Reasons to hire piano movers

Moving is no small feat. There are all sorts of moving-related tasks that you have to complete. However, if on top of that you also have a specific, sensitive item such as a piano, you might be in need of some professional assistance. There are various reasons to hire piano movers. In this article, we are going to take a look at the most important reasons to have professional piano movers by your side. Furthermore, Master Moving Guide is going to provide a few other essential tips and tricks, just to make things even easier.

The essential reasons to hire piano movers

Pianos are expensive

Regardless of make, type, and age, pianos are usually expensive. For an expensive item such as a piano, you will want to ensure maximum safety. You do not want to pay more than you really have to when moving. So, you might be thinking if it is worth getting professionals as the price of your move will go up. However, considering numerous difficulties and challenges that usually come with moving, if you damage your expensive piano during the move, you are not really making it any cheaper for yourself. It is better to play it safe. Put in a few extra dollars for moving a piano, and do it stress-free with professionals.

A professional mover
Pianos are expensive and to avoid damaging them in a DIY move, it is best to have reliable professionals by your side.

Pianos are very heavy objects

Larger upright pianos weigh between 500 and 800 pounds. Grand pianos can go up to 1,300 pounds. As you already know if you have a piano in your inventory. Just by looking at it, you can tell that it is quite heavy. Moving heavy objects during the relocation process can be especially challenging. However, this is particularly the case if that object is a piano. This is because aside from being heavy, pianos are very fragile as well. Professional piano movers can help you out with these heavier objects. They are well-trained and experienced in the process of moving a piano. So, the risk of it being damaged is minimal. Moving such a heavy and sensitive item can be quite stressful. Therefore, hiring reliable piano movers is the best way to lower moving stress.

Relocating a piano on your own can lead to an accident

Completing a DIY move is very challenging. However, these challenges that come with the relocation process are twice as difficult. If you have an item such as a piano in your inventory. It is for this reason that relocating a piano should be approached very carefully. Pianos are heavy as we’ve previously mentioned. If not carried property, pianos could fall on your arm or leg and cause serious damage. All things considered, the risk is not worth it. You are better of getting the assistance of professional piano movers who know exactly what they are doing than trying to move it on your own. Or with the help of your friend. Therefore, to avoid any unwanted injuries. Do your research. And contact reliable piano movers for your upcoming relocation.

a strong professional as one of the reasons to hire piano movers
Avoid injuries while moving a piano by enlisting the help of reliable and experienced piano movers.

Professional piano movers have the right tools and equipment

Each move is different. Therefore, each move requires a slightly different approach. This all depends on the crucial moving tasks and factors that every move has. Having a piano in your inventory means you cannot simply use cardboard boxes to pack it as you might be able to with the rest of your items. So, having the necessary equipment and tools is a must to safely and successfully relocate your piano. Professional movers can provide just that. Pianos require special moving equipment. And professional piano movers are not only well-trained but also have these tools in their inventory to assist you. Professional movers can also provide assistance with piano disassembly. That can sometimes be crucial for safe transportation.

Transport your piano with the help of professional movers

Packing your piano is only one part of the difficult process of moving a piano. You still have to transport your piano from point A to point B. However, this is something that you should not really try and do yourself. Piano movers specialize in carefully packing and loading and unloading. As well as transportation of your piano. Therefore, with pros by your side, you can sit back and relax. And enjoy a stress-free move.

You will have other things to focus on

Moving a piano on your own will take a tremendous amount of time. Not to mention, the process of moving is already quite physically and emotionally exhausting. Therefore, to give yourself enough time to complete all of your moving tasks properly, it is best to let the pros handle your piano. While professional piano movers are taking care of your piano, you can focus on your other moving tasks. Furthermore, you can focus on your friends, family, or your work more, knowing that your piano is being taken care of by real pros. In addition to this, you can focus on figuring out how many movers do you need for your move.

A couple moving
More time, energy, and better relocation experience are some of the main reasons to hire piano movers.

Ready to move your piano? Time to contact professionals to assist you!

So, all things considered, there are quite a lot of reasons to hire piano movers for your upcoming relocation. The piano is a very delicate, sensitive musical instrument that is also quite heavy. All these features make the piano incredibly difficult to move on your own. Therefore, it is best to enlist the help of reliable and experienced piano movers. With the right moving and storage companies, you can successfully move your piano to your new home stress-free and in one piece!

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