Quality Of Life By State 2022

Are you still not sure where to settle and start all over again? Well, among so many great states, no wonder you’re still uncertain. With this in mind, we have thought of a way to help you. What you need to look at is the quality of life by state. Indeed, you want your new state to satisfy your needs in multiple aspects. Hence, start with a careful plan, including reading this Master Moving Guide. Besides resolving a variety of other tasks related to your relocation, don’t forget to research the state you plan to move to. Hence, please pay attention to our advice. We strongly believe we can help you decide which state is the best for you.

What factors determine the quality of life by state?

When talking about the quality of life we must include the level of comfort, healthcare, happiness, and satisfaction felt by the residents of the state in question. Thus, we must include both material and emotional factors. Of course, many other factors give their contribution. As a matter of fact, we have decided to rely on the report by US & World News since they release these reports about the best states to live in every year. Therefore, we will present the main factors that influence the rankings according to which you can see the best states by the quality of life.

  • healthcare – It is related to the affordability and quality of the healthcare system.
  • education – The performance of the public school system is quite relevant in determining the level of education.
  • economy – Here we can observe the GDP growth, migration to the state, and new businesses.
  • infrastructure – Transportation possibilities, quality of roads, communications, and internet access are crucial aspects of infrastructure.
  • opportunities – One of the most important things to observe are the costs of living, housing costs, poverty rate, gender, and racial equality.
  • fiscal stability – How does a country balance the budget? What is the financial state of a country?
  • safety – What are the crime rates? After all, safety is what everyone considers crucial. Also, observe the state of the prison system.
  • natural environment – Another factor that is essential, especially nowadays, is the quality of air and water. Moreover, what is the level of pollution?
a man standing on an elevated surface showing happiness and satisfaction which is one of the factors of the quality of life by states
Being truly satisfied and happy is something every resident yearns for. Hence, opt for the state that enables you to feel that way.

Certain states have a high position in observing the quality of life

There are numerous states that can brag about the high quality of life. However, we have chosen to present the 10 states that truly stand out in terms of the factors listed above. Thus, you can contact your residential movers and book your move on time. We expect you will choose your state quite soon after reading our story. Thus, here are the states we are to present.

  1. Washington
  2. Minnesota
  3. Utah
  4. New Hampshire
  5. Idaho
  6. Nebraska
  7. Virginia
  8. Wisconsin
  9. Massachusetts
  10. Florida

Washington is the leading state

No wonder Washington is the leader in terms of quality of life among the 50 states of the USA. Its residents are quite satisfied since the job market is booming and the state has no income tax. For those searching for a job, we must say the business opportunities are excellent. Also, the healthcare system is highly developed. As a result, Washington is known too as one of the best cities for millennials in the USA. Moreover, what matters is that Washington has a positive attitude toward the natural environment since it uses renewable energy. Still, be aware that moving to Washinton will most certainly increase your costs. After all, the overall costs of living are higher than the average just like the housing costs. However, the other qualities are that high that you should have no doubts in case you opt for Washington.

city view of Washington D.C. as one of the best places according to quality of life by state ranking
Washington deserves the first place when observing the quality of life by state. It will surely fulfill your expectations.

Stay healthy in Minnesota

Most families are looking forward to moving to Minnesota, one of the most affordable and safe states in America. It has a high median family income. Also, the percentage of divorced couples is quite low. Therefore, it deserves its position as the 4th best state to raise a family. Moreover, safety is highly valued and crime rates are also low. As for the environment, we must say the air is considered to be quite clean. What else to look for when raising your kids. You can be certain they will grow up in a safe place.

Furthermore, 91% of the resident lives above the poverty level. In case you’re searching for a job, there’s a great possibility you’ll find something soon. Therefore, Minnesota truly deserves its high 2nd place when observing the life quality of the states in America.

Utah can also be described with the word healthy

The residents of Utah are considered to be one of the healthiest people in the country. People are always physically active. The percentages of using alcohol and tobacco are one of the lowest too. As a testimony to these statements, we can use the statistics according to which you can see that diseases such as cancer, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease are quite rare when observing the whole nation.

Moreover, what makes Utah most interesting is its highly developed economy, great fiscal stability, and continuous job growth. No wonder job seekers opt for Utah. As it is one of the best cities for job seekers in America. The opportunities to find a satisfying job are really decent.

New Hampshire is also your finest choice

In case you feel insecure due to the current economical crisis and insecurity that affects the whole world, we may suggest New Hampshire as your safe choice. After all, its economic development is excellent. The unemployment level is one of the lowest in the nation. Also, when everyone is concerned about food, be calm since New Hampshire is featured by food security. Basically, the quality of life in this state is promising. Hence, you should hire your best movers and take the best moving insurance to be ready for your relocation.

