Sharing a storage unit with friends – smart or not?

Doing different things with friends can be very exciting. Traveling, clubbing, going out on a dinner. But, all those activities are meant for doing them in a group. When it comes to responsibilities, you will need to think twice before engaging in something like that with a friend. Today we are going to speak about the possibility of sharing a storage unit with friends. Sometimes, this can be a smart thing as you will be able to cut your storage costs. On the other hand, depending on your friends, it can be the worst thing you ever did. That is why you will need to calculate the pros and cons of doing it. Sometimes, for the sake of your friendship, it would be smarter to find a cheap storage solution than sharing it with anyone. Here is what you need to consider before start sharing a storage unit with friends.

When you should consider sharing a storage unit with friends

Nowadays, people are in constant need of extra storage solution. And reasons for that are numerous. Sometimes it is because they can’t fit all belongings in the home, or they need a temporary solution during relocation. The second situation is very common, and it is when you will want to save as much as possible once you learn moving costs to consider. Moving is very expensive, and every dollar counts. But, especially when you need to be extra careful, as this is not always a good reason for sharing a storage unit with friends. Even though in the heat of the moment you will think of it as a great way to save money, you could end up in a nightmare.

storage units form the outside
Always weigh the pros and cons

There are many things you need to take in consideration before deciding to share a storage unit. Keep in mind that your belongings will be on disposal to someone else during the stay. And not that someone is doubting your friends. It is simply not a great thing for someone else to be able to access your items. There are many pros and cons of sharing a storage unit with friends, and it is not a unique list. All depends on the situation in which you are at the moment. But, if you are thinking of it, here is what you need to put on a scale before making any further steps.

Keeping things organized

One of the most common disagreements between friends who are sharing a storage unit is how to pack and organize a storage unit. We are not all the same and have a different idea how storage unit should look. That is why you should agree on some common rules of storage unit organization. A smart thing to do is to divide a unit into two same parts. Keep in mind that separation line should go to the center of unit starting from the entrance. This way each party will have access to its part separately. Next, make sure you have a part of a unit that will be at disposal to all of you. This part you will use for walking and approaching belongings at the back of the unit.

wooden barrels in storage
Always divide a storage unit when sharing with friends

In case you can find a common ground with your friend regarding storage organization, you do not need to apply above rules. But even then, make some rules such as no one is touching things that are not theirs. This way you will be sure that everything is exactly where you left it. Finally, if you have an option to physically separate shared storage unit – do it. Depending on the size and type of the unit, sometimes this is a possible solution. You can use modular party wall for this purpose.

Financial and legal aspects of sharing a storage unit with friends

This is a very delicate thing, and you need to approach it carefully. Once you decide to start sharing a storage unit with friends, you will need to sort some administrative things. Here is what you need to decide before you sign a contract with the storage company:

  • Who will sign the papers? In other words, whose name will be on the contract. Only one person can rent a storage unit, hence only one name can appear on the papers. Keep in mind that with great power comes a great responsibility. This means that a person who signs papers is also responsible for fulfilling terms and conditions.
  • How you will share costs? In case you are splitting a unit in half, this is not a problem. But, if there are more than two parties, you will need to make sure you are not overpaying for the unit. If this turns out to be a problem, finding a cheap storage may be a solution.
  • How will have the key? If there is only one key for the unit, you are not allowed to duplicate it. Therefore, you will need to make a schedule for holding this key.
  • What to do in case one party wants to opt out? This is something you need to discuss prior to renting a unit. It is important that all parties agree on internal terms and conditions of sharing a storage unit.
a woman in front of storage units
Make sure you know the terms and conditions of sharing a unit

Consider all possibilities

As you can see, before you decide if you will engage in sharing a storage unit with friends, you need to consider a lot of things. Keep in mind that some people act differently when it comes to such activities. Maybe they are cool and great friends, but are not neat and have different habits than you. If this is the case, not only that your storage will look like hell, but you will maybe even lose a friend. Sometimes it is smarter to divide private from business and do some things alone. On the other hand, if you are a hundred percent sure that your friends are compatible, you will be able to save a lot of money. In the end, it is your decision, thus make sure it is the right one. There is nothing more valuable than a true friendship, and your job is to keep such.

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