Prepare carpets and rugs for storage

Prepare carpets and rugs for storage whether it’s cleaning after moving, renovating your home, buying new furniture or preparing rugs for storage. You should know some basic rules on the preparation of the carpet/rugs if you want to protect them from accidents and insects. Rugs and carpets are representing an important part of our home furniture and decoration. Carpets of various materials, Persian carpets, expensive, small, large, each of them has its own way of maintenance.  

It must have happened that you do not know the right way on how to prepare carpets and rugs for storage. If you don’t clean your rug properly and you just roll it and set it aside, the chances your rug will get harmed are high. Rugs in storage can lose their shape, color, and also attract pests if it’s not put away correctly. If you need rug storage and you’re wondering how to protect your rugs and carpets while storing them, check our article and inform yourself! Consider these steps and store your rugs properly. 

Prepare carpets and rugs for storage: Clean your rug 

The first and the most important step while you have to prepare carpets and rugs for storage, is to clean them deeply. Any dirt and soil on the rug may cause deterioration of the rug over long-term storage. Keep in mind to thoroughly clean the rug. But, before you start washing your rug, make sure you gave the rug good vacuuming. Vacuum the dust and microscopic particles as much as you can. If you own an expensive and delicate rug, make sure you vacuum it at a lower speed. You can read the label behind your rug to see how to deal properly with cleaning it. 

person vacuum cleaning the carpet in order to prepare carpets and rugs for storage
Secure your carpets from dust prior to moving them into a storage compartment!

Prepare carpets and rugs for storage: Clean your rug part two

Bear in mind that you need to clean rugs based on manufacturer instructions when you start to prepare carpets and rugs for storage. After good vacuuming, on both sides, start washing your rug. If you don’t have enough budget to get your rug professionally cleaned, you can wash it with a gentle detergent.

Of course, different types of carpets require different ways of cleaning and washing. If you own a small braided washable rug you can place it in a zippered mesh laundry bag and wash them gently. After washing, dry it on a low setting. If you own long braided rugs, you can put them on a vinyl floor. With gentle foam and sponge, you can clean it and dry it later. Beside, oriental, hand-made and custom rugs require special care. You can protect expensive rugs by placing a piece of nylon screen over the rug and vacuuming over it.  

Clean your rug step three

Oriental and wool rugs can be treated in the same way. You can clean them once a year and they will be fine. If you own custom and antique rugs, ask the merchandiser about the right way of cleaning it. Rugs and carpets with natural fiber require daily and regular vacuuming because they attract a lot of dirt and dust. You can clean them with soapy water and a brush. You can also use a fan or dryer to speed up the drying process.

Fur rugs are very nice and cozy but hard to clean. You can shake unscented talcum powder on them and leave them like that for a few hours. After that, just use the brush and brush gently the powder several times. After you finish cleaning and washing, check the professional storage services to inform yourself about the prices and way of storing your rug in order to find the best service.

living room carpet and a rug
Preparing rugs and carpets for storage does not need to take a huge toll on you!

Protect rug from pests and insects 

Cleaning, vacuuming, and washing are important steps when you want to prepare carpets and rugs for storage, but protecting your rug from pests, moths, and insects is a very important thing to do. Moths and other insects can easily damage your carpets and you can’t repair them, especially if it’s about handmade and custom carpets. If you are going to store your rugs and carpets in storage, attic, or basement, you should think about how to give extra care to them. You can simply apply an insect or moth repellent specially designed for the fabrics of your rugs.  

Besides insects, humidity is another thing you should worry about.  Humidity can permanently damage your carpet and it can get an unpleasant smell. During to humidity, your carpet can curl at the edges. When you’re searching for the right storage for your rug, make sure the storage space is as dry as possible. The temperature in storage should be constant and it should not be cold and wet. If your rug is already damaged by humidity, and edges are curled, you can pin the rug down to the floor and use double-sided tape for a way. Leave it like that for a day and your rug will back into shape. If you worry that your rug will change its shape during transport, search for the best car transport tips to provide proper transportation. 

Slowly and precisely roll 

If you want to prepare carpets and rugs for storage, you should better roll it instead of folding it. If you fold a rug, it can leave cracks and creases damaging it. Roll the rug from the bottom to the top. You should roll the carpet as tight as possible and then secure it with a rope. Don’t rush, slowly and precisely roll your carpet in order not to lose its shape. In that case, you won’t damage the edges of a carpet. If you don’t know from which side you should roll a carpet, find which way of rolling is the most fragile. The pile is a most delicate part so you should roll a rug with the pile facing inward. 

two people carrying a carpet
Taking extra care to move your rugs and carpets to storage goes a long way!

Secure your rug from dust 

After you’ve rolled your carpet, you should secure it from the dust. Make sure you put your rug in protective fabric. But, don’t put it in a plastic bag! Plastic bags and wrap don’t let carpet breathe. If the temperature changes, it will cause condensation. While a canvas sheet can be a better option and will keep your rug away from dust and cobwebs. It’s the final step when you’re going to prepare carpets and rugs. 

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