Packing office equipment – simple guide

Whether you are moving a home office or a regular one, it’s not an easy thing to do. And packing office equipment is definitely the hardest part, and most time – consuming. Most of your office items are fragile and valuable, so you really need to do it with the biggest care. You also need to handle the organization, manage everything and protect your assets. The best way to do it right is to get the right packing supplies and the right moving company to assist you, if possible. Follow our packing guide and you will get a chance to experience stress-free packing experience.

Get the right type of packing supplies

What makes packing office equipment so tricky is all the important and valuable items that include. In order to provide the necessary protection for your office equipment, sensitive documents, and office furniture, you need to prepare the right packing materials well in advance. And you should get quality ones as well. Although there is nothing wrong with cheap moving boxes, make sure they are strong enough to hold your things and keep them safe. What will follow is a list that will help you get the packing materials you will need for packing office equipment.

Man working in his office
Office equipment is fragile and needs to be packed well

1) Strong and sturdy moving boxes

Most importantly, you can’t imagine packing office equipment without having sturdy moving boxes of various sizes. If we are talking about cardboard ones, you don’t have to use only brand-new boxes purchased from an office supply store or from a local moving company, as long they are dry, strong and in good condition. The best for your budget is to get moving boxes for free. You can get them by asking friends, neighbors, and coworkers who have moved recently. Or you can also check with local businesses and stores for any leftover cardboard containers.

When packing electronic devices, you should use their original packing boxes. These boxes, that electronics came in provide the best possible protection on the road. Hopefully, you have kept those original packaging somewhere, possibly stacked inside your storage room or garage. If you didn’t, try to find strong boxes of similar sizes that will fit. And make sure to use more protective packing materials than you would when using the original boxes, such as bubble wrap.

Although cardboard boxes are easier to find for free, plastic moving boxes have many advantages. They are more sturdy, more eco-friendly and they can be reused. And with some packing paper and bubble wrap, you can use them for packing basically anything. So, if you are considering getting those, that is also a good idea.

A man carrying a lot of cardboard boxes, before packing office equipment
You can use cardboard boxes, but make sure they are sturdy and dry

2) Packing paper, lots of it!

Packing office equipment will require lots of packing paper as well. You will need soft, clean, white and ink-free newsprint to protect all the fragile items in your office, such as the pieces of electronic equipment, any pottery or artwork. It is better to skip newspapers for packing. The ink from newspaper can transfer to some of the more delicate surfaces and damage or ruin your valuables for good. The good news is that paper is very affordable. For example, a pack of 200 sheets of packing paper costs around $10 and you can buy it from your movers, online or from an office supply store.

3) Bubble wrap will be your best friend

One thing is for sure, bubble wrap provides the best protection for all fragile items found in your home office. You can and should use it to pack everything from delicate items to some home office furniture, such as glass panels, and doors. It is also a great solution for easily breakable electronics inside the office. Because the air-filled bubbles serve as soft cushions to protect those fragile things fro any danger on the road. A big pack of bubble wrap, medium or large bubble size costs around $20 and should be enough for packing office equipment.

Packing office equipment with ease

Disconnect everything 

Before you start loading your moving boxes, you need to disconnect all of your equipment. Then, place it on available work surfaces, which will make it ready for you or your movers to pack it for transport to your new space. Be very careful with cables and protect those that look damaged.

Pack the small items in a bag

Don’t forget to collect and place all cables, power cords, surge suppressors, pointing devices, keyboards, and other small pieces of equipment into plastic bags. Once done, make sure to tie each bag and label it accordingly.

IPad, laptop and keyboard

Label everything properly

Whether you have purchased the special moving tags or you are simply using markers for writing on your boxes, make sure you label everything. No matter how small or how seemingly unimportant ítems are, you need to write them down and know where they are at every moment. Bundles of computer cables, monitors, printers, whiteboards, artwork, space heaters, desktop equipment, and all individual computer components and peripherals must be individually tagged– all of them. And remember, the better you label your boxes, the easier will the unpacking be.

Or, leave the packing to the professionals 

In case you want to be on a safe side, or you don’t have time for proper packing, leaving it to the professionals is always a smart thing to do. They will not only know the best techniques to pack your belongings fast and with ease, but they will bring their own packing supplies as well. So you don’t have to lift your finger. And you will have peace of mind knowing that your equipment is in safe hands. After your moving day is over, you will be thinking how much to tip your movers, instead of worrying if something broke during the transport. Packing office equipment is easy when you know the right people.

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