Reasons you need a moving inventory list

Are you ready for one of the biggest steps in your life? We are sure you already have an organized and planned time and a compiled to-do list. But have you made a list of your inventory? If you haven’t, get to work right away. An inventory list is one of the mandatory tasks during the moving process, but at the same time, it will be of great use to you in many situations. And believe us, this isn’t a difficult task. So now, in our Master Moving Guide, you will find some of the main reasons you need a moving inventory list and some tips on how to create it. Take some time, look, and make the moving process easier for yourself!

Easy packing is one of the main reasons you need a moving inventory list

The moving inventory list will be of great help to you because it will give you insight into the list of things you need to pack for your move. Especially when it comes to long distance, cross country, interstate, or international moving. What we advise you to do is to make a separate list for each room in your home, because that way you will be able to pack more efficiently. Also, all top international movers will advise you of the same. It will come in handy, trust us!

A couple packing and talking about the reasons you need a moving inventory list
An inventory list will help you stay organized during the packing process

When you get to the packing process with the home inventory list, everything will go simpler and faster. The main thing is that you will not wander around the room and think about what you will take with you and what you don’t. With the help of the list, you will already save time. Also, it will be easier to determine the amount of packing supplies you need for packing. When packing, pack only the things on your list and speed up the process yourself. And after you’ve packed, you can start putting away the remaining things.

You need a moving inventory list for requesting a moving quote

When you decide to hire a moving company, you have the option to request free moving quotes. A moving quote will enable you to get more information about your move as well as the price. When filling out the online form, you will get to the part where you need to enter the number of things you need to pack and move. Based on the entered information, the moving company will give you a precise estimate. So, this is a situation when it would be good to have an inventory list.

After the moving companies provide you with their rates, you will need to compare all moving quotes. Based on that, you can choose the moving company that best fits your budget and other needs for your move.

And for moving insurance

Moving insurance is something you mustn’t start the moving process without. In most cases, insurance can be offered when you hire a mover and the insurance will cover the loss of your belongings, damage during transport, or due to adverse weather conditions. If such situations occur, your moving company will certainly request your inventory list in order to determine the number of items that are missing or damaged. After determining your damage, you will be compensated.

Signing a contract with a moving company
When signing the contract with your moving company, the moving agents will ask you for a copy of the inventory list in order to determine the value

You will agree on the insurance of your belongings during the move with the agents of your selected moving company. They will give you more information, and help you make an assessment of your belongings. In this way, you will have an appraised property that will help compensate for damages incurred during the move.

A moving inventory list will unburden your mind

There are so many things to think about when moving. Starting from hiring a moving company, searching for packing supplies, administrative work, etc. So, at that moment it would be too much for you to have to remember all the items that you will move with you. If you rely only on memory, you will surely forget something. And that isn’t in your favor at all. That’s why the paper is there. If you decide to write down all the things you want to move with you, you will unburden your mind and you will be sure that you will not forget anything. Also, when compiling the inventory list, you will have some things that will surely come to your mind and you might need in your new home. So, add them.

Tips for creating an inventory list

So, now that you have seen all the reasons why you need a moving inventory list, we will help you create it. That’s why we have prepared some useful tips for you. You can create an inventory list in written or electronic form. If it’s easier for you, you can opt for the electronic form and print it later. Each inventory sheet should contain columns such as item name, date of manufacture, place of purchase, price/value, serial number, and warranty. These are the fields that must be filled in so that the moving company can fully use all the data for moving quotes and for insurance.

happy couple
All moving lists can be of great help during the move and at the same time lead you to a successful move

In addition to the to-do list, the moving inventory list has another list that will be of great use to you in your moving process. It’s a moving costs checklist. You create this list last after you get an estimate of the moving company. What these lists have in common is that with them you will successfully follow the entire course of the move. 

Preparing an inventory list is not a waste of time!

As you can see, there are many reasons you need a moving inventory list. It might seem that preparing one is a waste of time. Especially when you are moving last minute. However, it is probably the most important thing that you need to do in order to ensure a safe and carefree move. Don’t skip it!

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