Relocating through referrals – the pros and cons

Finding a reliable moving company is not an easy task in a market full of fraudulent movers and moving scams. Whether you’re moving overseas or down the street, you shouldn’t take moving company referrals for granted. Even if a family member refers you to a moving company, take time to check online moving reviews. We’ll show you the pros and cons of relocating through referrals, so read carefully and hire a mover with a good reputation.

Why is relocating through referrals the best option for you?

You must wonder why is relocating through referral the best option for you. When relocating abroad, or moving valuable things, referrals can be of great help. There are many interstate movers on the market, as well as fraudulent ones. Accepting reliable moving company referrals means you are minimizing the risk of becoming a victim of moving scam. Therefore this is the main reason why relocating through referrals is the best option for you.

a picture of satisfied customers
For reputable moving companies, the best way to maintain a good reputation is through customer referrals.

Get professional and full service

Whether it’s about household or car transport, one of the pros of relocating through referrals is getting a professional and full service. When moving on your own, many things can go wrong. You’d need to buy packing supplies, rent a vehicle and storage unit, find laborers or friends to help you, lift heavy things, and more. While through referrals, you can find the best company to do all these things for you. And all that using the best equipment and experienced professionals.

Check the moving reviews

The best way to choose a reliable moving company for relocating through referrals is through reading online reviews. Even if you’ve already considered some moving company referral, read the reviews from other customers before signing a contract. Thanks to the Internet, you can avoid fraudulent movers. This is what makes it one of the best channels for finding movers. Therefore, read what other people say about movers.

Cons of relocating through referrals

Moving scams could be a risk of relocating through referrals

No matter what type of relocation you choose, there is always a risk of moving scams. Rogue movers can appear while relocating through referrals. You can recognize them by unrealistic moving quotes. They usually change their name a few times and have bad reviews from other customers. Moving scams include large advance payments (more than 10-15% of the total amount), the absence of a website, blank or shady contracts, and others.

sign of moving scam
Unfortunately, relocating through referrals, also represents an opportunity to become a victim of fraudulent movers.

Shady contracts

Whether you’re moving through referrals, or some other way, signing a contract can be risky. Fraudulent movers will find a way to make you sign a shady contract. If there is no moving estimate in writings, or they don’t offer moving insurance – something’s wrong. You can either be left without your things or pay extra costs.

Expensive option

Relocating through referrals can be an expensive option. To become professional and reputable movers, it takes a lot of knowledge, long experience, proven reputation, and hard work. All this costs money so professional movers also charge you hefty fees. If you don’t read all the reviews and rely on a referral only, you may end up paying more than necessary!

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