Proper way to pack your kitchen

Some of the most common moving mistakes are caused by improper packing. Keeping your belongings safe during a relocation will easily be done with the right packing supplies and some planning. All you have to do in order to prepare and pack your kitchen like a pro is to follow a few simple guidelines we have prepared for you.

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Ensure your kitchen items stay safe during the move by making a packing plan

First things first

Even though moving is a complicated and time-consuming process, most of the relocation stress can be avoided by planning in advance. Therefore, in order to stay organized and ensure your move goes according to the deadline start planning as soon as possible. Having a few months to prepare and conduct the move will allow you to conduct each step properly. However, even if you are planning a last minute move and only have a few weeks time, there is no need to panic, Master Moving Guide is here to help you move hassle-free. All you have to do is create a moving and packing plan and prioritize properly.

In order to stay organized and pack your kitchen like a pro, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  • Create a packing inventory.
  • Evaluate whether you need some extra storage space.
  • Gather the packing supplies.
  • Plan the packing process and pack your kitchen like a pro.

How to create a packing plan

Whether you choose to hire professional packers or plan on packing yourself in order to deduct moving expenses you will need to create a detailed packing checklist. This will allow you to keep track of the packing process as well as to ensure your belongings and kitchen items are packed safely.

Start by deciding which of the items you want to relocate. As your kitchen probably has items that won’t take up much space, you might be tempted to just shove them in a box and move along. Avoid cluttering the kitchen in your new home and relocating the items you don’t need by creating a detailed checklist. Go through the cabinets and drawers and evaluate which of the items get to go in your new kitchen. Keep it simple. If you haven’t used an item in over than 6 months you probably don’t need it. If you plan on upgrading the kitchen appliances, consider selling the old ones before the move. Therefore you will be able to lower the moving cost and maybe even earn some money to add up to the family budget.

Do you need any extra space?

If the remodeling of your new kitchen won’t be finished by the moving day, you might have to consider finding some extra space to store and pack your kitchen appliances. Make sure you evaluate whether you need to rent a storage unit, well in advance. Therefore you will have enough time to find the best solution and keep your items intact. Check the reputation of storage facilities in the area of your future home. Reliable rating websites like Yelp can be valuable information sources. Contact the facilities and ask detailed questions on the storing conditions. If you plan on storing valuable items, antiques, and artwork, make sure you choose a climate controlled storage unit. Therefore, temperature changes won’t cause permanent damages to your belongings.

Gather the proper supplies to pack your kitchen

The best way to choose the right moving box for every item is to go through your packing checklist. Rather than gathering just a few large boxes, choose smaller one in various size. Therefore, none of them will be too heavy to carry and you can pack your glassware safely. Keep in mind that cookbooks can be heavy and consider packing them in more than just one box.

free boxes to pack your kitchen
Save money- use free packing supplies

If you are moving on a budget and want to get free moving boxes, visit local grocery and liquor stores a few weeks in advance. They most likely have more than a few boxes at any time that lay around. Ask them to save some for you. Liquor stores are a great source of quality packing supplies. Boxes that carry wine and liquor bottles are great for carrying heavier items. Also, they have the compartments you can use to protect the glassware. You can also use old newspapers, linens, towels, and socks as wrapping material.

Make sure you buy enough sealing tape, plastic, and paper wrapping. Also, don’t forget about the labeling markers. Failing to label the moving boxes properly is one of the most common moving mistakes. Make sure you use a different color for the boxes with fragile items. Therefore, you will avoid any damages and unpack easily after the move. If you are moving on your own, rent some moving equipment like a moving dolly so you can easily handle the heavy items.

How to pack your kitchen properly?

Ok, so now you have an inventory and all of the supplies you need. What’s next? It’s packing time! In order to pack your kitchen with ease, you can start early. You can pack the items you don’t use every day even a few weeks in advance. Wine glasses, punch bowls, and your wedding china are the items you can pack first.

Make sure you create an essential box packing list as well. This should be the list of things you pack the last and unpack first right after the move. List all of the items you and your family need to use frequently. You don’t need to pack to many items in the essential box. One glass and a plate for each family member, as well as a cooking pan or a pot and some cutlery should do it. With an essential box, you can set up your new kitchen in just a few minutes. Make sure the essential box is clearly label when you pack your kitchen. Don’t forget that you need to load the box on the truck the last and unload it first.

breakfast table
Pack an essential box so you can easily prepare a meal after the move

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