Reasons to hire professional hot tub movers

Since you have decided to move, logically you want to bring all your things with you, to your new place. Once you have packed all of those let’s say easy things to pack, it’s time to see how and in what way will you move larger and heavier items. Starting from your furniture to your hot tub. It seems heavy just to think about it. But there is a solution for everything, hot tub movers exist for a reason you know.

It\s easier if you hire hot tub movers
    Relaxing time in a hot tub

Should you even move your hot tub?

You are moving. And therefore you will probably want to bring with you all the things that are on your property. If the hot tub was there when you first moved in, then you should probably leave it as it was. However, if you have bought the hot tub while you were staying in let’s call it now a former apartment, then it makes a lot of sense to bring it with you to your new home. And that is exactly what are you going to do.

However, if you really don’t feel like moving it but at the same time you are aware that you have to pay a lot of money for that hot tub, then you should think about selling it. You won’t be able to sell it by the full price. But at least you will get some money back. Either way, it’s better for your moving budget to sell it than to just leave it to the new owners.

How should you move it?

As we mentioned before there are actually people who are in charge of moving things like a hot tub from your current home. So, no sweat there. Literally, no sweat. If you hire hot tub movers, you won’t have to lift a finger. Sounds tempting, right? The main reason you should hire hot tub movers is that they know exactly how to do it. They are well aware of the mechanism of your hot tub, and therefore it’s easy for them to understand in what way should they de-attach your hot tub in the safest way possible. Without damaging the tub or themselves while moving.

There is no better reason to hire hot tub movers than these ones. You do want your hot tub to be in a condition that you left it when you started the whole moving process and that is exactly what you will achieve if you hire a professional.

Bathroom with a hot tub
Beautiful bathroom with a vintage hot tub

Where to find professional hot tub movers?

Nowadays is pretty easy to find professional movers. Just google it. However, you should always be extra careful. There are fraud companies wherever you go, even for movers. Therefore, when you find a company that seems interesting to you and you think that this one may be the one. Before you call them and make a date for your move ask around, look at forums, etc. The best thing you can do is to find hot tub movers by recommendation. If you know someone who was moving recently and was moving all of their belongings including a hot tub amongst those things then you can be sure you have found some good movers, by recommendation of course.

Can I do it on my own?

Maybe you want to save up some money while moving and the last thing that you need is to hire hot tub movers as well. So why not do it yourself. Keep in mind all the things you need to do before you even start moving your hot tub that includes draining and cleaning and some other things. After you finish with those things let’s call them pre-move hot tub to do things.

Now you should gather all the friends you have. Why all your friends, you ask? Well, because you will need all the possible help you can get when deciding to do something like this without professional help. All the people you manage to find have to be enough in strength and number to move your hot tub. This is not an easy task. Also, be prepared to see your hot tub probably scratched or damaged in some way. Some of the things you must do when moving a hot tub are:

  • Draining (not fun)
  • Cleaning
  • Powering the water off

Not necessarily in this order.

Do not do it on your own

You can do whatever you feel like it. But, there is always a but, let’s be completely blunt and say that no matter how much money or nerves you want to save you definitely should not do it on your own. Actually, you will save your nerves by hiring a pro. Your hot tub was probably not cheap. And you don’t want it to be damaged while transporting it. And that is something that will highly happen if you move it on your own, for reasons, we mentioned before.

The fact that you are paying someone verified to do it, it will make your move so much easier. And you will have your awesome hot tub just the way it was, if not even better. That is cleaner. So, the best advice for moving that you can get when moving large items like this one is to hire someone with experience who knows what is he doing. You will have no regrets.

A child enjoying his bath
A child joyfully playing and enjoying his bath time

Moving is stressful in general. Non-the less when you are moving things like a hot tub, you should save your patience and nerves for things that you can actually move on your own. As it is not enough work to do there, you don’t need to think about your hot tub as well. While professionals do their job you can save up money on some other things. Like moving boxes that you can find for free in stores and things like that. Make your move easy.

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