Packing guide for an easy move

Relocation is something that happens every day everywhere in the world. But when it happens to you, it means you will need to do quite a few things if you want it to be successful. One of the main parts, when you are relocating, is to pack your things. Packing is for sure the most time-consuming part of each relocation. And with that being said it means you need to do it properly. Luckily there are many moving companies that can offer you packing services that they provide. Or even a moving guide or in other words packing guide for an easy move. And once you have it, all you need to do is stick to that guide. It is simple as it sounds, so you won’t have anything to worry about.

Person sitting on the floor and packing things in boxes.
Remember to label all of your boxes on each side.

First, be prepared by creating a packing guide for an easy move

In addition, to pack professionally and to make your move even easier you first need to understand it properly. Of course, asking the professional movers near me to help you out is always an option. But sometimes, you need to do things on your own. And let’s not even add up that it is more convenient this way. To understand a packing guide for an easy move you will first need to make a plan. Now, remember behind every successful relocation there is an even more successful plan to follow. you won’t be able to do anything without one.

Don’t think that planning is difficult to do because, in fact, it’s not. When it comes to the relocation itself you first need to calculate a few things so you can make a plan for the relocation. But lucky for you when it comes to packing you don’t need to calculate anything. So, when you start making a plan you need to realize what moving supplies you will need where to start from what to pack, and what not to pack. The unwritten golden rule is not to overpack of course. You might need to pay attention to this once you start packing.

Once you make your packing plan you can start getting your moving and packing supplies as well

It should be needless to say, but, in addition, to pack your things, you will need packing supplies of course. Believe it or not but it is quite important that you get all of your moving and packing supplies prior you start packing. And you won’t have to worry about it because not all moving supplies require you to spend a lot of money on that. And sometimes when you hire a mover, they will offer you moving supplies on their own or to rent them or maybe buy them. But if you don’t want to spend money on that, there is another solution.

We all have at our home these things even though we’re not all time aware of them. Instead of buying a plastic box or even a cardboard one you can use the old one. Used cardboard boxes are also quite alright for moving and packing. For sure the new ones are better, but the used ones can still do the job. Also, you probably have scissors, duct tape, markers, and other small accessories that you will need eventually during the packing. And now as for the things you will need in general are:

  • cardboard box or the plastic one
  • duct tape, scissors, markers
  • any kind of a wrap but the best one is bubble wrap
  • styrofoam balls and old newspaper
Person duct taping a box.
Secure all of your boxes, especially the ones with fragile content.

The first step in a packing guide for an easy move is to pack room by room

A lot of people struggle when they are relocating with the packing. For the majority of them, it is a massive process that they can’t cope with. But if you know what you’re doing and you make a good plan you won’t have any problems with it. And believe it or not in the end it can even be quite interesting and fun. Especially if you have a bigger family that is relocating and people of different ages that are involved in it. No for the parking you must be wondering where to start from and how to do it properly? Well, we might have an explanation and answer for you to that.

There is another unwritten rule in the guide to packing for a move effectively and it is to do it room by room. This means that you should only pack one room at a time and don’t do more of them. If you do your things will only get mixed up and you won’t have any idea what have you packed where and if you forgot something. To avoid that prepare each room for the packing and start from the least important want to the most important one. Also when you’re unpacking you need to do it quite the opposite. You will start from the most important one and you will move forward to the least important one. But save that for later because now you need to focus only on packing.

There are a few more tips that might come in very useful while you’re packing

So far you have understood what you need to prepare before you start with the packing and how to do it right. But there are other small details that you should know that can actually affect your packing. For instance, when you pack things for the bedroom you need to leave all of those boxes inside that bedroom. For sure with a marker, you will mark each side of the box by writing what is inside. But you should also separate all the rooms. For instance, when you pack your bedroom you should use pink stickers on the boxes. And for the kitchen, you can use yellow ones. This way you will immediately know which box is for which room in your house. Also, it would be helpful if you have the same objects in different rooms. It will be much easier to separate them.

Now, another very useful tip is for fragile items. If you have fine china in your home and you want to pack it you need to be extra careful. It is something very fragile we’re talking about. You need to double bubble wrap it and you need to secure your box with those styrofoam balls for extra protection. And don’t forget you must not overpack your boxes. If you have boxes with fragile items you need to place multiple stickers saying that it is something fragile inside so your movers are aware of it.

Two persons putting aside things for donation.
Donate items you don’t need anymore and be generous.

Last but not least is what to do with things you don’t want to pack

We all have things lying around our home that we don’t use anymore but we never got to throw them away. They only make clutter in our home and we never do anything about it. That is why when you’re relocating it is your perfect chance to get rid of it. This is not just a step in a packing guide for an easy move. It’s also about making your life after the move easier. Simply while you’re packing put aside things that you are not simply using anymore but still are working and good to use. For sure you can resell those things and earn a little bit of money. On the other hand, you can give it to your friends or some family members. And definitely, the most generous option is to donate your things to people in need.

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