Packing your garage for relocation

The garage is usually the last part of a home to get packed when moving. People tend to focus on their living space first and leave the storage rooms, garages and tool shed for the last minute. After all, all that heavy items shouldn’t be so difficult to pack, right? Even though you probably won’t have to handle fragile items when packing your garage for relocation, the whole process can be quite time-consuming. In order to save time start packing your garage for relocation in advance and prepare all the materials you need.

garage doors
Packing your garage shouldn’t be the last minute task

Make a packing plan

The very first thing you need to do is to decide which of the items you want to move to your new home. Lowering the overall size of the move can help you stay on budget and save money on your long distance move. Packing and moving old tools or furniture only to just store it in a new garage will only clutter your new home. Therefore, evaluate which of the items in your garage you actually need and which ones you could sell, donate or recycle.

Consider organizing a garage sale. Therefore, you will be able to, not only lower the moving cost but also add up to your moving budget as well. Seeling your belongings online could also be a great solution.

Moving can be an emotional process. Packing your home and saying goodbye to your friends and family can be overwhelming. This is why so many people end up relocating the items they don’t use or need or use anymore. Clinging onto old memories and that broken lamp you had since college, won’t do you any favors. Stay organized and practical. By moving fewer items to your new house you will avoid cluttering the living space and also make more room for new memories and house improvements.

In order to stay organized, divide the garage items into a few separate lists:

  • Pack and move.
  • Sell or donate.
  • Recycle or throw away.
  • Storage.

Make sure you evaluate the packing list one more time. Keep in mind that some items might be considered dangerous and forbidden to move by The Hazardous Materials Transportation Act. If you are not sure whether you are allowed to transport a specific item, contact your mover and ask them for an advice.

Packing your garage for relocation – How to prepare

After having a clear idea on which items you need to pack, the process will get much easier. One of the most important packing tips we can provide you with is to start preparing and gather the packing supplies well in advance. By having enough time to plan and organize your garage you will ensure you don’t overlook any important tasks. Therefore you will be able to move with ease and avoid any stress.

a garage
The key to a stress-free move is planning in advance


Here are a few important steps to follow when packing your garage for relocation:

  • Gather proper packing supplies and moving equipment.
  • Ask for help from professional packers or find a few friends to assist you while packing your garage for relocation.
  • Pack your belongings safely.
  • If needed, rent a safe storage unit.
  • Prepare for the moving day.

The packing supplies

Depending on the items you need to pack you should gather the different type of packing supplies. Even though finding free moving boxes can help you save money while moving, investing in some quality packaging will help you protect valuable items like expensive tools and equipment.

supplies for packing your garage for relocation
Keep your items safe by using quality packing material.

When moving your garage you will need moving boxes of various size. Rather than using just a few large boxes gather many smaller ones. Therefore you will ensure the boxes aren’t too heavy and avoid any moving day damages and injuries.

If you plan on packing heavy and large items, make sure you have the right equipment to do so. Rent a moving dolly or a forklift. Therefore, you will be able to save time and easily load and unload the items. Make sure you also have quality protective gear like gloves and weightlifting belts.

Do you need any help?

A DIY relocation seems as a money-saving solution to many people. However, having the help of skilled professionals that have the experience and tools to easily handle heavy items can help you save much valuable time.

There are many reasons why hiring moving and storage companies could be the right choice. In order to make the right decision, contact a few reputable moving companies from your area. Ask for a cost estimate. Make sure you get detailed information on their services and packing supplies. By comparing their quotes and services you will be able to find a mover that can meet your needs and the budget.

Take your time while packing

Rushing through the packing process is one of the most common moving mistakes. People are eager to get the work done and start preparing for the moving day. However, packing in a rush can result in damages and moving day injuries. In order to keep yourself as well as your belongings safe, take your time while packing.

Labeling is yet another important thing to keep in mind in order to stay organized. Make sure you use different label colors for the boxes with fragile and valuable content. Therefore your mover can handle them with care. With proper labeling, you will be able to unpack after the move easily and quickly.

Do you need to rent a storage unit?

Having some extra space while moving your home can be useful. Renting a safe and secured storage unit can help you settle in your new home and redecorate it without any clutter. It will also allow you to safely store any items you don’t have enough space for in your new garage.

If you plan to store any valuable items like antique furniture, artwork or valuable equipment, make sure to find a safe climate-controlled unit. Therefore you won’t have to worry about temperature changes and will avoid any damages.

It’s moving time!

Moving days are hectic. You will be busy and surrounded by boxes, heavy furniture, and sharp edges. Make sure you dress properly. Prepare for the moving day in advance and pack an essential bag. Therefore, you will have all of the important items easily reachable at any moment. Packing your garage for relocation is the process that needs to be done prior to the moving day. Don’t leave any important tasks for the last minute. Double check the moving plan and make sure to be careful when lifting heavy moving boxes.

a forklift
Stay safe during the moving day by using proper equipment.

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