Should you accept moving company referrals?

Moving is all about planning. Furthermore, moving is expensive. Due to the costs, you will face when moving, it is crucial that you understand your expenses and find a way to lower them. Regardless of how much you are over or under the budget, it is normal to want to save as much as possible. Now, when you move, there are a lot of ways to save money. Some ways are something you can plan, while other ways are something that will require you to capture the moment and seize the opportunity. Today, we ask the simple question of whether or not you should accept moving company referrals as you are moving. More importantly, Master Moving Guide is going to explain what moving referrals are and how they can benefit your process. Nonetheless, hiring a moving company is a must if you want a positive relocation experience.

Moving company referrals – What are they and how can you utilize them to your advantage?

The referral program is not something new to us. In fact, throughout our history, people judged whether or not to hire someone or do something based on the experience of someone close to them. In a way, the experience people around us have is a good tool to guide us through a process we are new in. Well, the referrals we are going to talk about today are just that. A person we know and trust, helping us decide which moving company is best to hire for our relocation.

a couple signing papers with a person in a suit to represent moving company referrals and what they do
Referrals will usually be people we trust, that moved recently, but can also be strangers referring for a discount

Of course, just because someone you know told you to hire a certain company does not mean you should not do your own research. In fact, researching prior to asking for referrals is always a good thing to do. Moreover, if you own a company, you need a way to encourage referrals. A good word is the best advertisement.

How do you benefit from hiring a company via a referral?

When thinking about it, hiring local movers, with a referral is never going to fail. However, you should bear in mind that you need to trust the person referring the company to you. In many cases, fraudulent moving companies will use an outsider to “refer” people to their company. If you are to reap the benefits of this method, you will need to learn more about the person referring. However, some of the main advantages you will have from this type of moving company hire are:

  • Discounts due to referrals
  • Insurance that your items will be safe
  • A guide on how to approach the process from the person referring you
  • Knowing that you are hiring a professional and reliable moving company
  • Being able to know the overall state of your expenses due to the previous experience of the referral

It is all about trust

It is no secret that moving company referrals increase the trust you feel when hiring certain movers. Of course, the most trustworthy you will feel will be if you take a recommendation from someone you personally know and trust. However, trusting your referral is the key to a good relocation start.

a person handing a piece of paper and a pen to the person across the table
Because referrals bring discounts and benefits with them, trust is necessary, because the whole situation can be made into a too-good-to-be-true offer

Aside from helping your lower the expenses of the relocation, referrals should serve as a pillar of trust prior to hiring a company or their services. So, logically, if you were to hire last minute movers to relocate you, you want to know if they are trustworthy. After all, you have to put all of your items into their hands. So, when choosing to hire a company by using a recommendation, make sure that you trust the person that gives the advice. Often, these people will be our friends or family that moved recently.

Approach with reserve when dealing with unknown moving company referrals

One thing that goes to our advantage today is the power of the internet. Being able to research every piece of information at any given moment made things a lot safer for us. The same goes for unknown referrals you might face. Now, no one is saying that every unknown referral wants to cheat or scam you. However, this does not mean that you should enter this with a careless attitude. Instead, utilize the internet and try to do as much research as possible. Furthermore, you can always contact the moving company you are referred to and check whether the person is telling the truth. It does not matter if the referral is giving you a discount on the cheap moving boxes or the whole relocation. Research the company and the referral, if possible, for maximum safety of your wallet and your belongings.

two women talking in a cafe
Trust is crucial in this scenario; So if you trust a referral, you can make your relocation much better and cheaper

If you know the referral, there is no need for you to say no

Every relocation shares the same goals – do it quickly and do it as financially responsible as possible. Saving money and time are the two of the biggest luxuries when moving. Consequently, having to chase a referral and not be sure where you stand is not a quick way to do this. On the other hand, if you are in contact with moving company referrals you either know or trust, you can be assured that you will reap the most benefits out of the deal. The chances that the referral has an advantage from converting you to a certain company is high. So, when wondering: Are there any furniture movers near me? – take a referral into consideration. Not only can they help you find a reliable moving company; but also help you lower the costs of all the services you will need.

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