Should you hire a moving broker? Pros and cons

Many people face challenges when it comes to moving. They don’t know how to find a reliable company that could help them. So, let’s see: a moving broker – what does this person do? If you decided to move, do you really need to hire a moving broker? Or could you do just all the organization by yourself? We suggest you look for some professional moving guidelines and to read this article to the end. We will help you realize all the pros and cons of it. So, let’s start.

What is the job of a moving broker?

A moving broker is a person in between the clients that are about to move and moving companies. They are not the movers and don’t own trucks or other moving equipment. What they do is to help you find just the right moving company for you. They will also compare moving quotes and “sell” the move. Moving brokers will give the estimates over the phone or the internet and will get paid by the person who is moving. They bid out the job to moving companies.

hire a moving broker
If you are wondering should you hire a moving broker, you can read some tips.

The benefit is that you can get a cheaper moving than in the case you are hiring a moving company directly. The other benefit is that they will be able to find a moving company with services that you specifically need. Even if they are fitness equipment movers. So you should be able to trust that everything will fall in the right place. A broker could also give you an idea of the right moving plan for you.

Hiring a moving broker can save your time. You will need to pay attention to a lot of things. Some of them are the company’s background, reliability, and content of the customers. You should also have to compare a few moving quotes before you decide on the one company that you will give your trust. So broker will be able to finish all these tasks for you much faster than you would.

Is there a risk if you hire a moving broker?

Hiring a moving broker doesn’t have only pros to it. You should be aware of the risks when you choose to employ a moving broker. It could happen that the job doesn’t get accepted by the moving company. The reason for it usually lies in the fact that the broker gives a too low estimate. So if this occurs, you maybe won’t be able to find movers for your moving day. It can also happen that unlicenced or uninsured movers get the job. So always look for the best moving insurance you can get.

When it comes to hiring an amateur moving company, they can charge extra if anything unexpected occurs or your things get damaged. And you want to avoid that, for sure. The brokers won’t accept any liability if a moving company makes a mistake or shows a lack of liability. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration works hard to offer stronger protection for customers when they use brokers. So contact them to check who are you working with and are they on their list.

There is a risk if you hire a moving broker.

What is the difference if you hire a moving company?

Moving companies are the firms that provide you with the service of actual moving. They possess all the moving equipment, trained professionals, and trucks. They will come to your house and give you an estimate. Or you can go to their office for an initial interview and ask them all you want to know. Their estimate is most likely more accurate than the one that the broker gives you. The price will be different in accordance with the distance and the weight of the load you have to move. On the cons side, have in mind that the broker has negotiation skills and will try to make the better price.

The moving company will be held liable for anything that can go wrong with a move, you may have additional fees if you hire a professional moving company. That will include extra valuation coverage for your goods. Some services will be charged extra. If you want them to pack your things, you will pay more, as well as if you have some bulky item to move, like your piano, for example.

Some kind of risk is inevitable

So whether you choose to hire a relocation broker or movers, you will have to face a certain risk. In order to minimize it, check the credibility and reputability of the firm with the FMCSA or Better Business Bureau. Also, visit their webpage and read about a company. You should search for things like how long they are on the market and how much experience they have. Never skip on reading the reviews. Other people’s experiences can change your mind and affect your decision. So take time for research before you sign a contract.

Should I get a moving broker for my office relocation?

Hiring a moving coordinator is such a good idea when you are managing large relocations like moving an office or a company. Your broker will be able to find the best option for you and save you a ton of time. Office moves are complicated and have many important parts to be done. And you will still have to run your business while planning a move. So in this case, think of the option to hire a moving consultant.

Get a consultant if you want to relocate your office.

Did we help you decide should you hire a moving broker

We sure hope that this article was informative for you and that you get all the pros and cons if you are thinking to hire a moving broker. And having information is the key. So take time to closely look at those advantages and disadvantages and decide on the path you want for your move. Whatever you decide, we hope that you will be content and have only the best moving experience. Because relocation is just the first step on the new life you are making for yourself. And it should be a glorious one!

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