Reasons to hire pool table movers

Moving is never easy. It is often so complex. And the best thing you can do is to hire a moving company to help you. You could start to plan your move by yourself. But soon you will realize that there are so many tasks and honestly, that you don’t know how to answer all of them. So check our Master Moving Guide. You will find some answers there. Some things are just tricky to move, so take time to check everything, even do you have to hire pool table movers or you can manage it.

Hiring moving company

The moving market is growing, so you want to find a great company. That way you’ll know that all your things will travel safely to your new location. There are so many moving and storage companies. Search those that are close to you. Then go read the About Us section and find out how long do they work. And never miss reading reviews. Other people’s experiences will be of great value.

moving company men
Moving company will have all the answers.

If you hire a good moving company, they will answer all of your questions. So feel free to have an open chat with them. Ask them even: how many movers do I need – if you don’t know the answer. They will be happy to make you feel safe and taken care of. If you make that connection and trust at the beginning, your moving will flow. And that is the ultimate goal, right?

Should you hire pool table movers?

The pool table frame is maybe not that heavy. But it is huge. You could move it by yourself, but if you have someone to help you, it is more probable to avoid damaging it. And that is the last thing you want to happen. The moving stress is a real thing. And you can count on it for sure. So imagine moving this big and complex object in that state. Yeah, it’s better to get some help.

Moving bulky items

Almost every household possesses some bulky item. And when it comes to moving it, it is hard to do it all by yourself. Sometimes this is even impossible – just thing on moving a piano. And the pool table is not that much different. When we are talking about the weight of a pool table, it goes in a range from 500 to 1,000 pounds. That will depend on the material.

movers carry couch
Movers are able to move heavy and bulky items.

But that is not even all. How hard will it be to move also depends on the model of the table? If you have one with a single slab of slate, it would be even riskier to do it by yourself. The massive weight of that pool table could make real damage – to yourself or to your home. And it is not worth playing with it.

Moving it by yourself

Maybe you think that you are an expert. Or it can happen that you have some special equipment. And you are stubborn in wanting to move your pool table by yourself. We won’t tell you that it’s impossible. But have in mind that they are not made to be moved in one piece. You will have to take it apart. Disassemble the legs first, then continue to the felt, rails, and then the slate. After you finish that all, you can start moving it to your new location.

If you decide to engage pool table movers

So we want to give you all the information so you will be able to make a decision that suits you the best. But, let’s be honest. You will never regret choosing to hire pool table movers. The pool table is actually one of the heaviest items someone can own. But the process of disassembling can be long and tedious.

people playing pool and thinking how to hire pool table movers
Decide should you hire pool table movers.

Let’s talk about the size of pool tables

The size of a pool table can vary. It can be from 5 feet up to 12 feet. The ones that are often held in homes are most often 7,8 or 9 feet long. So the difficulty of disassembling and then after reassembling it is closely connected to its size. The bigger it is, the heavier it is and, as we all know, larger and bulky items are hard to move. So you should know that this won’t be such an easy task even for your movers. But the good thing is that they have some special equipment and they are well trained to handle this.

How much will cost you to employ pool table movers?

If you decide to hire pool table moving pros, you have to know that it will vary depending on many different factors. But we are here to give you some idea, so here it is. Moving a pool table will cost you somewhere between $200 and $800. That will depend on the type of table you have, but also on the distance of the move. It can cost even more if you want to use some additional services. The average cost of moving a pool table is $3 per mile for local moving (that means less than 100 miles). It will cost $1 per mile if you want to ship your pool table across the country.

Did we help you to decide do you want to enlist pool table movers or not?

We wanted to be completely honest. No one can’t tell you that it is an impossible task to do it by yourself. But it is a hell of a work. You will have to spend much time, and it will be physically hard and risky. So take it all into consideration, it is more logical to decide to hire pool table movers. You will have to spend some more money on that, for sure. But if you want to move this really heavy and bulky object to your new home, you will have to invest in it. So start preparing for your move in time, save some money and organize the best you can. So that when moving day raises, you are completely ready for this big step. Just imagine how much you’ll enjoy your new home.

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