Packing wardrobe for moving – simple tips

Packing your wardrobe for moving might seem difficult and puzzling. It doesn’t matter if it’s small or big, wardrobes are always full of clothes of different shapes and materials. So it can be a little confusing where to start, how to pack, and storage each item. But you don’t need to worry. With these easy hacks, your move should pass stress-free and with a happy ending. In this text, you will see what to do before packing, methods for packing clothes, and wardrobe itself. If you are still confused and don’t know how to proceed, you can find some reputable local movers and ask them for additional help.

wardrobe full of clothes
Pack your wardrobe for moving properly

Steps to do before you start packing wardrobe for moving

Here are a few steps you could do before packing your clothes.

Go through your wardrobe. First, see how many pieces of clothes you have. For that reason,  you need to go through your wardrobe. The best way is to take everything out, hang it before you, or lay it on the bed. This way, you will have a better picture of your wardrobe.

Decide what you are keeping and what you are parting with. It is better to be honest with yourself, you don’t need all the clothes in the wardrobe. An easy way is to divide your clothes into piles, one for keeping and one to part ways with.  You can sell it or donate it. By donating clothes, you are doing a good deed for the others in need and for yourself as well. Also, for clothes that are new and barely worn, you could sell them and that way, make some money for moving expenses.

 Methods for packing clothes

After going through your clothes, and deciding what to move, here are some methods for packing:

  • Suitcases – most used item for traveling can also be good for moving
  • Cardboard boxes – in cardboard boxes, you can pack folded clothes, clothes on hangers or for moving your shoes
  • Vacuum or compression bags – the best way to pack many things and save space. Also, to protect your clothes. They are easy to find in local stores.

Additionally, be creative and use shoe boxes, large bags, or even beach bags for packing. Luckily, clothes are not among the items most likely to be damaged during relocation so you can go wild.

packing wardrobe for moving by using a pink suitcase
You can use your suitcase for clothes when moving

Best ways for sorting your clothes

Here are some ways you can sort your clothes for easier packing. The best way is to sort by the season. That way, you are packing similar materials together and also after moving, you will have an easier time unpacking. Furthermore, the ones which are out the season, are already prepared for storage. If you are moving with your family, the best thing is to pack everyone’s clothes separately. That way, you won’t lose or mix pieces together.

Packing wardrobe for moving – conclusion

In the end, when you pack everything and have it ready for the move, you should pack the wardrobe itself. Wardrobes are always big and difficult to move in one peace. For that reason, it is best to set it apart and secure each peace by itself. Some parts of the wardrobe can be breakable, like mirrors or glass doors. For extra protection, you need to wrap them in protective materials, like bubble wrapping.

Moving is always stressful and sometimes unpredictable. But with these easy steps and tips, make your move more pleasant for yourself. Your move will pass with less worry and more smoothly.

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