Pros and cons of offering moving insurance to people

The pros and cons of offering moving insurance to people are our themes today. As you are a reputable moving company, we will explain all the facts about offering moving insurance to people. Whether you have been a successful moving company for many years or are a newly established company, our advice will be important to you. There are insurance-related items that are unclear and unknown to customers. If they misunderstand the details of their property coverage, there is a problem. They may be dissatisfied with your company. Serious companies aim to satisfied customers. To have a lot of satisfied customers as a reliable company, you need to keep them informed. Especially about the insurance details that you know can be unclear or completely unknown to customers.

To your customers, the state of their belongings after a move is important.

Offering moving insurance to people

What is the cost of moving insurance for your company? It depends on the value of your client’s property that you intend to secure. As a high-quality moving company, make sure you offer the best moving insurance to your clients. Give them the most favorable offer according to their needs. Help them to decide about the best type of insurance they need. Just as they use health insurance to protect their health, they need moving insurance. Moving insurance can also keep them calm until all the things get to their new home.

Types of insurance you must/can offer to customers

Federal law requires moving companies to offer two types of coverage to clients. You must offer both, basic coverage and full value protection.

As a moving company, you can provide your customers with a few different coverage options:

  • Basic coverage or released value protection;
  • Full value protection;
  • Additional coverage.

Firstly, read all three types of coverage separately and very carefully. You will understand why you need to inform your customers well.  They will be able to trust you and rely on you. You should think about your customers’ problems during moving to keep them happy.

Third-party insurance

You are aware that unexpected circumstances can occur. Consequently, you understand the importance of protecting your customers’ property. Why take a risk for both sides? The main pros of offering moving insurance to people are preventing a bad outcome for both parties.

A well-informed customer will ask you about the types of insurance and coverage you can offer. Ask them about their needs and according to them offer moving insurance before signing a moving contract. The solution is third-party insurance.

Sign for offering moving insurance to people
You should offer moving insurance and coverage to your customers.

All of us need to realize that relocation can cause damage to the property. To prevent it you need to make the right offer according to your customers’ priorities. This can typically cover damage if an item is accidentally dropped while loading on the truck. It can cover any damages to your customer’s belongings during the whole process. As well as damage caused by forces of nature, such as water, fire, tornado or lightning strike or stealing.

Specific requirements- Pros and cons of offering moving insurance in this case

Does your client own a gym or a piece of gym equipment at their home? You should give them the advice to hire gym equipment movers. If your company provides this kind of service, it is great. If you do not have the equipment and capabilities to provide this type of service, talk to your customer. Getting moving insurance for all fitness equipment can bring serious costs. Fitness equipment movers will prepare gym equipment for the move very fast and safe. Fitness equipment movers know details about the equipment. They can put everything back together after disassembling. Also, the chances of something going wrong are minimal.

Pros of offering moving insurance to people

There are many pros to offering insurance to customers. Carelessness and security it brings. Less pressure and less worry about your customer belongings being lost, dropped or destroyed during relocation. Already having a solution in case if something goes wrong. Knowing that all of their property and items have additional coverage and insurance is relaxing. Indeed, it means less stress overall.

When it’s about full replacement costs, there’s one thing you need to know. This means the customer could be reimbursed up to the full replacement value for any damages or lost items. To be precise, replacement costs refer to the amount it would cost to purchase similar items at current retail prices. It means not necessarily what the customer originally paid for the items. Without a doubt, moving insurance is a smart move for your customers. Above all, the decision on it will calm your customers down in the event of unwanted destruction.

Cons of offering moving insurance to people

In most cases, your customers won’t need insurance coverage. It depends on the way how you packed and prepared for loading. Also how you take care of them during loading. As reputable professional movers who already have the necessary experience, you can provide them with safe relocation. This does not mean that there is no possibility of making a mistake when moving. But the chance is low. Undoubtedly, even the highest quality movers can have a bad day. But it rarely happens.

Indeed, for your customers, relocating is expensive and stressful for sure. Hiring a moving company can bring a lot of costs, even without paying for additional insurance.

Moving insurance can be expensive for customers. Depending upon the type they select.


Moreover, your customers could avoid additional coverage options. They could save a budget for a vacation or something else. If they are destined to run out of things, there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. We know that money cannot replace emotions. But sometimes even a hard effort is not enough to save things.

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