Reasons why people rent storage

Having a storage unit can be very useful not just during your relocation, but in general. Apart from providing you with some extra room, there are a lot more reasons why people rent storage. These vary from trivial to crucial ones, but all in all, you’ll rarely regret renting a storage unit.


One of the most common reasons for renting a storage unit is to get more space. Having more room can be extremely useful in a variety of situations. Apart from this, having additional storage while packing is one of the most reliable packing tips you’ll need for your relocation.

When moving

Removing the clutter from your living space is extremely useful when relocating, and this is one of the most common reasons why people rent storage. Moving some of your belongings to a storage facility will give your movers more room to do their job. And when your movers have enough room to do their best, your relocation will be easy as pie! In addition to this, you can use your storage unit to temporarily store some of the items you plan to get rid of after your relocation. It’s much easier to organize your moving day garage sale if all of your items are already in storage and ready!

When moving long distances

Sometimes, when you need to move far away or even internationally, your storage will come in extra handy. Because of your long distance relocation, you might need to ship your items to the destination country. However, what if they arrive there before you? What will happen to them while they’re waiting for you to arrive? Where will they be? Well, they’ll be in your storage unit! This is why you should always find the best movers with storage when moving long-distances.

When cleaning

Cleaning your home is another great reason to put your items in storage. Keep them out of the way while you’re dealing with your place of living. After you’ve finished with tidying you can bring your belongings back. This can also be an excellent opportunity for you to:

  • sort your items – a tidy home is a harmonious home!
  • redecorate – bringing your items in one by one will make it easier for you to spice up your new home. And this is one of the main reasons why people rent storage units when cleaning their home.
  • cleaning your items thoroughly – having your things in a separate space will make it easier for you to clean them before reintroducing them to your newly tidied household.

Safe space

Renting a storage unit can be an excellent solution when you need a safe place to store some of your particularly delicate items. Whether because of the move, just as a precaution or for whatever other reason, you can keep your item safe in a storage unit. This can be useful for various items!


Storing vehicles in your unit is a great idea to keep them out safe and out of your way. This is one of the most common reasons why people rent storage. However, make sure you follow rules and regulations when storing motor vehicles! First, your car, bike or truck will need to be registered if you want to store it. Putting an unregistered vehicle in a storage unit is illegal, and you should never do it!

A nice car you'd want to keep safe in a storage unit.
Keep your car safe in your unit.

In addition to this, you’ll need to completely drain the fuel from your tank. You should not attempt to store or to move flammable substances. This can result in terrible damage to both your vehicle or your storage unit.

Safe archives

If you have a business which requires you to have a lot of paperwork, you can use your unit as an archive. It beats keeping all fo your receipt and reports in your office, especially if you just started and your office isn’t that big. However, there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind if you’re using a storage unit for this. First, make sure you only keep old files in a storage container. You’ll want your most recent files close to you, in case you need them. Next, you should choose climate controlled storage unit for this! Since papers are very sensitive to the elements, you’ll need to keep the conditions inside the unit perfect. You wouldn’t want something bad to happen to all of your paperwork, do you?

A lot of paperwork is one of the reasons why people rent storage.
Keep your old but important paperwork in a storage unit!

Running a business

Running a business from your unit is among the reasons why people rent storage. This could be a perfect solution for those starting a small business and just getting on their entrepreneurial feet. In addition to this, a lot of businesses can flourish if you run them from a storage facility. This proved to be very popular among photographers. Not only do the exposed brick and the spacious unit give you an excellent setting for taking photos, but you can easily turn your storage unit into a red room with a flick of a switch. Apart from photographers, the storage units have been popular with clothing designers, as well. It gave them enough room for a price cheaper than an apartment. Check out how to run a small business from your storage unit.

Other reasons why people rent storage

Finally, there are numerous other situations you can use a storage unit for. We leave some of them for you to discover on your own. With a little creativity and some work, your storage unit can have various other uses. However, make sure you’re not using your storage for anything illegal.

A sign that says flammable isn't one of the reasons why people rent storage
Make sure you’re not storing anything illegal in your unit!

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