Self-moving vs hiring movers – which works better and why

Choosing whether you should hire a moving company or plan a DIY relocation is a dilemma almost anyone that has ever moved was faced with. The very first thought that probably came to your mind is that by moving on your own you will be able to save money and cut costs on your packing expenses. However, on the other hand, hiring a reliable and reputable mover can save you much valuable time and make the whole relocation stress-free. Pros and cons can go back and forth. However, you need to focus and make an informed decision when it comes to Self-moving vs Hiring movers. In order to help you make the best choice we have highlighted the most important pros and cons of both options.

self-moving vs hiring movers
Evaluate the pros and cons before you make a decision

Self-moving vs hiring movers – Evaluate your move first

Whether you plan on moving your home across the country or just a few miles away, it is the best to evaluate your relocation before you start making the decision if you should look for professional moving and storage companies in your area.

Having a clear idea of the overall size of your relocation might help you choose between self-moving vs hiring movers. The best way to start planning your move and stay organized is to make a packing list. By deciding which items you want to move to your home you will be able to evaluate the size of your move and whether you can relocate your home on your own.

Start planning in advance

Consider dividing your belongings into a few separate lists: Pack; Donate, Sell or Give Away; Throw Away or Recycle. Therefore you will be able to declutter your future home ahead and even maybe add up to your relocation budget. Also, a detailed packing list can later help you decide on the quantity of the packing supplies you need. Try to stay practical during the planning process. Follow a simple rule: If you haven’t used an item in a while, sell, donate or recycle. Moving that old lamp you never got to fix will only make you move it from one garage to another. Small decisions like these can lower your moving expenses as well.

a to-do list
A detailed to-do list can help you stay organized

Also, another important task is to create a pre-move to-do list. With all of the tasks, you need to finish prior to the move, listed you will be able to evaluate how much time you actually have. Therefore, with an evaluation of the size of your move and all the obligations you have to deal with, the Self-moving vs hiring movers decision might become a bit easier.

DIY moving – Pros and cons

Even though moving can be complicated, there is no reason you can’t do it yourself. However, some people do think that hiring reliable long distance movers will pay off in the long run. In order to be able to make the right choice, let’s take a look at the most important pros and cons of moving on your own.

The pros of a self-moving process

  • Save money. – This is the most common reason why many people decide to move  DIY when faced with the dilemma Self-moving vs Hiring movers.
  • Control each step of your relocation. – Some people prefer to plan a DIY move because they want to be in control of each step of their relocation. Self-moving will allow you to handle your belongings in a way you want. As well as to rent a truck you want.
  • Packing and moving on your own timeline. – By moving on your own you will be able to pack and move at the time that suits you the most, rather than having to schedule a specific date with a moving company.

Will you really save money with a DIY move?

Self-moving will be much cheaper if you have a truck or can borrow one from your friends or family. Renting a moving truck or a van one can also be a good idea. However, make sure you include all of the expenses into your budget planning. This means gas, renting cost as well as the expenses of any additional moving equipment you might need.

Sometimes when moving, people tend to overlook some of the seemingly low expenses like packing supplies and personal expenses. Therefore, make sure you create a detailed list of your relocation cost.

Cons of self-moving

  • You will need to make the time for planning and conducting the relocation.

Moving your home can be a time-consuming process. Therefore, if you are moving last-minute you might choose to hire the pros.

  • You risk moving day injuries and damages.
an injured hand
Hiring a mover will help you avoid any injuries

Moving and packing large furniture is hard labor. Reliable moving companies have staff that is skilled and equipped to move heavy items easily and damage-free. Therefore, hiring professional packers and movers will help you stay safe and ensure your items stay intact.

  • You will be lacking additional services that may make your move much easier.

Not only that professional movers can help you relocate last-minute without any troubles. They can also provide you with many additional services like storage, packing, furniture assembly etc.

Hiring Movers

Many people that have used reputable full moving services say that Self-moving vs Hiring movers is not even a dilemma for them. Even though hiring a professional to do the planning and heavy lifting for you may sound like a dream come true, there are both pros and cons to it.

The pros of hiring a moving company

  • You will save valuable time. – Moving companies have the necessary experience and tools to make your move quick and safe. They also have teams that work together in order to meet the deadline.
  • Full moving services can make your move stress-free. – A reliable mover will always provide you with a personalized moving plan to ensure it meets all of your requirements. Therefore, they might offer to pack, unpack or store your belongings.
  • Your belongings will be ensured. – Moving companies are obliged to provide you with a reimbursement or insurance option.
  • You will stay safe and avoid any damages. – With reliable movers, all you have to do is give them a call and they will take it from there. You literally don’t need to lift your finger. They will take care of the heavy boxes and furniture while you get the time to relax and plan the next big step in your career of family life.

Cons of hiring a mover

It can be pricey to hire a moving company.

Relocating your home is not only time-consuming but it can also be quite expensive. Especially if you are moving long distance.

You won’t have complete control of your move.

Even though your movers will provide you with a moving plan you probably won’t get to have the control over choosing the packing supplies, vehicles or sometimes the time that it takes them to relocate your home.

You need to make sure you don’t become a moving scams victim.

signs with words fraud alert
avoid fraudulent movers by doing detailed research on their credentials

With over 40 million Americans moving each year, the moving industry is growing rapidly. And even though there are many honest moving companies you need to make sure to avoid fraudulent ones. As there are many relocation horror stories online, some people don’t even think about Self-moving vs hiring movers. They go straight for the DIY option. However, there are ways to protect yourself and make sure you have hired a reliable mover. All you have to do is research in advance. Look for the online reviews, contact their former customers. Also, make sure you contact the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) and check whether your mover is licensed and insured. Therefore, you will ensure you are dealing with an honest and reliable moving company.

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