Packing glassware and fine china – tips and hacks

The number of things we all have to worry about during a typical relocation is enough to make your head spin. We are talking about tasks such as finding reliable movers, choosing between numerous moving services, doing research on the best cities for families, choosing your dream home, etc. Really, the moving tasks seem to be endlessly piling up. That being said, we are sure that the safety of all of your items during transport is your number one concern in the days to come. You have invested a lot of money on your possessions, so you want to get them back in one piece. That is why dedicating enough time to packing glassware and fine china (which are among the most fragile items) is the only logical choice. Luckily, there are some steps for you to follow which will make your packing easier.

Be careful when choosing your boxes

No matter what you are packing – antiques, fragile items or electronics, you will need to use moving boxes. They serve as containers where you can put your items and know they will be safe during the transport. When choosing quality moving boxes for your glassware and fine china, you need to be extra careful. Not only do you have to be careful not to use old and worn-down moving boxes, but also pay attention to the overall weight of the box. It is an unwritten rule that you should not pack more than 10 pounds worth of cargo in a box containing fragile items.

Three jars.
A lot of attention needs to be given to packing glassware and fine china.

Have you ever heard of a dish barrel? In the moving and packing industry, this type of box is considered as the optimal one for packing glassware and fine china. It will enable you to keep the size compact and prevent you from the temptation of packing too many items in a single box. Trust us – investing more money in moving boxes is much better than having to replace all of your glassware and fine china.

Packing glassware and fine china is all about securing the boxes

Once you dedicate your time and shop for moving boxes and packing materials, you will see that there are a lot of different products on the market. All of those products have their purpose and should be used during the relocation process. Once you stumble upon protective packaging materials, don`t hold back! You will need protective packaging galore if you are to safely pack your fragile items.

Cushion the boxes

The first thing you need to do is cushioning the box. What makes package cushioning so important is the fact that it protects your items from vibration and impact shock during transport. Since you plan on carrying extremely fragile items that could easily break even at the slightest impact, cushioning the box is a must. All you need to do is add cushion foam or packing peanuts at the bottom of the box. They will be the best protectors of your items in the following days.

Caution sign.
Pack your fragile items with a lot of caution.

Wrap every item

Arguably the most important thing during packing is dedicating enough time to your every item. Of course, when you are packing your entire household, spending a lot of time on your every piece is simply undoable. However, when packing glassware and fine china, it is of utmost importance. Whether you are packing vases, dishes or glasses, the procedure is the same. You need to get a plain newspaper and start wrapping. A little tip from us here at Master Moving Guide: avoid using printed newspaper, as it can leave ink stains on your precious items.

Carefully place your items into the box

Gentle is the operative word when it comes to packing your fragile items. These items are extremely breakable, so a gentle touch is a must. If you do everything by the book and prepare your boxes and items the right way, it means nothing if you just throw your possessions inside the box without any specific order.

  • When packing plates, make sure you place them on their edge. Slide cardboard or foam between your plates and voila – your dishes are safe for the transport.
  • If you are packing bowls and casserole dishes, you need to pack them separately from their lids. Consider them as two different items.
  • Keep all of your glassware and fine china separated when inside the box. It will prevent your items from bumping into each other during the transport.

    man carrying boxes
    Be careful when putting items in a box

Fill in the empty areas

Now that all of your items are safely placed inside the boxes, forgetting one very important thing is easy. The truth is that no matter how good you have packed them, your items are not truly safe until you fill in all the empty areas inside the box. Even a small space between your items can decide whether you will see them broken or in one piece after you unpack them. Don`t worry – filling in the empty space is easy. All you need are some foam peanuts which you will place in every empty area you notice. They will cushion your glassware and fine china and keep them positioned in one place.

The conclusion

Moving is hard. Unless you opt for packing services, you will have to worry about packing your glassware and fine china, as well as packing your IT equipment. We are talking about expensive items here, so being nervous is understandable. However, there is no need to torture yourself. If you follow our guide with instructions, we have no doubt you will pack your fragile items like a pro. After everything is said and done, don`t forget to label your boxes. Otherwise, your entire work up until now may have been in vain.

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