Pros and cons of hiring dorm room movers

Ah, the life of a student. The ever-changing, fast-paced way of life means you probably won’t be settling down in one place. Whether you’re moving home for the summer or starting your studies abroad, you‘ll need professional help. And that’s where hiring dorm room movers come into focus. Just like with any other move, moving in or out of the dorm can be stressful and complicated. However, there is no need to worry or feel anxious. Hiring professional help and reading this Master Moving Guide can mitigate these drawbacks. However, you should watch out for the cons that might make the process more difficult for you. And that’s what we’re here to talk about.

The pros

With every move comes stress. Not only about the safety of your items. There is also packing, unpacking, and transporting them. And all this takes time that needs to fit into your busy schedule. Luckily, hiring dorm room movers can reduce that strain on your schedule. However, that’s not the only pro. Here are some others:

A thick legal book
When moving abroad many laws may apply, that’s where hiring dorm room movers with knowledge of these laws can make your transition easier.

Professional service

Like with any undertaking, having professional help is optimal. It’s not just the question of time saved either. Hiring dorm room movers with experience in the field will mean that they’ll be able to predict and avoid pitfalls you may not think of. This becomes even more prominent when moving abroad. Professional movers with a long tradition of moving to foreign countries will be able to advise you on import laws you may not be aware of.

Not only will this save you time that you might spend researching them yourself, but it will also mean you won’t be facing the issue of packing something that you can’t carry with you. Instead, you will have it taken away at the border. Additionally, having professionals pack and ship your items will mean that they’ll be in safe hands. This will do wonders for reducing your moving stress, which is something that you will surely need. Still, hiring professionals can be costly. Instead, you can find some low budget packing tips for students and pack on your own.

Available storage

Another advantage of professional movers is that they usually have storage options available for you.  Most long-distance moving tips will advise you on getting storage space. This will come into play if you’ll be moving back to your parent’s place for the summer only to return to a new dorm room next academic year. Instead of hauling your items back and forth, you can have your movers keep them in a storage unit. Then they can deliver them straight to your dorm once you go back to school.

Easier organization

While having your friends help you pack and rent a truck to move may sound fun, it can become complicated very easily. To plan such an undertaking with your friends would mean coordinating your schedules. Chances are they will not be any less busy than you are. Then, you will have to do the research yourself and find a truck to rent. Finally, there is the tiresome process of conducting the move that you have to think about. And such an adventure can leave you tired at a time when you actually might need that energy. On the other hand, using the services of dorm room movers will mean much less hustle for you.

A planner. Hiring dorm room movers could leave your schedule more open for other academic obligations you might have.
Careful planning and time management is very important for students. The same goes for students who are moving.

Having professionals come to your dorm and do the heavy lifting at a time that suits your needs the most will leave you with a flexible schedule to plan all your other activities. And we haven’t even talked about how complicated moving to a new country all by yourself can be. Overcoming the potential language barrier is just one of the many hurdles. Local laws and customs must also be taken into account, not to mention knowing which roads to take and where to have a rest. Thus, especially when it comes to moving abroad, hiring dorm room movers will make organizing the whole thing much easier.

Avoid potential injuries and damage to your furniture

In case you want to handle a DIY move, it might be tricky to transport all the items safely. The chances are high that some of your belongings might get damaged or broken. For this reason, it is advisable to hire a professional moving service. When hiring dorm room movers, you might be surprised to find out that the packing abilities of full-service moving companies are quite beneficial. With true experts, the packing process will be over as soon as possible. You might not even have a chance to think about it. This is so because professional movers are real experts who are experienced and qualified. They will thus arrange and carry out your packing with the utmost care. It is advisable that you pay attention to the packing process since it can potentially result in injury or property damage.

However, in case you hire good-quality movers, all these issues might be avoided. If you deal with the relocation yourself, you must be aware of the problems that might arise. When moving a dorm room, transporting bulky furniture and heavy boxes is difficult. However, a moving and packing company can safely separate and transport your furniture without any incidents. They will provide you with excellent packing tips, as well, to help you protect your items. You may also be guaranteed that every delicate item will arrive at your new house without any harm or damage. Since professional movers have good-quality equipment, you can rest assured that all your belongings will be transported to your new dorm room easily and smoothly. They will also remain in pristine condition, which is one of the most important requirements.

broken and damaged furniture items
You can avoid furniture damage by hiring dorm room movers.


