Risky sources for finding movers you should avoid

Hiring a reliable moving company requires a lot of research. A reputable mover will make your move smooth, stress-free, and it will be over really quickly. With rogue movers, on the other hand, you are in for a lot of stress and worries. The trick is to know exactly how to research your movers. That is why we have created this useful guide as we want you to have a perfect moving experience. Master Moving Guide is a company that has years and years of experience when it comes to hiring the right movers for you, for example. With our help, you won’t have to rely on risky sources for finding movers.

risky sources for finding movers are everywehere. a man beyond several moving boxes
When you avoid risky sources for finding movers, you avoid stress and worries.

Avoid risky sources for finding movers

Risky sources for finding movers are everywhere. If you find something out about a certain moving company, you need to back it up with facts. Do not be too shy to ask numerous questions that will give you a better idea of how the company is functioning. Let us see what are the right ways to find reliable movers and how to avoid any risks:

  • Check whether the movers are licensed
  • Compare moving companies
  • Get a reliable in-house moving estimate
  • Recommendations
  • Online moving reviews
  • Price is also an indicator
  • Do the movers have what you need?

Check if the movers are licensed

First things first, check if the movers you want to hire are licensed. Ask them for their USDOT number and check it out on the FMCSA site. If you hire licensed movers this brings you one step closer to reliable movers. It is a risky thing to hire movers who are not licensed, especially for an international move.

Compare several moving companies

If you research only one moving company and then hire them, you can be in a risky situation. The best thing you can do is to research and compare several moving companies before you make the final choice. Although it might take a bit more of your time, it is definitely worth it, because you need to find reputable movers that will fit your needs.

a man taping the moving box
Check whether your movers offer all the services that you will need for your move.

Get a moving estimate before you hire a moving company

This step is extremely important before hiring movers. When you ask your moving company to get you a moving estimate of the price, see whether they will send someone over to your home. Avoid risky sources for finding movers because if the moving company only wants to give you an estimate over the phone, it is a great indicator that they may be frauds.

Request for an in-house estimate. This means that a member of their staff will come to your home and estimate what is the weight of your belongings, whether any additional services are required, how much time will they need for the move. They will predict any issues as well, so an in-house estimate is a spot-on option that you should request. Plus, you will be able to ask them further questions and you will know exactly how to prepare for movers.

Recommendations from friends are one of the risky sources for finding movers

Recommendations can be the single best or the single worst thing that can happen to you. Think carefully about who you are going to ask about a reliable moving company. Ask a friend that you know will never lie to you. This is really important as you can get into a situation where some of your friends had a negative experience with certain movers and wants you to go through the same experience. So, only take recommendations from reliable friends and family members.

Online reviews are useful but can also be risky sources for finding movers

The reviews can also easily fall into the category of risky sources for finding movers. It is simply because there are fake moving reviews that can lead to you making the wrong decision. Learn how to recognize online fake reviews, and you are all good to go. Reviews can really paint a picture in your head about how the moving company is functioning and this is why the importance of positive movers` reviews is so great. Do not be alarmed if you see one or two negative reviews, mistakes can happen, and they can also be part of the fake moving reviews.

Cheaper is not always better

Moving is not cheap, and all sorts of unpredictable events can happen to drag even more money out of your pocket. However, if a moving company is offering to move you at a price that is too-good-to-be-true, then this is probably the case. If this comes in the combination with a large deposit that you have to give in advance, find another moving company and fast. An excellent service must come at a price that should be reasonable. But if the price is too cheap, then you are most likely dealing with rogue movers.

a man looking at the laptop with crossed hands over it
Look up your moving company online and check out whether it is licensed, what does it offer, does it have good moving reviews, etc.

Do the movers have what it takes to move your belongings?

Last, but definitely not the least question you should ask your movers is whether they have what it takes. Carefully check out the list of services that they offer and compare that to the services that you need. Packing for storage does not make much sense if your movers do not have storage facilities. Or, if you need to move your car, but your moving company has never done it before, it can be tricky.

Avoid risky sources for finding movers by double-checking every piece of information that you choose. Use reliable sites, ask your movers direct questions, and ask for everything to be in writing. Only like this, you will be able to have a successful move in front of you.

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