Simple guidelines for storing office supplies

Sometimes, your office can get hectic. You might want to move your office since you found a better location. Maybe your business has expanded so you need a bigger place. Whatever the case might be, you will need to set up your new office. This means storing office supplies. In order to have a well-organized office, you have to come up with a solid storing plan. You will be more motivated to work in an organized office where every item has its own place. No one feels motivated to work in a cluttered and messy office. This can leave consequences on your efficiency and business.  

Start preparations on time and plan the whole process 

Just like anything in life, it is always better to plan the whole process. The same applies when storing office supplies. You should make an inventory to see what you have. Then, you can plan accordingly. In addition to this, you should make a checklist for all the tasks you need to do. This way you will plan the storing office supplies much easier. With the inventory list, you can be sure you do not lose some of the items. On the other hand, a checklist will remind you to do some tasks. Therefore, the whole process will run much smoother. In addition to this, you need to start on time. If you plan to move, this means two or three months in advance. It is difficult to organize a move while working, especially if when you need to use office supplies. 

woman writing on notebook
You should make a checklist when storing office supplies

Make a supply room or a closet for storing office supplies 

You can make one designated room just for storing office supplies. Of course, this depends on the size of your office. If you are moving to a new office, then you probably can find a room or closet where to store all of your office supplies. This is a good way to avoid cluttering your office space and having to declutter your office. In addition to this, you can save time by storing everything in one place. If you need some papers, documents, or other office supplies, you will know where to find them. You do not have to waste time going around the office looking for a piece of paper.  

Make designated areas where you need them 

Having a supply room is a great solution. However, it might not work for every office. For this reason, you will have to look for another solution. You can make several designated places around your office. For example, store paper near the printers. When you run out of paper, you can just take it from the self that is installed next to the printers. Again, this way you will not lose time looking for it. In addition to this, put your documents inside binders and have a cabinet for storing them. Cleaning products should go under the sink. Coffee mugs, cups, plates, and so on should go to your small kitchen area. Sometimes, it is more convenient to store supplies near the place where you use them most often. 

pile of assorted-color papers
Get binders in different colors for your documents

Gather all the storing/packing items for storing office supplies 

It is impossible to store your office supplies without the proper items. These include boxes, plastic bins, pen stands, files, binders, and so on. You can find some cheap moving boxes at the local supermarkets. These are especially good for packing if you plan to move your office. You can also put some office supplies that you do not use so often. In addition to this, plastic bins are very convenient. They are made out of plastic, so they can be transparent. Plastic bins are very sturdy so you can use them for a long time. As for organizing, you can choose the system you like. You can either store office supplies by their size or use. 

Get professional help 

If you plan to move your office, then you should find the right movers. You can always ask movers to give you advice on how to pack your office supplies. In addition to this, you can add packing services to your bill, so movers will pack everything. Then, this means less work for you. However, you should think about how much to tip movers, should you prepare food and drink, how much you should help movers and so on. If you plan to pack your office supplies on your own, do not forget to label and seal the boxes. This is how you can stay well organized during the move. You should label boxes or plastic bins that you use in your office. This way you will find the items easier

assorted files
Do not forget to label your binders, boxes, etc


How to find a reliable moving company 

There are several ways how you can find reliable movers. 

  • Ask your friends and family, colleagues, and etc. 
  • Search on the Internet 
  • Check local newspapers 

Since most people usually search for moving companies on the Internet, you should be careful. First, check official websites of five different moving companies. You have to make sure these moving companies offer an office relocation. Next, read moving reviews to see if they received positive ratings. In addition to this, check if potential movers have a license issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Only reliable movers will have this license. Furthermore, you can check their track record if you visit the official website of the Better Business Bureau. You should find reliable movers. There is nothing worse than hiring fraudulent movers who will only take your money or even lose and damage your items. 

All the tips and tricks for storing office supplies 

As you can see, these would be all the best tips for storing office supplies. Make sure to find all the necessary storing items, such as boxes, and plastic bins. You can dedicate one room or closet for storing. 

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