Last but not least is insurance. Every move brings the danger of damaging your items. This especially comes into play if you are moving bulky objects that you need for your job. For example, you will need to transport a piano in case you are a music major. Naturally, you will be stressing out about the safety of your belongings during the move. However, most professional moving services will offer you insurance for the move. This will help put your mind at ease. At least you will be certain that if anything bad happens, you will not be facing the full amount of the damage. And that means a lot.

Less stress

One of the best advantages of having reputable local movers assist you with your dorm move is less stress. Moving is different for students. There is a lot of pressure about studying and exams, especially if this is the first time you move. This is why it is great if you have professional help with your move. Having someone assist you with loading and unloading all of your items is pretty beneficial. You will have enough time to prepare for your new life and focus on spending time with your family. Hiring dorm room movers will take a huge burden off your chest, so you will be able to enjoy yourself more.

Save time

Saving time and thinking about your family members is as important as trying to execute a safe relocation. Even though you might think that you will save both more money and time by performing a DIY relocation, that is usually not the case. Planning and carrying out a relocation should take a few weeks or months. If you move by yourself, rushing through all the steps can be stressful and might even destroy your property. Even though you are rushing, performing the relocation on your own might only make things worse. Therefore, make sure to hire professionals to help you relocate as fast and efficiently as possible. Hiring dorm room movers might save you a lot of time in the long run.

an old clock
Hiring dorm room movers might save you precious time.

Although you are moving to the same state, make sure to consider hiring professionals. Relocations are rarely easy, regardless of whether you move across the street or the country. Hiring packing and moving services will benefit you if time is an issue. Moreover, movers will provide you with excellent interstate moving tips. Since you will need time to prepare, you certainly don’t want this to interfere with your regular work or your business schedule. Professional movers are experts in planning relocations. Therefore, they can complete the task more quickly than amateurs. As the company carries out your move plan, you can focus on other obligations related to the move. Moreover, you will have more time to spend with your family and friends.

Dorm room movers are a great option for an international move

An international move is far more challenging than a local move. Moving to a different state to study is a whole new level. Also, a lot of adults would consider hiring movers as well. There is more paperwork that you need to have as well as the prohibited and restricted items that you need to think about. You do not want to arrive at the border with your items only to find out that you cannot import your favorite plant or perfume. Dorm room movers are aware of everything you might need and come in quite handy when it comes to an international move. You will be able to ask them all that you want to know. Most importantly, you will be prepared for what is coming.

dorm room movers - a person placing a passport inside the bag
Dorm room movers are a great option when moving to study abroad as they have a lot of experience in the field.

The Cons

As with everything in life, not all is peachy when hiring dorm room movers. There are certain cons you need to take into account before you make the decision to hire them or not

Costs of hiring dorm room movers

Every professional service costs money. The same goes for hiring dorm room movers. Therefore, when you sit down to prepare your moving budget, you must take into consideration how much it would cost. Especially if the old stereotype of a broke student might apply to you. There are many things moving companies will charge you for. Such things include packing supplies, storage, insurance, etc. Some of these costs you might be able to avoid (by getting the moving supplies yourself for free, for example). But others you simply can’t. It all comes down to evaluating what services you really need and planning your budget accordingly.

A piggy bank
The budget is always a concern when moving. More so for moving students.

Some dorm room movers may not serve your campus

If you’re moving from a large and well-known institution, chances are there will be dorm room movers for you to hire. But if you’re moving from a more remote or obscure one or moving to a certain foreign country, you might have difficulties hiring dorm room movers. Additionally, there might be just one dorm room moving service willing to service your needs, which will mean you don’t have that much choice. That sounds an awful lot like leaving your belongings to the mercy of strangers, which is surely not going to help your stress.

Moving scams

With any kind of move, there is a risk of a moving scam. This is why you need to be very careful when and if hiring dorm room movers. If possible, try to schedule a meeting with the movers in their offices. When there is no physical address mentioned on their website, the probability that the company is fake is really high. Furthermore, if the price seems to be too good to be true it probably is. It is one thing to find cheap moving boxes, for example, and the other thing to pay close to nothing for a move.

a sign caution on the laptop keyboard
Be careful when choosing a moving company, as you might come across a lot of fraudulent moving companies that will just take your items and disappear.

Moving your items will cost you money, but the service must correspond to that price range. So make the Internet your friend and read all of the reviews left for a certain moving company. Ask your friends if they can recommend a reliable moving company.

