Should you insure items in storage?

Even if you rent a climate-controlled storage unit, there are reasons why you should always have insurance coverage for items in a storage unit. Millions of Americans keep their property in storage units, paying a monthly rental fee of $146 for climate-controlled units. If you’re going to join them, insure items in storage, and stay safe no matter what happens. Let’s begin!

Why do you need to insure items in storage?

Simply, the storage unit insurance helps you to get your money back if something happens to your items. That could be burglary, damaging, or completely destroying. Insurance can help you repair or replace items if something happens in a storage unit. The statistics from the FBI has shown that over a million storage units are destroyed by arson each year. Also, according to the FBI, your chances of recovering items missing from a storage unit are also minimal. So you better insure items in storage next time.

insure items in storage
Whether you’re moving to a new home, or renovate your old one, insure items in storage and relax knowing they’re safe.

A reliable company will offer you insurance

Only reputable and professional companies will offer an insurance policy for your items. And not just for your good, it’s because insurance premiums represent an additional revenue stream for storage companies! Therefore, one of the biggest reasons people take storage insurance is because the storage facility requires them to do so. Make sure to find out what are the must-have storage security measures to look for before choosing a storage unit.

signing a contract
If a company refuses to offer some kind of storage insurance, avoid hiring them. The chances they’re fraudulent are high.

Insurance is your best friend when storing valuables

Storing and damaging something valuable, such as old painting that was kept in your family for centuries, is something that money can’t replace. But, money can help you to repair it. Whatever you choose to store, get the right insurance policy. Also, ask the company about storing high-value possessions. Some companies, despite offering storage rental insurance, refuse to insure expensive furs and jewelry.

storage warehouse picture
Storage insurance would be of great help if you’re storing valuables and expensive items.

Extreme climate conditions can damage your items

Climate-controlled storage units are the best for storing valuables, antiques, paintings, instruments and other fragile items. But the extreme weather conditions can damage your stuff. Hurricanes, wildfires, and earthquakes are something that we can’t foresee. To stay safe, choose to insure items in storage. Just keep one thing in mind: flooding is not covered with storage unit’s insurance.

flooding over house
Unfortunately, you’ll have to get a special insurance policy for flooding.
Burglaries still happen

Although today, storage units have more security features than the average home, burglaries still happen. Reputable storage companies have the best security systems that monitor the grounds and deter criminals. But burglars often find a way to get away with people’s valuables. This is why you should insure items in storage.

Think twice when storing motor vehicles

The storage unit insurance guide is something you need to explore well when renting a storage unit. There are things that are not included in storage insurance. For example, flooding and storing motor vehicles. A general rule is that insurance policies offered by self-storage companies will exclude motor vehicles from coverage. Make sure to get auto insurance for the vehicles you wish to store. The recovery rate for stolen motor vehicles is around 50% according to the FBI.

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