Prohibited items – the items movers won’t move

When you’re relocating with a professional moving company, you expect them to transport, pack, and handle all your items. However, that’s not always the case. Be it that it’s because of regulations, or just certain rules that apply, there are prohibited items that exist. Be it that you’re looking up a moving guide or on the phone with movers, some of them might surprise you. Let’s take a look at certain items that even the most professional of movers won’t be able to handle for you.

You won’t be able to move your pets with a professional moving company

Even though they are probably the most precious thing you have around you, your movers handle moving your pets. Above all, there are certain regulations that prohibit it. And you will definitely be able to show more care to your pet if you move it on your own. In even the best-case scenario, you wouldn’t want your local movers to help your pet move. That’s because you never know how an animal will feel when interacting with another person. And if you have to move your pets long distances, they will surely get agitated.

Two dogs on a bed
You need to move your pets on your own

Plants are definitely on the list of restricted items of many moving companies

Another item that movers won’t be able to help you with is a plant. All plants to be exact. This is also because of regulations, but common sense also can tell you that a plant or flower shouldn’t be inside a moving truck. Above all, that’s because they just won’t have the air that is necessary for them. It’s not like the last minute movers are relocating you. Flowers are not something that you can just put inside your moving truck and be sure that it will be safe. Plants and flowers will require a bit more attention than that. And of course, some special conditions that a moving truck just won’t meet.

Perishable items and foods have nothing to do in a moving truck

There are many people that have the idea that they can move their food and other items to their new home. However, that’s not the best idea. On top of that, they are forbidden items when it comes to professional and quality movers. Even if it’s great that you can find cheap moving boxes, it’s not the best idea to put your food and other perishable items in them. This will help your box and perishables go bad even faster. There’s a lot your movers can do, but successfully moving your items that can go bad in no time is just not one of them.

Flammables are logically on the prohibited items list for a plethora of reasons

Unfortunately, because of incidents in the past, trucks usually can’t transport or hold flammable items. After many years, it has become a rule that everyone follows, that flammable items are just not the right stuff when it comes to moving professionally. Be it that you’re looking up furniture movers near me or the best moving companies in the US, it’s only logical that certain items just aren’t made for a moving truck. And with the problems it can cause, it’s no surprise it’s on the list of banned items.

A fire
Flammable items are among the prohibited items for movers

Personal belongings that have sentimental value you should handle on your own

Moving crews are very trustworthy and you can trust them with all your items. Truly professional companies will make sure that they have background checks and expert movers. However, even with that, personal items are just something best dealt with on your own. Above all, in case of many mishaps, is there really a price tag on items that are special for you? Even if it’s something that has a big or small monetary value, you still need to say goodbye to it if anything bad happens. That’s probably the number one reason why so many moving companies just won’t be able to move your most cherished belongings.

Jewelry is not something you want your movers to relocate for you

Expensive jewelry is something that you don’t want to keep with movers when relocating. It’s not that a company isn’t able to do it, but it’s something that requires specialty moving services. When you’re relocating you get certain insurance that will cover some of the damage or cost. However, what if it’s very expensive jewelry? This opens up a lot of questions, however, in order to avoid potential problems, movers usually decide to put such items on a restricted items list and make it easier for them. And who can blame them if you have to deal with some of the expensive items in the world?

Check out with your moving company what items are on their prohibited items list

The best way to get to know the banned items is to get in touch with movers.  They will be able to communicate with you every detail that you need to know. Of course, this will help you determine just what type of moving company you’re doing business with. You can always check out the Better Business Bureau and similar websites to have the reassurance you’re dealing with the best in the industry. By picking the right movers you will get all the necessary help. On top of that, they can help you deal with items they can’t move for you.

A person talking over the phone about prohibited items
Make sure to communicate with your movers

A moving experience of a person largely depends on their movers. The better the movers the smoother the relocation. However, what to do if even certain moving companies can’t be of help to you? Well, with the list of prohibited items, we’re sure you won’t find yourself in a strange situation. Of course, you can always use moving companies for everything else. And there’s a lot they can handle. Be it for your, their, or the public safety, those items are just best not moved to a new location.

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