Lack of flexibility

Even though handling a DIY move is not advisable, it definitely has some advantages. If you opt for it, you will be able to plan the relocation as you please. The ability to set your own speed and schedule is one of the main benefits of moving independently. Moving alone gives you the freedom to postpone your relocation whenever you choose. In case you have some other obligations, you can stop the process and start it again as soon as you are ready. You won’t experience this if you hire a professional moving company. Once you have hired experts to relocate your dorm room, you will need to follow a particular time schedule. Moving companies typically have specific hours given for each relocation, which might make you feel under pressure and worried.

Movers don’t usually make exceptions or delay relocations. If a moving company is in high demand, you might have to wait on the list and be prepared to make a reservation on a day that might not be ideal for you. However, although flexibility might be an issue, rest assured that your relocation will never be delayed or postponed. That guarantees that you will relocate your dorm room in no time and be ready for school or college. Even though you might feel a bit under pressure, you will have access to top-notch packing and storage services and a bunch of storage tips. No matter how big or fragile your items are, with professionals, your relocation and packing process might seem a breeze. The lack of flexibility will be compensated for since hiring movers has many different advantages.

Making the decision

Doing it yourself or hiring professional dorm room movers, both have its advantages and disadvantages. In the end, it all boils down to your specific needs. If done right, your move will be easy on you both mentally and financially. In case it is done wrong, you’ll find yourself in trouble. Therefore, take some time to carefully plan out the move. If you do it, you will be fine.

How to overcome the cons of hiring dorm room movers

The best way is to make things even easier for you to make this decision. Whenever there is a challenge or an obstacle that you think you cannot overcome, there is definitely a way to do it. Think of this as your first experience as a grown-up. The most important thing is to be satisfied with your decision and to believe in a positive outcome.

a girl sitting with arms holding her head next to a laptop, phone, glasses, and a notebook
Avoid all the stress of moving by starting with the preparations on time.

Start saving money

If you want to hire dorm room movers, it is a great idea to start saving money. You could find a part-time job that you can do on weekends, or during the entire week. If you still get an allowance, think about not spending it on all at once. First, leave a couple of bucks on the side for your dorm room movers money fond. It will not pass long before you have enough money for the move. And also, make sure to check out all the tips on how to save money on a long-distance move.

Check out if there are any discounts

First, you might want to compare the moving companies that you want to hire for your move. You can google at least five moving companies and compare their prices. If they offer a discount, that is great. On the other hand, if they do not offer a discount, you might need to ask them. You would be amazed to find out how much you can actually achieve by simply asking. Then, try to hire the company with the most reasonable price. Remember, the most reasonable price is not just the lowest price. As it was already mentioned, try to avoid scams.

Start preparing on time

If you are moving at the end of the summer, right before your classes start or after they finish, chances are your movers may be booked. Or, you get the impression that they do not serve your campus. Here the best thing you can do is start on time, as you will cope with moving stress much easier. With an international move, you may start searching for the right company even 12 weeks before the move. This will give you plenty of time to find exactly what you are looking for. Even if you decide not to hire dorm room movers, starting on time will make your life a lot easier.

Read reviews

In order to avoid being scammed, you might want to read the moving companies reviews. You should definitely do research on the movers you choose to make sure they are dependable and trustworthy. There are a few ways to do the research. For instance, you can visit their offices to check how they work. Talking to their representatives in person might be quite useful. You might be able to find out if they are serious and responsible. Moreover, you can read online reviews and concerns. Furthermore, you might ask friends and family members if they have had any experience with the companies you have chosen. In case you fail to conduct research, it could result in your possessions falling into the wrong hands. Moreover, movers might overcharge you, or even lose some of your valuable items.

a five-star review of a moving company
Reading the moving companies’ reviews is crucial when hiring dorm room movers.

Final thoughts

Moving away to college is most likely one of the first times when you will be living on your own. And while the idea of it is beautiful and seems appealing, do not worry if you feel scared or worried sometimes. There are many ways to avoid frauds and being scammed. What you can do is make a good plan, do your research on dorm room movers, and go through with your decisions. Researching movers and reading some helpful moving tips for students might give you an idea of the pros and cons and help you have a smoother relocation. To overcome the stress, and times when you feel overwhelmed, just hang out with your friend or family. Moreover, you could relax with some great movies and music. Everything will turn out to be just right. Good luck!

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