Piano movers help you relocate your piano safely

Moving to a new place is a challenging task. It becomes even more of a challenge if you have items that need special attention. Such as piano. That’s one of the trickiest household items to move. It’s big and bulky, and at the same time very fragile and delicate. In order to avoid damaging this pricey item, the best thing that you can do is to hire piano movers. They will help you relocate your piano safely and stress-free.

Why should you hire piano movers?

You may think that moving a piano on your own is easy. You watch many DIY videos and you are considering to try it yourself. That can be a huge mistake, especially for the first time movers. There is so much more in moving the piano that you can grasp. No matter how many moving and packing tips you know. Trying to do it on your own it will be exhausting, stressful, and very dangerous.

There are three crucial reasons why hiring piano movers is the best decision:

  • Extraordinary weight – Pianos are extremely heavy. Basic logic tells you that you can’t move it on your own and that you’ll need helpers. How many, depends on the type of the piano. Professional piano movers know the best way to move any kind of piano. They have a lot of tricks in their sleeves that will make the whole process much easier and safer. For the piano and anyone involved in relocation.
  • Bulkiness – The smallest types of pianos are usually 58 inches long and 3 feet in height, while the largest types can reach the 9 feet in width. You will agree that it’s a big and bulky item, that hardly can go through the doors without disassembling. Piano movers know how to disassemble, reassemble, load, and transport any type of piano. Can you do the same?
  • Fragility – Pianos look very sturdy, but the truth is that they are very delicate. They can easily get damaged, especially because its mechanisms are very fragile. Relocating such huge, heavy, and a very vulnerable piece is very complex. When people are moving a piano on their own, it usually doesn’t go well. That’s why hiring piano movers is always a good choice.

Other benefits of the piano moving services

Hiring piano movers can help you save money

When you hire piano movers, you are getting so much more than just relocation service. You are getting the safety of your precious item, more free time, less stress, and peace of mind that goes along with it. That’s worth every penny.
When you look at the big picture, it will save you some money in the long turn. How? Well, you won’t have to repair the damages that you inflict on your piano trying to move it yourself. The experience shows that despite the best efforts, DIY moving a piano usually ends up with an item that needs repair. Not to mention that the injuries when moving a piano are very often.

The best way to relocate your piano intact and safely, to save time and money and avoid injuries is to hire professionals to move this bulky item, and also you will avoid the most expensive moving mistakes.

Piano movers help you relocate your piano safely
Piano movers will know the best way to handle many obstacles, such as stars and narrow hallways.

Price of moving a piano

Speaking of the costs, you should know that the price of moving a piano is calculated on a case-to-case basis. Surely, the prices are fixed for the different types of pianos, but the condition of relocation has a great impact on the total cost. Depending on how large your piano is and where you need to move it, the cost of hiring piano movers can vary between $100 and $1,000.

Base rates for grand pianos approximately cost around $200 to $295, and between $150 and $250 for an upright piano.

Moving distance, narrow hallways, starts and other relocation difficulties will mean that those amounts can increase.
In order to provide an accurate cost estimate, piano movers will have to know all the details about your relocation.

The representative of the moving company will do an in-site estimation and ask you many questions in order to assess the costs of moving a piano.
Don’t forget to include that estimation when you’re preparing your moving budget.

Piano movers will relocate your piano safely.
Your home won’t be the same without your piano. That’s why you should hire professionals to relocate it.

Storing your piano

If your new place won’t be ready when your piano arrives, you’ll need a perfect place to store it.
You can’t store the piano just anywhere. If you put it into basic storage it will suffer damages. Pianos require to be stored in the place with special conditions.

Rent a climate-controlled storage unit in order to store your piano safely. When you hire professional piano movers they will also offer you the storage services. It will be wise to purchase them. That way you won’t have to waste your time and energy searching for the safe storage unit.

Moving a piano safely is only a part of the job if you need storing services. The storage conditions must be impeccable, you will find this in any moving guide. Your piano must be safe from inside and out. Storage facilities that are guarded 24 hours a day outside is a must. On the other hand, climate-controlled storage units will enable your piano to breathe and not develop any damages due to humidity and cold temperatures.

Tools and skills

Most pianos can’t fit through doors and around corners without dissembling. The piano movers know how to safely and quickly take the instrument apart, load, transport, and reassemble it.

Piano movers have the necessary equipment for relocating your piano.
A piano is a very heavy and delicate item. In order to move it without causing damages, you’ll need serious equipment.

