Pros and cons of offering international moving services

To start offering international moving services is a big step for a company. It is, however, a completely natural one. In a globalized economy, where goods and services travel freely, and so do the people, there is an ever-growing demand for those companies willing to step up and provide residential and commercial moving on this scale. However, before engaging in such activities it is only natural that you want to put everything on paper. Old and good, tried and tested, pros and cons list. 

So are there enough pros to overrule the cons? Are the shortcomings too much. Is it worth the effort? We will let you judge for yourself. Your position is naturally unique, but, we will provide you with as much info as possible in this short, blog post format, to help you design if what you are thinking of embarking upon is a good idea for your business and its future.

Pros of offering international moving services:

Let’s start with the positive. There will be no wishful thinking here. These are all the actual positives of this particular move. However, the cons will come later. Depending on your preference, on this pros and cons list for offering international moving services, you can start from either end. It will make no difference.

Service truly in need

This is the first and most obvious of pros. Currently, hiring international movers is “in”. And for a good reason. The free movement of people, services, and items across the world are astonishing and unprecedented. The logistics companies, including moving companies, have become very important. They have risen from the sidelines to take their rightful place as one fo the great engines of the globalized world.

In other words, if you pick this service- you will have customers. A lot of them! There is no doubt about it. International movers and especially good ones can be rare. It depends on the region of the world. However, the need to move over the borders is great and growing, so ever more companies are joining the effort.

Similarities with local or national relocation

Ok, so we do realize that international relocation is a lot more complicated than any of those two, but we are here to emphasize positives. And those would that international moving is still, essentially, moving. Some rules, like protecting possessions and attentive staff etc are still in place. Everything is still the same process, just a lot more complicated. 


Look at the history of the professional moving company. We came a long way since the 18th and 19th centuries. This is now a huge industry with rules, traditions, and regulations. This did not came out of nowhere, it was on the shoulders of those first companies who raised the bar for everyone else.

Experience - professional
This is a great way to grow your company

With this new service, you will also count yourself among the pioneers. Yes, this service is present for more than a century, but you will find your own particular way of doing it. And, by it, improve your company and the whole industry with it!

Cons of offering international moving services:

And now, let us go to the cons. And these are not inconsequential ones, like difficulty in finding good but cheap storage. These are some that can cause some serious friction in the everyday business of your company.

frustration in offering international moving services
There are some cons that could cause you some frustration!

Logistical demands of offering international moving services

There are a lot of logistical and material demands that go into international moving. With items and people traveling through the air, over water, and on huge continental traversals, the demand for this kind of service is too much for most, if not all, small companies.


You will also need to provide best moving insurance to your client while dealing with heaps of paperwork. Traveling international means that there are a lot of rules to follow.

Are you ready for more paperwork?

Remember – laws are not universal. Rather, they are country-specific. Meaning that you will constantly have to crosscheck all kind of laws and bans and be sure to have all your paperwork under control!


There are a lot of things that can go wrong when you are having an interstate/international relocation. This is for many reasons, but in particular:

  • When you are offering international moving services, you are really offering a service that could last days. Knowing how stressful it is to manage a local move, imagine that multiplied by however much time the international relocation actually takes. Simply said, it just gives them time for more things to go wrong than before
  • You are also traveling uncharted roads. Well, not literary, but figuratively so. When offering a local service, you are familiar with the best roads. Your workers are often locals themselves, and over the years the experience will only grow. But no such luck is present with international relocations. You have to invest a lot more time in planning the route, and a lot is out of your control.
  • When offering international moving services you also need to think a lot more about insurance than before. Damage could be a lot more extensive and impactful to your customers. Their increased stress is also a factor worth considering. After all, an uneasy customer is not good for you as well, even if there is nothing to worry about in actuality.

All of this will influence moving costs, for you and for the client, making the business less profitable and marketable.

To conclude…

Now when you know what are the pros and cons of offering international moving services, you are better equipped at making such an important decision. But do remember, this simple post is not enough. While we can highlit the pros and cons of this move, there are variables we cannot know that is specific to you. To your company and economic atmosphere. Things we cannot influence.

Those are the factors that truly determine if this is worth it. All the pros and cons can be exacerbated or negated by particularities. Of your company, region, anything. Therefore, pick the future of your company with great care.

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