Pros and cons of in-home moving estimates

The price of your move mostly depends on the items that you want to transport. To know how much your move is going to cost you need to get a moving estimate from your senior movers. And there are several ways that you can do that. You can call your movers to visit your home and do an in-home estimate. You can do it over the phone. Or you can use the internet. Every option has its pros and cons. And in this article, we will explain the pros and cons of in-home moving estimates.

The first thing that you need to do when moving is to get a quote

Moving is complicated and difficult. And it is not recommended that you do it without professional help. But to be able to find the best offer, you need to get moving estimates from the best moving and storage companies available. Movers will determine the size of your inventory, including all other factors, and give you their quote. However, prices between moving companies can vary significantly. But not only prices.

There are other factors that can determine whether the offer is good or not. So finding the best deal could be a complicated task. But if you know what you are doing, there are ways to eliminate bad offers and pick the best option.

A home and coins
The price of your move depends on the size of your home inventory

The best way to get a quote is to do an in-home estimate

As mentioned above you can get an estimate over the phone or you can do get an online estimate. Still, the best way to get your moving price is to do an in-home estimate. This means that the moving company will send their representative to your home to assess the size of your moving inventory, see other requirements, and calculate your quote. Even though this might look like a perfect way to get an accurate quote there are pros and cons to this decision.

Pros of in-home moving estimate

  • If you do an in-home moving estimate you will get an accurate price of your move
  • You do not have to bother with organizing, sorting, and listing your items
  • You will get a chance to ask everything that you want in a person

Cons of in-home moving estimates

  • Your goal is to find the best deal. And it can be hard to organize several moving companies to do an in-home estimate.
  • If you let your movers completely decide how much items you have you can get scammed

An in-home estimate is the best way to get an accurate price of your move

The biggest benefit of getting an in-home estimate is that you will be able to get the most accurate price. When you get an estimate over the phone or online, you can’t really be sure that your price is right. And it all depends on how well you counted your belongings. Also, it happens often that you will need to hire some special moving services because of the bulky piano, or complicated hot tub. And you can’t know that on your own. When estimators visit your home, besides listing your items they will also consider other factors that might affect your final price.

Sorting your moving inventory is hard but if you schedule an in-home estimate you can skip this step

To get an estimate over the phone or online you need to have a list of items that you own. So, before you contact your movers you need to prepare a moving inventory list. This means that you need to decide which items to get rid of and write down details about every item that you plan to relocate. This can be a very difficult job. Especially during the complicated moving process.

A man writing in notebook
It can be hard to make a moving inventory list.

Even though there are mobile apps that can ease your task, writing down every item and their specifications will drain your moving enthusiasm. If you schedule an in-home estimate, you do not have to worry about listing your stuff. The estimator will do this for you.

You will get the chance to ask everything about your upcoming moving process

Moving is a complicated process that brings many questions. Especially for someone who never moved before. When you call an estimator to your home, you will have a good chance to learn everything about your upcoming moving process and you will get the chance to ask everything that you want. You can ask about the type of moving estimate. Find out how much packing services cost. How long it will take to move. And all that other stuff that is going to happen. This can be a good way to learn about your move, and reduce the fear of the unknown.

You need to spend several days serving estimators if you want to get a few in-home moving estimates

Moving can be very expensive. Especially if you are not paying attention to what you are doing. Also, the best way to get the best possible deal is to get a few estimates from several moving companies and to compare their offers. If you plan to do so, and compare prices from several movers, it can be difficult to organize every company to an in-home estimate. Of course, every company will gladly visit your home to determine the size of your inventory. But you will find it difficult to spend a few days welcoming moving estimators. Especially since one in-home estimate could take several hours to complete.

A yellow white clendar
Getting several in-home moving estimates is time-consuming

Shady movers might try to scam you

One of the most important things when hiring movers is to make sure that they are reliable. If you did not check their reliability, there is a chance that you can get scammed during in-home moving estimates. Especially if you did not make a moving inventory list and you do not really know what you own.

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