Relocating entire family long distance in a week

Moving is such a challenging event for everyone. It comes with many different tasks and many different emotions and so many people feel overwhelmed. The tension even gets higher, when it comes to long-distance moving. So like it’s not enough by itself, relocating entire family long distance is a serious challenge. And especially if you have to do it in a week! So we have to suggest you contact Master Moving Guide to find every help possible. So our first idea is to try to help you stay calm and realize that everything is possible.

How to start preparing

The first thing you should do is to find long distance movers because you could use every help possible. In a situation like yours, accept every help possible. And when it comes to hiring movers, you sure want to have the best possible company to partner up with. You will be sure if you have someone experienced who can give you every possible solution and tip for you.

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Start preparing by finding the right movers.

Have in mind that you can start with preparation right away. There are ways to be as ready as possible. So start thinking about how to prepare for movers. You can even ask them for some suggestions on this. You know that organization is key for every possible event and it can be half of a job. So never skip this step.

What to do when relocating an entire family long distance

Packing is an inevitable part of a moving process and there are things that you can get wrong. That is definitely not the thing you will do in a day or two. You can never start too soon with packing. Even if you think that it is impossible and that you have some things that interfere with your packing like if you are preparing for moving with a newborn, have in mind that it is not completely true. You don’t have to start with packing baby things, but we all have some things that we don’t use that often.

So you can start with them. We all have some seasonal stuff you won’t need in the next month or so. Maybe you have some tools or things you just don’t use that often. We put them in a garage or in the attic. So this is the space you can start with. Just the idea that you started with packing will move the whole machinery and help you feel better and more productive, for sure.

relocating an entire family long distance
Tips on what to do when relocating an entire family long distance.

Think twice do you want to move all your furniture

Have in mind that moving companies calculate their quotes based on the weight of your load combined with the distance they have to transfer it. So you should really think twice if you want to relocate all your furniture. If so, that is fine. But furniture is often huge and heavy. You have an option to hire furniture movers who have just the right skilled team and also equipment to do that for you. They will also know how to disassemble it if needed.

But count down what is the best solution for you. You would want to take your items that are valuable or antique, for sure. But all the rest you can sell, get some money for it and buy some new pieces for your new home. And let’s be honest: what is the possibility that those items fit perfectly in your new home? Not that big. So sit down, count it and just decide what is the best for you.


The decision of what you want to move to your new home doesn’t apply just to your furniture. Moving is a wonderful opportunity to let go of all those things you don’t use for a while. And if we are being honest here, we all have those items. Make a list of things you want to take with yourself, and thank make a list for all the rest. Divide those items into three categories.

Make some gifts for people you love.

You can sell some of those things, you can donate some of them and the rest will go for recycling. Remind yourself that you don’t want to be selfish. There are people who can benefit from using them and loving them. And you are moving somewhere far away, so jus organizes garage sale. You can also make some gifts for people who you love and especially if you have in mind which items they would love to have.

Involve your kids in moving

Moving is a family project, for sure. You don’t have a lot of time to finish all the tasks if you plan to move in a week. So you can appreciate any help possible. If your kids are not babies, you can involve them all in the moving process. They can start with packing their own toys, books, and clothes. Give them some moving boxes and let them see that you trust they can do it well. They will feel important and as they are an important piece of the relocation. Because they are. You can do the same after you move to your new home. They can unpack everything they packed and find the right place for their items.

Let professionals handle fragile items when relocating entire family long distance

You are moving with your family really soon, and we do hope that you are ready. But let professionals handle everything that may start any kind of disaster. If you are relocating an entire family long distance, you have to take care of all the members of your family as well. So let your movers handle all the fragile items. If you have time, get all information needed, even what is moving violation and what are your rights. Now stay calm and trust that you know everything you should, so just keep crossing one thing after another from your moving list. Have in mind all the joy that you and your family will experience in your new home and try to enjoy it every step of the way.

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