Also, if you want to live in a state which has one of the best air quality, New Hampshire is the most suitable state for you. Moreover, the costs of healthcare are around 12% lower than the national average.

Idaho is a real positive surprise

The fact that people are eager to choose Idaho when searching for the best US cities to retire should be enough proof of the development of Idaho. As a matter of fact, its recent economic boom is responsible for Idaho’s 5th place as one of the states with the best aspects of life. GDP continues to grow. Also, the unemployment rate is one of the lowest in the nation. An important fact is homeownership – the majority of residents own their homes. Why not when the homes are quite affordable here? The average home value is $263,900. Overall, it’s much easier to enjoy somewhere with extremely low costs of living as in Idaho. All important costs such as healthcare, housing costs, utilities, education, and transportation costs are lower than the national average.

Boise in Idaho
According to quality of life by state ranking, retirees will find peace in Idaho and enjoy all the benefits of this lovely state.

Nebraska offers widespread opportunities for everyone

To start with, Nebraska has one of the lowest unemployment rates. It is definitely one of the best states for middle-class families. Hence, it’s quite affordable to raise a family. Housing costs, utilities, transportation, and healthcare costs are below the national average.

Moreover, we must acknowledge the world-class medical research right here in Nebraska. Also, Nebraskans are happy to receive top-quality medical care at costs lower than the national average.

One other thing we must pay attention to is the care for the national environment. Air and water quality is highly valued. As a result of the great effort in saving nature, Nebraska can brag about the fact that 20% of its power comes from renewable energy sources. Maybe it is related to this or maybe not, but did you know that Nebraskans are leaders in spending time with family, neighbors, and friends. They volunteer a lot. Hence, great positive local results come as something natural after hard work and effort. All in all, they are people who lead an active and healthy life.

Start your business in Virginia

The economy in Virginia is absolutely one of the most developed in the nation. This could be one of the reasons people move long distances. After all, everyone is in need of security and good employment opportunities. Also, the unemployment rate is lower than the national average. Moreover, the low poverty rate is sufficient to attract many families. Knowing that the median household income is around $81,500, which is considered to be one of the highest incomes in the nation, is a promising fact. Thus, have no worries when someone tells you that the costs of living are a little higher than in other states. You’ll earn enough to provide yourself with a comfortable life.

business district
Many business opportunities await you in Virginia

Education is highly rated in Wisconsin

When moving to Wisconsin with your children you can be certain your children will have excellent education possibilities. Schools in Wisconsin show amazing performance. There are 31 public universities within the state borders that are highly ranked. As for the costs of living, rest at ease knowing the costs are lower than the national average. Also, both the unemployment rate and poverty level are below the national average. Furthermore, housing costs and rental costs are also lower compared to the U.S. average. The average salary is practically the same as the national average. After all the information provided, we can conclude you get excellent opportunities and lower expenses. Thus, have no worries, you’ll manage quite well in Wisconsin.

Even better education is waiting for you at Massachusetts

As a matter of fact, one of the best education possibilities in the nation you can get living in Massachusetts. No wonder it’s one of the best places to raise a family in the USA. Its residents are among the most educated in the nation. Also, Massachusetts is home to the world’s most prestigious universities.

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • Harvard
  • Boston College

Furthermore, Massachusetts offers exceptional opportunities. Though you must be aware the costs of living are approximately 27% higher than the national average. The situation is pretty much the same with the housing and rental costs. Though you should know that more than 65% of residents are homeowners. maybe due to the fact that Massachusetts has one of the highest median household incomes in the nation, around $86,000.

Boston University
Boston is one of the best cities for education

Also, Massachusetts is known to have one of the best healthcare systems in the nation. No need to ask where are people moving to? Only to the state with the highest quality traits. What you should be aware of is that Massachusetts has the highest percentage of insured adults and children.

Florida is the leader when speaking of the economy

Some of the top US cities for singles are located right here in Florida. Do you wonder why? Well, imagine how it is to live in a state with one of the strongest economies in the nation. Its GDP goes over $1.1 trillion. This isn’t the end. Its economy continues to grow. More jobs are added every year. And the fact that there’s no state income tax makes Florida even more attractive than it already is. That is why Florida is ranked so high when we look at quality of life by state.

coastline view of Florida
You may be surprised that Florida residents are enjoying reasonable costs of living.

The costs of living are maybe 2% higher than the national average. Also, the housing is quite affordable. As a matter of fact, the median home value is $237,100, while the average rent is $832. 

Opt for the state that satisfies all your requirements

Altogether, we hope we have contributed to your search for the most suitable place for new beginnings. According to the quality of life by state, you can determine which state satisfies most of your needs. After all, what matters is that the new state has solid healthcare, costs of living, job opportunities, education, etc. The overall happiness of the residents is a sign the place fulfills most of your expectations. Hence, be brave and engage in a new adventure knowing something good awaits. 

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