moving checklist you’d want to outsource to your movers. However, having the movers do the entire move for you can be expensive. Besides, there are some items which your local movers won’t move. So, the best way to have a successful move for an affordable price is to choose your moving services carefully. Pick up some of the work yourself and leave the toughest jobs to your moving company.


Most moving companies will provide you with a number of moving plans for your home. The most basic one will include only transportation and loading/unloading of the moving truck. So, you’ll need to pay extra for your relocation specialists to pack your things. This task is usually easy but very time-consuming. Thus, you might decide to do it yourself and save some money. At least, you can decide to pack your clothes for moving by yourself and let the movers take care of the rest. However, don’t try to prepare large and heavy items for the move by yourself. You can get injured so, it’s best to let the pros take care of that.

… and unpacking

Once you arrive at your new home, you can have your movers unpack your belongings. In most cases, when you pay for packing services, you’re also paying for the unpacking. But, in other unpacking is one of the special moving services that cost extra. This may not be such a bad thing. You can always use the unpacking to set up your new home the way you want it.

Packaging tools.
The pros have good equipment which can help you pack faster.

Special moving services that cost extra: Storage

What if you’re moving far away and you need to ship your items there. You might arrive before or after them. If you arrive before them, it’s not so bad. However, if you get to your new town after your belongings, what will happen to them? What if you’re moving to a smaller apartment in a better neighborhood? What with all your things you can’t fit there? Where will they be while you find a place for them or find a way to sell them?

Well, the answer to all of these questions is – storage! Storage is one of the special moving services that cost extra, but it makes up for the cost with what it provides. It gives a safe place for you to keep your belongings when you can’t keep them in your home. In a storage unit, your things will be safe from the elements and protected from theft. Apart from this, if you have some extra valuable items which will need special care, you can rent climate controlled storage unit. These units will protect your special items.

Moving special items

Relocating items which are extremely difficult to move or items which require you to disassemble them in order to move them. In most cases, these are special moving services that cost extra. So, for example, if you need to move a pool table you’ll require the services of experienced pool table movers. Likewise, if you want to move your home vault, you’ll need to hire vault movers. These moving teams don’t work everyday moves and for calling them in your company might charge you extra.

Moving a pool table is one of the special moving services that cost extra
Movers will relocate your table safely.

Moving big music instruments

When moving bulky instruments you’ll also need to hire services with additional costs. It’s very important to hire professional assistance when moving something so complex. Inexperienced hands can cause irreparable damage to your instrument. This is especially important for pianos. Because of their size and complexity, they are easily broken or damaged. So, make sure you hire reliable piano movers to move your precious instrument.

A brown piano.
Don’t break your piano by trying to move it yourself.

Carrying services (loading and unloading)

Your movers will charge these only if they need to carry your things very far away when loading and unloading the moving truck. For example, if they need to carry a heavy bed down three flights of stairs and over a gravelly path in your front yard. In addition to this, some other parts of your home might be obstacles to your movers:

  • narrow staircases – every mover’s nightmare. These are definitely special moving services that cost extra, and your movers will charge you for them.
  • uneven paths – which will prevent your movers from using their equipment.
  • small doorways – since they might need to disassemble some of your furniture.

If they won’t be able to put it on the moving dollies or use their equipment, the might charge you for it. In these cases, regular moving services will cost you more.

Moving a huge bed such as this is one of the special moving services that cost extra
Carrying a big bed for a long time is very difficult.

In the end, what’s most important is that you find the best moving option for you. If that means hiring some special moving services that cost extra, so be it. The most important thing for you is to have a safe move. So, don’t be shy in hiring the pros to take care of some special moving tasks for you. The less hassle you have with moving your items, the less stress you’ll have once you move to your new home.

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