In order to do that, they need a lot of knowledge, experience, and professional equipment. Something that you are probably lacking.

Since that is such a heavy and big item, moving a piano usually requires using special boards and dollies that can move heavy items across a floor without causing damage. This equipment expensive – just one special board for moving a grand piano cost around $600.

That means that you have to buy the necessary equipment, find helpers to move and load your piano, disassemble and reassemble it without causing any damages, and to rent a truck to transport your piano.

You can add numbers and easily calculate that hiring professional movers will be much cheaper than doing it yourself.
Not to mention, much, much safer.

Avoid moving injuries by hiring piano movers

We already mentioned the size and weight that the piano can have. Improper lifting techniques and one moment of distraction can cause a moving injury that will just bug you for days or weeks. You need to be on top of your game when moving and you should not risk injuring yourself. Moving is not just about relocating your items, it is all about starting a new life at a brand new place. And our interstate movers know this, that is why they have the experience, skills, and all it takes to relocate your piano safely. With professional piano movers, you can relax knowing that everything will be done with proper care and techniques while you focus on other things about the move.

avoid moving injuries by hiring piano movers. a brown closed piano standing in front of the house
If you hire piano movers, you will avoid any moving injury as well as damage to your piano.

Only hire licensed movers when moving a piano

Hiring any mover when moving a piano will not do you good. When you hire professional movers, you must have complete trust in their skills and expertise. Ask them for the USDOT number, so that you can easily check them at the FMCSA site. Check if they are licensed, and what are their moving reviews, and also whether they have a lot of claims related to piano moving. If they do have a lot of claims related to piano relocation, better start searching for a new moving company that will relocate your piano safely. Nowadays, with the help of the Internet, everything can be easily checked, and you should always do this when moving valuable items.

Ask your piano movers for a letter of recommendation

This is another way in which you can check the reliability of your movers. You want your piano to be moved with extra care by people who know exactly what they are doing. If your moving company prides in piano relocation, they will be happy to provide you with several letters of recommendation written by satisfied customers.

Your piano will have proper insurance

If you decide to move a piano on your own, chances are something will go wrong and is why moving insurance is necessary. This is a prediction based on a lot of people who have damaged their piano due to insufficient skills and equipment. In this case, you will not be able to get any insurance for the damage, as you have done it by yourself. On the other hand, if you choose to use piano moving services from reputable piano movers, you will have insurance. Usually, people use one of the two following types of insurance:

a person`s hands playing the piano
Moving insurance is very useful when moving a piano, as you will be able to relax while movers take care of it.
  • Released value protection moving insurance – This is the type of moving insurance, where you are compensated around 0.60 cents per pound. This is not suitable when relocating a piano, simply because the reimbursement does not even begin to compensate for the value of the item itself.
  • Full value protection – In this case, you would be compensated for the current market value of the item by the piano movers, which can be quite lower than the original price. For example, if you bought your piano for $3000 dollars 15 years ago, its current market value may have drastically changed.

When seeking for insurance of your piano, ask your movers whether they offer insurance for pianos that would fit its value. When items are worth more than $100 per pound, it is vital that you inform your moving company.

How can you help your movers move a piano?

Once reputable piano movers arrive at your place, it is important that you stand out of their way. If you have kids and pets arrange for a babysitter or have a member of your family take them to park or somewhere else. This is important for the movers, but it is also a great way to avoid any injuries as well.

Another important thing that you can do is to clear the pathway. Remove all the items that are located on the floor so that your movers will not trip over moving boxes for example. Of course, your movers will do this if necessary, but helping your movers is something that you can do while waiting for them to come.

Should your tip your piano movers?

Tipping movers is by no means obligatory. It is only your goodwill and sincerely the habit that you develop. If you decide to tip your movers when moving a piano, we know that they will be grateful to you, but you should only do this if the job is done right. Reputable movers will treat you with respect, they will not make a lot of unnecessary breaks, they will be extremely careful when handling your items. If everything goes smoothly, you can tip your movers, just make sure to prepare the money in advance.

an empty room
In order to help your movers relocate the piano, you can clear the path of all the things on the floor.

Hiring piano movers is the smartest thing that you can do for a piano relocation, especially if you are moving across the state. Avoid all the accidents, moving injuries, days of preparations for the proper relocation. Focus on what is important and leave the piano move for the professionals. Good luck!

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